My Top Content For You!

Rather than trolling through all of Rachael’s top content across all her platforms. here’s her pick from the last few weeks, including Inspiration, Healing & Giveaways!

I hope February treated you well and March is off to a bang! Things feel like they have been picking up, and I will be back in a week or so with my Guidance for the few weeks ahead; shifts are coming as we ready for a great few months!With screen and online fatigue hitting us hard, I am sure that you will find this little gathering of all my best bits in one place, even more useful then normal.
A Video! Divine Channeled Message; Ma’at Egyptian Goddess of Balance & Akiko Japanese White Butterfly Spirit

This is one of my regular Divine Channeled Messages. I don’t go into trance as you can see (always seems to be a bit too much of a fuss for my style!) but I am directly channeling. Really beautiful messages about how we can help loved ones in Spirit for once and how we are recreating our own slice of Oneness within our Soul Tribe! Check it out by clicking above!

My next Divine Service is this Friday coming; please click here to get a reminder for Facebook!
A Blog: My Top Healing Resources at Your FingerTips

This has been one of my more popular blogs from the last month, and one which will serve us well at the moment; click above to access. Loads to dip into to start to heal from the emotional damage the last few months have caused in so many ways. So many of us are being affected. My hormones have been hit detrimentally by both lockdowns; being seen across many women. I am sure you will have found yourself things you can normally cope with you are not; feeling into the emotions of the Mass, not just your own. At least three times a week lovelies for relaxation, meditation and/or healing of various types.
A Post: Thank You Give Away! click here to get involved!

Since coming back to public life after having my third child, nearly 2 years ago now (she is three in July! wow!) I have been grateful and astounded as to how you have come back to support me, and how my support has grown. Non more than evident than on my Social Media. And as I am pleased and priviledged to approach 1000 followers, I am giving away a copy of my book; Banshee Heart Healer; one for yourself and one for a friend! Full T&C on the post (click the image below!); but if you haven’t liked my Instagram page or haven’t shared the love, this is the best time to do it!
I am here for all your One to One Development, Reading and Healing; as well as my next workshop; Spring Candle Magic! Comment for more info or click here!

Till Next Time my friends
Love as Always
Rachael x

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