My Take On Tarot – Development Focus for the month!

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This month my focus for your development is on Tarot & Card Reading. They are a daily guide and inspiration, a friend and a creator of abundance! They deepen our personal relationship with our own intuition and help unlock our own potential. I know so many who have, through developing their own skills, helped to heal their own emotional and mental health issues.And to celebrate them I have some wonderful resources for you to take your pick from!
A Video: Here I am with the wonderful Caroline Mitchell, the Original Dragon Lady, with our take on Oracle and Tarot, in one of my regular Friday night lives. Sit back with a cuppa and have a lesson on us! Click for a link to the YouTube video here!
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An Invite: I would love you to join David and I on our next course, starting only next month now! Not Any Old Tarot Course has come about through years of professional psychic and spiritual readings, what we wish we knew when we first started out, and because we were fed up of seeing mediocre courses which teach you what a book tells you the cards mean, but with no attention paid to YOUR personal connection or the deeper meaning and uses of the cards. Designed for those new to Tarot through to those looking to take their connection to a professional level, and for any Tarot deck.The course is excellent value for money, with 8 bi-weekly lessons, all with a knowledge and psychic development section, and home study, designed to deepen and strengthen your connection to your deck.
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A Recommendation: I am a complete bibliophile, and I am always getting asked about books! As I am sure that you love letting your friends know about your last great read, I take great joy from my recommendation as well.A friend let me know about this fab site called where you can buy your books from local shops! I am very passionate about supporting small and local businesses. It is infact one way you can help with the recession; a huge amount more money stays in your local economy or in the UK if you are take a few moments to see if you can get what you need to locally or from a small business.What is great about this site is that they are a cooperative of independent local bookshops, giving you the ease of buying from your phone, coupled with that slightly smug feeling you can take from a deed well done!To top it all I have been able to create my own bookshops of recommendations; it is a work in progress (as my reading life is!) but if you are unable to join me for the course, then maybe one of these books may suit your needs! I do get a small commission on each book (a few pence) and I will put that money towards my own continuing education.
Book Recommendations
If you need me for anything else, there is still time for your New Year Reading or Healing, please click below to go to my site, or feel free to email me back! I always love hearing from you!

Love As Always

Rachael x
Rachael’s Reiki Healing and Beyond
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