Focus on Easy Healing and Well-Being; my top resources at your fingertips

This month, the focus is on healing easily and well-being. We have gathered together some of Rachael’s best resources to make things a little easier, till everything eases. Sign Up on the right to get this straight to your inbox monthly!

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? I hope so! We know the track winds and there will be more tunnels ahead, but knowing we are in the train carriages together can make all the difference.

I hope that this month’s focus on healing & Well-Being will help you focus, learn new skills & make simple changes to your life, which will make the current times a little bit easier to navigate.

When we can make changes to our lives to relieve stress and anxiety, it maybe difficult but at least we feel we are moving forward. I don’t know about you, but I find the most difficult times those where I know I cannot do much to change current circumstances, except manage myself as best I can.

At the moment so many of us are living a life we didn’t expect, are in the dark about when things will change for us, worrying about money, suffering from illness, loss and grief. These are the times when Divine Intervention, which comes from Spirit working through our fellow mankind, is all the more called for.

A Video: This is one of my regular Friday night live videos; Letting It Go. A taster of my style of healing, which you get in the one to one sessions. Have a look through my YouTube channel if you enjoy it; there is a series!

Image Courtesy of Equilibrium Photos

An Invite: I have teamed up with the truly wonderful Kerry from Rainbow Positive Living Group. I did a beautiful introduction to healing talk, which is still available in her beautiful Facebook group community if you would like to join here! Feel free to join the group and catch-up!

We are taking this forward and providing a deep dive afternoon Masterclass, on the 6th March, on healing at home using Reiki Meditation techniques, Crystals and your Emotions, Essential Oils – Three safe ways to easily use them and more! There will be hand-outs and MP3 so you can recreate the afternoon in your own time, and a opportunity for to review where you can easily build some of this into your life.

The afternoon is excellent value for money at only £25, comprising of three separate workshops, normally £12.95 each, plus more, all in in one! Click below for more info and to sign up!

Full info & Sign Up!

A Blog: When we are in these situations, we need to return to basics. The visualisation in this blog is a favourite of mine. That need to unburden ourselves comes in on so many levels; emotional, psychologically, day-to-day living. Lightening that load energetically will give you the scope to be able to see what you have around you with fresh eyes.

Throw Away Your Troubles Blog Exercise

A Tip! I am not a natural organiser (please see this blog for full low down!) and I learned a long time ago that practical plus emotional gave me great tools for handling my life. And this process was one of them! When something has been sat at the bottom of the list for sometime, you will have all the proof you need it isn’t important. So is it something you need to think about dropping or think about doing in another way?

We pile so much on our plates which isn’t needed; this method still gives me the perspective I need to look at areas in my life which aren’t serving me anymore, and go about making changes to enable them to serve me OR to pass them onto someone else who will take great joy from it.

If you need me for anything else, please click below to go to my site, or comment below! I always love hearing from you!

Love As Always

Rachael x
Rachael’s Reiki Healing and Beyond

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