12 days of Yule Candle Reflection; Loyalty. Heart break, Healing & manifestation.

When Loyalty becomes stifling, the reaction is often to pull back. Here Rachael opens her heart about her journey and the fascinating way that true Loyalty shows itself.

It’s perfect timing for this; a long ago I realised my Loyalty was often detrimental to me. Despite friends and business associates treating me, to be frank, like crap, it has taken me a while to bring that into balance.

Once I commit, I commit hard. Even though I’m at a point in my life where I’m able to look with perspective at relationships to see what I could have done differently, or see people and accept them for who they are, or simply understand that life ebbs & flows. Relationships along with that. If we hold onto anything too long, it will struggle free from our grasp and be all the more painful.

I can see this with perspective.

However the boundaries I built up to stop the pain that this caused, were there for longer than the healing mindset. Something I’ve done some serious healing around in order to manifest the friendships I deserve, over the last five years. Coming to a head over the last year or so.

I’ve had some pretty hideous experiences where over the last couple of years where it has taken me a long time to see the damage this has been causing me. I didn’t think people in the spiritual industry could be as vile, targeted and as lacking in self awareness as they were. Hard lesson won, but I’m in a different place now.

What’s interesting is that over the last few months I’ve been doing a lot of dream work over a friendship I had as a child teenager, which was both toxic and manipulative. In all honesty, it broke my heart. I’d come to a place of understanding a long long time ago, and a place of true forgiveness over the last few years. But I’d been doing DreamWork around the house she grew up, with a family member of hers. I remember him as a truly beautiful soul, and I feel damaged in similar ways to me, to a far greater extent betting in the thick of it.

This work felt important not for me, but for him. And I am happy to be part of that process.

2 days ago I smelt the smell of her home, and I realised whatever entity was haunting that home was due for clearance; so I cleaned up good!! The energy in the area now seen much more for it’s marshy, original energy and the beautiful guardian of the land free to clear to with his dogs.

It really felt like I had come full circle.

As what I realise now is that I’d made that connection to that house, as this was always my path. I was always due to conquer that energy. And my Loyalty pointed me to my pathway, rather than an individual.

My Loyalty remained true to the family member even after everything and the connection still there after not seeing them for 25 years. As that connection was the one that counted and was balanced on both sides; him and not my friend was actually where my Loyalty should have lay then, and certainly does now. I often think of him, and hope he is well. I suspect I will only see him again when we are both in Elysium.

As my Loyalty is so strong, so magnificent, my friendship so true, so fierce, so caring and so honest, that it transcend life times; it overcomes time and space.

And a gift like that, which I believe its a gift we all have to give, is worth a hell-a-lot more than I’ve been valuing it as over my life time.

Not this year. This year I’ve really learned to step back when I see the evidence that someone maybe a beautiful soul, but they don’t have the same mindset as me, and aren’t part of my soul tribe.

I take that as a clear lesson learned and the evidence seen in my life supports that. I stand in the strength of that evidence.

I take forward this knowledge and also the truth that my Loyalty is deeper than the rivers and higher than the mountains, and I draw others close who reciprocate this. And I sincerely hope you do too.

Catch up tomorrow.

Love as always

Rachael x

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