I am what I am. How Jesus freed me from Christianity.

Rachael dives into her own spiritual journey with Jesus & his circle, how labels restrict energy and how to really show the world who you are. Plus Rachael’s top recommendations for expanding your mind, Joshua style!

Had such a fab evening at weekly meet up for Real World last week!

Spoke about a subject I never stop loving; Jesus and the Jesus movement.

I will not label my Spiritual Belief system as it is mine! (now I sound like my two year old lol!). At most I will say that I am an Omnist. Which means to say there is truth is many religions, but not one holds the whole truth. I am a Child of the Universe and I love choosing from it’s sweet shop!

If you feel a label absolutely suits you spiritually & energetically then take that with both hands and run with it.

But in an area where you need to flow, grow & move, labels are restrictive to me.

I love the Whole that is my spiritual pathway too much to ever restrict it’s outlook.

One of the reasons why, for many years now, I have had printed on my business cards, Teacher, Healer & Modern Mystic.

It never matters where my path takes me. Jesus is the person who led them me to Mary Magdalene, and between them they have take me down many, many paths. And like a truly good friend, we may not chat for a while but it is like nothing has changed.

Allowing me to question using logic, learning and historical fact, what my Catholic upbringing taught me. Rejecting and starting to rebuild my pathway in my teens. That was the first part of my path back to myself; my physical & Spiritual self.

My paths are littered with looks into Lutheranism, Anglicanism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Paganism, Wiccan, Magick, Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek, North and South American Native Beliefs, Norse and Celtic beliefs and much more!

All they do is bring myself back to ME!

I can help many labels that show others what they MAY get from me. But it is never going to express my whole truth.

The only way I am ever going to let others know what I am, to truly see me, is to be me. To talk, walk & Be the pathway which is myself.

To not hide, or hide as little as I can consciously can. A quieter child, I did a good job of hiding in plain site! So that’s an ongoing process.

And so I’ll do just that.

One week you may get a blog about craft work. The next something about the Bible. One post maybe about dinner, the kids or a workshop I’m teaching. It’s all me.

And that’s all I can offer.

And so I do!!

I realised as we were talking last Thursday evening, how much information I had in my head about this subject, and lists of recommendations for others to explore their journey about one of the most inspiring group of people who walked the face of the Earth; the Jesus Movement. (Joshua is the correct translation for modern day English).

If you have always moved away from Jesus because of the Christianity label which is not his, these books, documentaries and blogs are well worth a look.

If you are still stuck on thinking there is a dark side to Spirituality that shouldn’t be explored, and still hung up on the Catholic version of Jesus (which is THE basis for ALL modern day Christian religions after the Jesus movement itself was effectively scrubbed from our history), then I hope you will find any difficult subjects enlightening.

And if you want to catch up on last night’s talk, we are currently offering a free trial for new sign ups to the group! So catch up here!


-Da Vinci Code; Dan Brown. All the Mary Mag truth in one easy to read place! Not perfect but a great place to start!
The Gospels of:
-Mary Magdalene
All by Jean-Yves Leloup. Translations from the original Aramaic & Greek with spiritual narrative.
All of them are on my book shelf here:

Also, which I can’t put on my bookshelf are
-Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Lao Tzu The Parallel Sayings By Richard Hooper. You can get on Amazon.
-The Son of God by Angela Tilby (only available second hand now) https://www.worldofbooks.com/…/son-of-god/9780340786468

-One that goes with the Son Of God book; unsure if you can still get it but it maybe on youtube. BBC.
-Robert Powell and the Real Jesus of Nazareth Documentary. Sky.
-Jesus’ Female Disciples with Helen Bond and Joan Taylor
-The Secret of Christs Tomb a National Geographic Documentary

My fav blog is this one:

I love how this intelligent & knowledgeable woman not only deals with the subject but also with the Ney sayers so eloquently.

If you have any recommendations on the Jesus movement, please pop them in the comments! If you’ve taken any recommendations please let me know how you’ve got on with them.

Love as always

Rachael x

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