Launch of 12 Days of Yule Candle Ritual Reflection & Connection!

Focus on the 12 days of Yule! Rachael’s Gifts to you this Yule & Christmas Season 2020

I love this time of year soooo much! For me, this Season is even more richer for incorporating all the old Yule traditions in with the more modern (hard to comprehend that Christianity is the new religion after 2000 years!). And I share this richness, for you with some beautiful gifts which I hope will hit spots that any wrapped pressie won’t! 
On Friday 18th 8pm GMT and 3pm EST my regular Divine Healing Service Yule Healing will be a simple healing reflection on the year, a space for you to chill out and regroup. Event here on Facebook; Click get reminder to get a notification that I am going live! Available for catch up when ever you need it (time and space not existing when it comes to healing energy!) on Facebook Videos, and also on my YouTube Channel. (Link at the end of the page)
Divine Healing Service
On Sunday the 20th Nici and I are gifting you 12 Days of Yule Candle Reflection & Connection! Starting on the day before the Winter Solstice, Mother’s Night, 4pm GMT and 11am EST, we are launching 12 days of Candle Reflection, with daily prompts and discussion.Sign up quickly here to receive your handouts and checklist for the 12 days! 
Hand Out Sign Up
To get your reminder on Facebook that we are going live, click the button below! Click ‘reminder’ on the event, Like my Facebook page and update your pesky settings to ensure that you get notifications of when I go live next!
12 Days of Yule Live Event
If you miss it, don’t panic! The video will be on my Facebook videos, and on my You Tube channel. 
On Thursday evening, 17th, Nici and I will be hosting a Yule evening to finish off the year at Real World Spirituality! To find out if you want to be part of an awesome online community (that was online before it was fashionable!) get full info and some free sessions here! Great value at only £5 a week on a flexible membership!
Real World Spirituality
All my upcoming events for the New Year below!I am off now until the New Year, and will be available for your New Year Readings and Healing from Jan 16th 2020. Link to the site here!

Rachael’s Reiki Healing and Beyond

Love as always
Rachael x

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