Vaccines and spiritual bullshit. A grounded, non fear based approach.

Here Rachael let’s you know her opinion on the Covid Vaccine and the fear which has been created around it within Spiritual communities, and how you should make your decision.

I’ve been asked a lot recently my opinion on having the vaccine and how it spiritually affects you.

As a conscious person, someone who takes personal responsibility for their health & a parent to autistic children, I’ve done my fair share of reading about vaccines.

There is much ungrounded info out there about vaccines. If you still think the virus isn’t real then you really need to move on. It is real; however it came into existence and however you may think governmental powers may or may not be using it to their advantage. Hospitals look empty as they are not even treating cancer patients. As someone who runs their own Alternative Therapy Teaching school, I know plenty of real life healers, who are nurses and doctors. Who also happen to learn Reiki and play with crystals, or want to help pass the souls of those who they are with when they pass. I have family members who have been physically ill within units. It is real and happening, and if you still choose to doubt what I am saying, you have some serious mental health issues which you need to address before you start worrying about your Spiritual health.

Vaccines are not a Spiritual choice; it’s a human choice.

Anyone that makes you feel choices you make are right or wrong, that something as human as weighing up pros & cons of having a vaccine is a spiritual matter, are not welcome within spiritual communities. Unfollow these radicals; here is a blog about the pandemic of unbalanced and inhuman cancel culture within spiritual circles.

Vaccines, like any other medicine, including some herbal remedies, we take, have risk factors. Fact. Approach the subject from a place of knowledge. Which is difficult because there is so much bad information out there, as well as not much established medical based research. Vaccines will impact your immune system, which is why is produces a histamine reaction in some people.

Look at your own risk factors. Does issues with blood clots run within your family? Do you have an immune system in hyper status manifesting as allergies (intolerances would suggest a sensitive system, rather than one in full blown panic mode)? Do you have a weakened immune system? Does this weakened immune system make you more worried about catching Covid or having the jab? Are you in the at the risk category with Covid?

Talk to a trusted GP. Do research from a well renown source, rather than any old nut job with access to a blog. There are plenty of us out there! lol!

Who is around you at risk? Could you put elderly relatives and loved ones at risk from not having the jab? The jab will not stop you getting it; but it does mean you are far, far less likely to develop symptoms, especially life threatening ones, and far less likely from passing that onto loved ones as a result. The virus processing through your system much quicker, even if you don’t display symptoms and aren’t aware you maybe putting a loved one at risk.

From my small personal experience with the jab, what I’ve seen is if your immune system is good you should be able to assimilate it well enough. I know people with poor immune systems who’ve had it and initially the response is good. And these are people whose opinion is balanced about vaccines. Notice I say balanced. Not Pro and not anti. There is middle ground people!

Make a balance decision for you from a place of knowledge, and reason rather than fear from either side!! Just because someone deems themselves to be Spiritual, doesn’t mean they are preaching from a non fear base.

Fear is an emotion we CANNOT circumvent; it is a basic survival instinct and to suggest that just because someone is spiritual that they have no fear, is rubbish. It is part of what forms the base chakra. It is something which kicks in at 3 months in the womb. It is the foundation for survival on this planet. As you move through your spiritual journey you will still experience fear; your reaction to it will be different. You will heal your reactions. You may find you react less or less extremely. You will get your head around it more. But those that suggest that they have no fear, means that they have no base chakra. Which means they are not long destined to remain in this life! Bye bye!

Any teacher or preacher (blogger!) worth their salt will have done some genuine basic reading into chakras around what the Sutras and the Vedics taught out in India 2500 years ago or more. We all know the good teachers throughout mankind’s history (Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Lao Tsu, Mohammad) did their research. They didn’t sit on it, they moved it forward. But they go the basics right first. Our base chakra forms the physical dimensions of the reality we live in; to have none or a very weak one literally means death. Think about the evidence those teachers that you listen to, anyone who influences us in reality, shows what they actually know about their topic. Stop following those that show you they give unfounded, and therefore ungrounded opinions.

The decision around vaccines is one which is made in your best interests. Stop perpetuating the myths of self sacrifice that we keep reinforcing within our communities & make a decision which suits your needs. To make a Spiritual decision about this, means that you are circumventing your humanity; you are sacrificing yourself. The human journey is the Spiritual one you have chosen for this incarnation; why else do you think you bothered incarnating into this meat sack? If you’re part of a community where your decision is shot down, or where you feel you can’t share, you need to make a serious decision as to whether or not these people have got your personal interests at heart, or if they wish to carry on pushing their own beliefs for fear of damaging their own ego. Or if they are preaching about Spiritual decisions, when a human one has been made, their is a huge amount of self healing and illumination of self which needs to be done by those individuals, before they should be sharing their opinions with an air of authority.

Spiritually speaking we assimilate viruses everyday. In a vaccine you’re receiving a weak version of the virus. We gain much knowledge through being exposed to a virus and building an immunity to it, especially when we need to take time out and be physically ill to do that. So spiritually, all you can do is to gain by the interaction with another being. Especially a non mammal. Which is all a virus is. Another, very alien, being with whom we share our planet. We can only gain through they interaction spiritually.

Energetic Blueprint Technicals; Virus exists individually as a first dimensional being and then as a collective, when multiplying, as a 2nd dimensional being as it works instinctually as a basic hive mind. Virus based entities are not capable, or infact here, for self exploration. They simply exist and do their thing, regardless of us. Let’s face it; they were here first! And in fact all life stems from very similar organisms originally.

Within society we use rhetoric such as ‘fighting illness’ as it links into basic parts of our survival systems; it sells papers and it great click bate. It’s actually a really poor attitude to take towards illness. I haven’t had one full blown cold in the last five years, despite being really ill with other conditions over this time. Being weak should expose me more. But instead I choose to listen to the first signs and step back, self care in every way. Read my blog about what your cold is teaching you here.

Your mental health is at greater risk from fear based rhetoric at the moment. Be careful with what you consume intellectually as well as physically. We forget what we feed our mind. Step away from anything which is making you feel worse at the moment. Fear literally weakens your immune system. Did you realise that some of the Spiritual bullshit you were reading or listening to was actually making you more susceptible to the virus?

It shows real lack of Spiritual understanding to think that something like a vaccine or an illness can be used to repress us. I believe far too much in humanity to think that’s true; we will overcome just by walking forward.

Balance is in the middle, making judgements for you. Not for anyone else.

Remember to feel free to tell people who are sending you or contacting you with fear based stuff, that you don’t want to be contacted with it. You don’t need to explain why, unless you really want to. Unfollow & unsubscribe from mailing lists, social media accounts and YouTube accounts.

The jab is just a weakened virus. Use it to cleanse your system.

In balance; antibiotics & paracetamol do more damage to us spiritually as they suppress the bodies natural clear out that it’s trying to achieve. That doesn’t mean to say don’t use painkillers.

But they put us in a false sense of safety. Our body is still trying to tell us to rest; to take time out to make ourselves well. And so we carry on regardless. Not good for your Spiritual health or your physical health.

They damage our liver & kidneys; ibroprufen causes gut inflammation.

I’ve been using essential oils, herbal brews and homeopathy for years to deal with most things. It’s a reminder for me to look at stress within my life, or other things that are going on. A walk in nature generally always clears my headaches.

I’m not anti pain killers either. Pain caused great stress reactions within our body. So I use mine when I’ve got no other option. And my autistic kids who already have system in stress; I give them calpol & time off of school. My kids nursery used to be great when the kids were ill; they would bundle them up in the quiet corner all day; letting them sleep in cots with cuddles all day. We were really lucky with the carers they had who didn’t expect them to function as well children. It was genuinely like dropping them off at family. I know other people who aren’t so lucky; kids with colds & ear infections expected to walk in rain on a school run. We need to teach our children how to genuinely care for themselves & to choose to be around others who do the same. From nurseries to employers. This is what illness teaches us; a very basic lesson on human wellness, which many of us still don’t adhere to because we are still in a ‘hard work’ mentality.

When ill and using painkillers, it’s essential to do the personal work. Don’t worry about anything outside of you; focusing on action which cares for you first and foremost. Anything you’ve been meaning to heal, has been coming up to do some journaling around or is getting on our nerves, is ready for release. So spend time doing that. Sat in bed, with a hot lemon, ordered some freshly made soup on Deliveroo, with a pen and a pad.

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