Don’t bother with Acension; you haven’t got the basics right yet love!

Why your human existence, and exploring, not suppressing your human emotions, is the reason for you being here. How, if you have not explored and empowered your shadow side, you are not grounded, despite doing an occasional visualisation. Why you need to feel ALL the feels!

Inspired by another post recently.

Love this post of David’s @westberkshirewitch

Ascension means leaving the earth; dying. I know that many within this movement use this word differently; as there is much beauty within those that work this way. Trying their best to bring humanity up a level.

Being truly grounded is the key to this; and that isn’t a cursory glance at a tethering visualisation. Too many people think that by simply doing that they are grounding. I hate to disavow you of a truth which you may have been taught early on, but it ain’t anywhere near enough! In fact, all it is doing is stopping your from floating away to the great beyond too early!

Grounding means a deep dive into your human self. Exploring and empowering your whole self; especially your dark side.

So many suppress it; but it is when balanced, loved and nurtured it becomes empowered to be your greatest strengths. I see soooo many ignoring their anger or jealousy; their paranoia or competition issues!

If you truly acknowledge your human journey IS the reason you are here, as let’s face it, we wouldn’t have bothered coming if we could have done this all as spirit, then you embrace & feel into these human emotions. Notice I say human and not lower. I have been guided that the dimensions are misnumbered; everything starts at Source! (of course! I had a total Duh! moment when they pointed that one out!). Source is ground zero; from where everything was built and therefore logically where the numbering starts.

Simply we can never dive too deep within our own human experience. So when we talk about lower emotions, this is simply linked to the numbering of the dimensions, which I guess at some point was linked into the way that we traditionally number chakras (another system which is devoid as it has been made clear that the chakras revolve around the heart, and not in some linear system).

These emotions are not lower in importance in terms of human expansion; they are the KEY to human expansion.

Image Courtesy of Equilibrium Photography

The exploration, the deep dive, was THE very reason the physical plain was created. In order to understand and learn from emotions that just aren’t naturally available in the higher dimensions, in the dimensions, the dimensions of Ascension. Having physicality, being corporeal, having a body which is capable of being hurt, which is not immortal, presents far more challenges and therefore far more emotional responses and evolutionary needs then being a God for example. For the Universe understanding these, is the reason for all this hot, sticky mess which we find ourselves in!


  • If you have not dealt with your child hood issues
  • if you have repeated life cycles
  • if you behave in any self sacrificial way
  • If you cannot assert yourself
  • If you get being direct mixed up with aggression
  • If someone feels like they are over powering you
  • If you have security issues around a stable home life, earning money, stable relationships,
  • If you have trouble receiving either physical or emotional support

My dear!! You are not grounded!!

This is your last call to do your deep diving personal work. Otherwise, you ain’t ‘ascending’!

I have some wonderful blogs about grounding here, here and here.

Image Courtesy of Equilibrium Photography

Many think they are on the Way when they are not. When you are on the Way, you will know. And it’s a path which you can’t deviate from once you are truly on it; you will know!

I’m fed up of people telling you guys to embrace your Divine self; to eradicate what makes you human.

It’s not the Way. I am the Way, the Truth and the Light was said by a great man and lived by other great people. Jesus (Joshua), Mohammed, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Krishna. They prepared the Way. Now walk it.

And the pathway is through the Shadow of death. (Psalm 23). The Shadow Self mortality actually creates. The lack of immortality itself creates a dynamic by which we experience fear, instability, pain, anger and self doubt. These are born through the need to survive and not feel pain. Our humanity is the ONLY reason the Universe is expanding at the rate it is. So relish it; love it! Adore it! Roll around in it’s messy stickiness!

And we are walking it. Yes we are guided and not alone; but make no mistake it is YOU that is physically walking it. It is YOUR path; not your guides, not spirits, not Gods. So take full charge; stop passing the buck back! Take ownership of yourself fiercely; argue with your teachers! Noone knows your path better than yourself; trust yourself and trust the fact that you are a human. Who has got the basics right and can walk the path they intended to! Stop holding yourself back through the fear of feeling emotions which you were not just designed to feel, but are encouraged to feel!

Feel all the feels!

So walk your path friends; leave your fear at the door and walk back to yourself.

Till next time my friends.

Love as always

Rachael x

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