YOUR Next Month’s Guidance; April to May.

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Starting to feel like Spring has Sprung yet? If not Beltane is round the corner and so adds another layer into the current shifts in energy. Many of us are starting to feel this as we shift as lockdown eases in this country.That outward shift again brings with it the chance to get out and about and meet old friends and hopefully new people and situations. If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of ‘peopling’ again, know you are not alone.It is something Nici and I have focused on in our online community, Real World Spirituality. If you need additional help, there is still plenty of time to sign up for our free week’s trial, which includes not just the week we are on, but catch-up on the previous four weeks. There is an amazing lesson in there, which Nici normally charges £50 for on a one-to-one basis, ‘Emotional First Aid Kit. The guys in the group have said how much they have valued it and there has been loads of chat on the supporting community groups about how much difference it has made for themSign up for your free weeks, trial, total of 5 free meetings in all, below!
Real World Free Trial
Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th April. This is an interesting Full Moon as it is the cusp of Scorpio into Sagittarius. Plus it is a SuperFull Moon; which means that is closer to the earth than normal. With the fire of Sagittarius being quelled slightly by the water of Scorpio, don’t expect it all to be plain sailing. Scorpio has this innate ability to stare into the darkness and plough on into it; doesn’t mean that the darkness doesn’t effect them. In fact it the most emotional of all the signs. .There is also a directness and passion with this sign which makes it intimidating to the initiated. Saggitarius brings that directness and focus. With the full moon we look for healing wise what is stopping us from stepping into our power; do you see directness as aggression? When in fact you could take a leaf out of Saggi’s book and think about how your inability to be direct is not helping you? Or maybe where you see expressing or exploring all emotions, including pain and anger, as a difficult or weak thing to do? This is likely to be a rocky few days, especially if you have one of these signs in your Ascendant, Sun or Moon signs. When things are rocky, we look to see which patterns the Universe wants us to move on from. What is being presented in our life which we need to explore and heal? When things are ready for release, they are up in our faces. How else does Spirit talk to us?

Beltane; 1st May. Mayday is celebrated at a time in the wheel of the year when we see the evidence of the burgeoning Earth springing all around. The fertility dance of the Maypole the traditions that we still use. If the thought of children’s dancing being ‘tainted’ with a theme of sexuality, this is a wonderful time to explore your own restrictions around your sexual self. As most of this season does. Seeing the beauty in a couple wanting to have children and the whole community putting their efforts into that, or the fact that the children dancing come as a result of a sacred act, which is the only time as humans we can really allow ourselves to merge closely with another being. If you have never read the Gospel of St Philip, one left out of the version of the Bible the Catholic church put out for the unified Christian churches, then do. Philip is a very balanced educated man and talks about the sacredness of this act. Notice I don’t say it needs to be within the confines of marriage or a committed relationship. Holding in both parties heart how beautiful and wonderful it is to give yourselves to eachother can last one evening. And teaching this to our children, rather than the current options of either thinking they need to behave like a porn star or shaming others that ‘sleep around’ is the balance that we need to truly bring equality into the world on every level.Beltane also brings with it so much energy; nature is rampant and virile. Exploding everywhere. This is a time to tap into this energy. Traditionally fires were lit and jumped; live trees brought into the village and home. Long nights spent up, making love and wondering the mazes. If you have a maze local to you, now is a time to walk it. The idea is contemplative or meditative walking around it, allowing the energy to unwind the windmills of the mind. Figuring out where we maybe lost, in order to find the true path forward.I think for many of us, this feeling of being lost is stronger than ever. So I have gifted you a beautiful Labyrinth Beltane Meditative Pathway Finder Exercise. It is designed to help you unlock your blocks, not just energetically, but practically with coaching and hypnotherapy techniques built in to make a genuine difference to your life.
Beltane Pathfinder Exercise
11th May is the Old Moon energy in Taurus, bringing in the New Moon energy on it’s crescent over the next few days. The Old Moon or Dark Moon, is the time when we need to do our deepest work; that darkness protects us when we are feeling vulnerable. It becomes an ally as we sometimes look at those parts of ourselves and our lives we don’t wish to face or delve into.The Taurean energy is a fixed sign which means that it is the first, and therefore the strongest of it’s element; Earth. Perseverance, patience, sensuality, a love of the material, stubborn opinions. Choose to let go of anything which is no longer serving you at this time. Where do you need to be more of something? Where do you need to be less? Perseverance only serves when you are heading down the right path. A stubbornness about an opinion may serve you as it is your personal truth which you are being pushed further towards? That which initially looks to be negative, may in fact be positive, so think out of the box around this disobedient energy, which can’t help but leading others. This is a time to use those parts of yourself which don’t do what they are told, and can lead and provide you with a good income and abundance.It very much brings with it the opportunity for change and growth; it is an abundant sign. So Spring energy very much serves the positive seeds which you wish to serve now! Choose one thing to throw away on the old moon, and one thing to positively aim for on the New Moon Crescent when you see it in the sky over the next few days.This will of course affect those of us with Taurus as their Sun, Moon or Ascendant sign, more than others. If you are unsure of your signs, I would recommend Astrology Source. They are a long established provider and give a free birth (natal) wheel with every personalised report purchase through them, as well as loads of freebies. Click below to get to their page!
Astrology Source
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Love as always Rachael x

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