My Top Content Picks of the last Month!

Rachael’s top content from the last few weeks; all in one place!! Get your fix inspiration and peace in one easy hit!

Here are my three picks from my free content in December; my most popular blog, my favourite image my most popular video!

A quick reminder that my crystal grid shop sale is on for another week or so only! Have a browse through what could help you emotionally at the moment, here now.

A Blog; 12 days of Yule Candle Reflection; Self Reliance. Imbalance and Lying to Ourselves

I really enjoyed my 12 days of Yule Reflection; thanks so much to those of you who joined me (if you still wish to do join in, please feel free to start your New Year through it here). This blog watches how I face bringing what I hold into the light, to enlightenment, perspective and healing.

An Image: My take from the year!

Okay, my TAKES from the year, if you have a chance to scroll through my 12 days Reflection is far more than this. But for me, this was my stand out statement!

Would love to know your thoughts! Please click the image to see the whole post!

A Video: 12 Days of Yule Candle Reflection Launch with Nici!

This has by far been my most popular video from the last month; no surprise! Click image for full video!

Nici and I speak about why we invite you to share in this period with us and why making the most of the dark nights can still make your New Year pack off with a bang! (you can still take part! Click image or above blog post for more info!)

I know many of us will be struggling with the new strain of Covid rearing it’s head and the country being in lockdown again here in the UK. It’s okay and human to be reacting anyway you are. Remember to take time out to relax, to make lists and get stuff out of your head (you can always rewrite lists as things change!) to feel more in control and to try to regulate your emotions as best you can. Don’t look for a ‘new normal’. Life ebbs and flows and changes, and we are all stuck in the same boat, in the same bad weather together. I am here for you; book in a session or have a look through my videos and blogs for inspiration and help.

Love As Always

Rachael x
Rachael’s Reiki Healing and Beyond

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