12 days of Yule Candle Reflection; Honour. Self Worship; Why Your Self Care Is Just Basic.

Today’s Reflection came as an unexpected channeling from a Viking. Exploring themes of what is means to personally honour yourself, and in not honouring yourself, as you in any position to offer honour to any deity?

“Honour thyself sister. Honour thyself.

What is more? A bird in the tree or the one sat in your belly? Neither. What matters is what you do with it.

The bird in the bush sings and calls. Beauty and sound. The one on your table nourishes and feeds your humble body.

Both are honoured. Both are sacred.

Don’t think one is more deserving than the other. It isn’t.

When you think you are done with life, you never are. There is always something else; something more.

So when you think you have got the basics right, you may consider, who wants to be a basic bitch? (Bellow of laughter).

The truth is that in honouring your Mother and not honouring yourself you are fooling no one. You heal not yourself but you lay of hands on another. Poppycock!!! Blasfemy!!!

The only person you Honour is yourself. The only person you love IS you!! You are one; you are ALL. Come one; come all!! Do you not belt this out over the season.

Then bloody mean the words you say!!! How dare you come to the feast table with no offering!!!

Everytime you beg and pray, you bring yourself to the altar. So make yourself whole. Fill your belly with honourable gifts befitting of your status. Fill your mind with the same. Allow your hands and body to only touch that which is also holy. Or don’t come to the altar at all.

You are neither a sacrifice or an offering. You are the One. The Holy One. Anointed on high to be the one to walk the Earth in your shoes. Noone else was chosen for this role; your were. Never be without your Self Honour again.

Feed, fill, and love as though you were the beautiful vessel you were placing at the feet of the Prince. Because you are ladies, your are.

Stop acting like a beggar at the gates; you are already in the Kingdom. So act like it.

Next I see thee I expect to see a body of bounty, a mind of beauty and a soul which weeps only for it’s own pain.

I shouldn’t have to send you a child to teach you to care for yourself; but indeed he has chosen to come.

Now Honour yourself, or play not at the game.

Till adue”

The Viking

Before I sat down to write today, I had been thinking about themes of what Honour meant to me. I have been exploring themes of Self Love, Self Care and Self Nurture for many years now. But a theme which I have had in my aura for about 18 months has been something I had called self worship. The word never quite sat right as there is a danger with worshiping ones self, that you are building up a pedestal which you will be knocked off of. And so I realised the word Self Honour, was actually far more fitting. I don’t just want to care for myself; self care is basic. And a skill I had to build up for myself; so used to putting others before myself. But as my Viking friend quite rightly said, I am not a Basic Bitch! (If you are not into RuPaul, then where have you been!). Something that I should have had a handle on my whole life, I should be taking to the next level at this point in my life. And quite honestly, the fact that I still fall out of doing basic self care is not a good thing (my son has started to remind me to do things like take my supplements and drink water! Bless him!).

I want to feel blessed to be in other people’s presence and I wish for them to feel exactly the same.

I don’t just want to wash my face and hands, I want to make them up, care for my skin, not just feel happy to be in it, but want to show it off!

I don’t just want to wash my hair because I have, I want to do it, as I have want everyone else to appreciate the beautiful head of hair I am truly grateful for, rather than hiding it in a bun!

I don’t just want to pull on clean functional clothes, I want to feel like I kick ass.

I am in a position where I am far better than where I was, (please see my RuPaul Drag Queen inspired blog here!).

It is not the outside appearance by which we judge others, and it never should be. That, is a basic!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; and when I behold myself I want to feel beautiful. This is my focus for going forward. I do not apologise for caring for myself not basically, but fiercelessly! Ragh!!!

Speak tomorrow!

Love as always

Rachael x

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