Guidance for Feb & March – Vital Message for All Energyworkers and Healers

Rachael’s Guidance for the month ahead, which includes some vital information on the Great Pause. PLUS a beautiful channeling from a wonderful Ascended Master. Opportunities for More Self Help & Healing Tips in UpComing Events at the end!

The last few weeks have been tough. haven’t they? Remember in these tough times to be kind to yourself. You can only do so much, so choose what you can do. Fall into your basic self care; what are you missing out on which makes you feel better? For me it is washing, dressing, make-up & hair. drinking water, herbal tea & eating well. Taking the time to do these things, makes the rest of the day a lot easier.I hope you will find the guidance enlightening; I have given you some guidance around the moon as has become my habit, but there is a mind-blowing channeling and some information which is vital for energy workers, healers and Empaths. I have been pressed that this information is vital, no humbly I ask you to forward it to anyone who think it may benefit. You should be able to share to your timeline too, if it’s easier, but copying the ‘open in browser’ link.

As always, I am here if you need me for any one to one healing or guidance work. I also have an exciting collaboration with Rainbow Positive Living Group coming up on Saturday I would live you to attend! Full info at the bottom!
Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th Feb. Good old Virgo; it’s own worst enemy at times. The gift of attention to detail and deep thought, is one that can also lead to being overly critical one oneself and others. Now is the time to empower those aspects of this sign, within you, which you may have also been told are ‘negative’. Even though it upsets those with delicate egos, we all need a balanced critic. Your attention to detail also means that you will; do it better than everyone else, all the time. Your stubbornness is a gift when applied to injustices and where your inner voice tells you, you know what is best. And, as I was told recently, who set limits on how much we think? ‘Not enough people think in this world’. Choose one aspect to focus on this moon and to love, nurture & empower, for the next couple of weeks.

13th March is the Old Moon energy in Aries, bringing in the New Moon energy on it’s crescent over the next few days. The Old Moon bringing an opportunity to do that deep inner work, that shadow work on the themes of War, trial and tribulation. Aries was the God of War. This is the time to decide if it is war, battle and disagreement we want, or to lead, by cutting out the bullshit and moving forward positively. Let go of the themes which are not balanced and no longer serving you. Look for what themes are making themselves present which require healing and releasing. Building in what is needed instead as you move forward; how you intend to lead. Indeed we all lead in our own way. Look for how you lead, or if you can’ t see that yet, look for where your influence is brings you joy. Those with Aries high on the chart (ascending, Moon or Sun) will find this a more potent time than most.

I have been feeling a pause for most of us; if you have been watching my Friday Night Lives (I know it is difficult as we are all suffering from screen fatigue, but honestly, if you can make it the moment, it really is a welcome respite for all) then you will have heard me talking about this is ‘pause’ which feels like it is happening for energy workers; especially those of us that have been on our conscious journeys for more than a few years! (won’t say how long for me as it scares even me! lol!).This pause is very important. Information I have channeled shows it is a reset; an opportunity for all the healing that you have done to kick in properly. You may find time for healing and ‘tweaks’ but this is mostly a pause not for yourself to catch up, but your higher self.In previous lives, which let’s face it were normally shorter, the information and the understanding you gained were assimilated in your personal greater consciousness at the end of your lifetime. You may have heard me bang on in my empowering Empath work, about how our mission is changing (blog here!). And you maybe feeling disconnected as a result.

This is because from about the 3rd and 4th Chakra extensions from the crown, for those of you who want to know the technicalities, we are having a refit. And in real terms what that means is working through the blocks of personal self sacrifice over the greater good. Your Higher Self may never have in a Spiritual life, or not for a very long time in terms of linear time (even though the HIgher Self can access everything, the more recent memories just are fresher,and easier to access from OUR perspective) known a life where you were able to put yourself first! Last couple of thousand years, Spiritual life through the Catholic church in the west was literally self sacrificial. Or you had to keep your mouth shut and sacrifice your Spiritual journey in order to keep you or others safe. A life in a monastery in the East, or as a healer in ancient times, or as a priest or priestess in other cultures would have involved giving up some aspect of a ‘normal’ life. Even when the choice was made from an empowered place. Marriage or children were likely off limits, or inaccessible because of the your lifestyle (the crone at the edge of the village was unlikely to have had many admirers for example). Friendships were likely scarce. You may have been cared for an well fed, but owning anything was out of the question.Now, NOW, we are able to have it all. Our Higher Selves are having issues with aligning a Spiritual life and a material life (please see the channeling below for some more fab info on this point!). As I’ve said before, we have got the basics right; our pathway is ours for the choosing. But our Higher Self has to get on board.When I was given this info, some time before Christmas 2020 from memory, all of a sudden it made sense. Each life brings with it new information that the Higher Self has never known before. This life, that you currently exist in, has all sorts of new opportunities and new learning not open to your soul before. At the moment, your Higher Self has never learned much of what is open to you now! You are blowing your Higher Self’s mind right now! So give it some time to catch up. No doubt that the last few portals have had something to do with it; 08/08/2020, 11/11/2020 & 12/02/2021.So give yourself a break and enjoy it! Which I know is rather hard at the moment to say the least . . .As I sat down to right this guidance newsletter, I started to channel automatic writing straight away. It is below; it is amazing and wait to you see who it is from! A lot of the puns then make sense. . .

This is the time of the great conjunction. Where worlds collide and everything falls apart. This is the time of waiting; of having to say now hen you mean yes. Of staying the path and being true to course even when you are being whacked around the rigging. This is the time to let go and say no with wild abandon, knowing the next time you say yes, it will be the greatest climax you have ever known.

For now is the waiting game; now is the time for being alone. Being apart. Being with oneself till it drives you mad. Till you want to scratch your skin off and your own eyes out. For looking at your deepest soul and deciding if really, you like yourself enough to hang out with you for so long. Or with her. Or him. Or them. Now is the time of knowing; so know thyself! Know thyselves smart ones and tall ones, thin ones and fat ones and everything that is inbetween.

Nothing stands between you and the great beyond but your own mortality. So own that! Own it like you have never owned anything in your life. For this is the second coming; and you are it. If you do not own yourself and your time with full capacity; all of this is for nought. Live like everyday is your last and it will be. Live instead like everyday is anew, and life is re-imagined every, single, moment of existence. Let go of the shackles which chain you to this superficial existence (not material, you are material and live a material existence. The key is letting go of the superficial).

Now is the time to go. Now is time for me to fly. I leave you with this.

Never has the day been so long. Never.

Adieu. Farewell. So long!Till next time my friends.

Archimedes of the 7th Dimension.

If you need anything, healing or a reading, you know how to get in contact!
Love as always
Rachael x
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