Sheela Na Gig Visits the Native nations of Canada; reveal the truth to heal the wounds.

Thoughts from the last few months about healing the Female wound, which is especially important at this time of year, when traditionally the female was praised as both the mother who birthed the Sun (son) and brought back the return of the light. Worshipped as the origin of the rebirth of the World. Here, triggered by the crimes of the church in Canada, reflecting on the responsibility anyone who cares for, Jesus, or has been a Christian of all types, has for them when the church refuses to do so.

The Light Incarnate; Frank Dicksee

The Church has committed crimes, all over the world and it still effects today. Either directly or simply through us observing and being part of the Church or part of a society which witnesses, and in some part allows, such crimes.

My own personal experience is that as a second generation Irish person, the crimes committed against mothers and children and babies, the crimes committed against children and mothers, and poor working class people. Not just the repugnant crimes of abuse of death, murder, debauchery. But the ongoing crimes of lying, hiding the truth of keeping people in their pace of control and power of making the poor feel that they are still poor, and that they cannot rise above their station.

Coming into the spot light at the moment is Canada, and the native people of Canada and the crimes committed there. I found this article interesting

As a second generation Irish person I know my pain will never be the same as their pain, and cannot pretend that it is the same as their pain.

But, in recognising that our pain has similarities, it allows me to understand and empathise with them in a way that maybe others can’t. And as such, I want to offer what help I can; emotional and healing help, but also practical help, where I can.

What can I practically do? And honestly, in situations like this. There isn’t much that I can do except talk about it. And so, I will talk about it. I don’t have a large platform, but the platform that I do have, I will use to share and to talk about it.

If you read my blog on the Sheila Na Gig, you will have, in part, seen me talk about how a group of women in Ireland are using it to reclaim the Magdalene Laundries where the most heinous crimes against mothers and their babies are committed, and I feel this Goddess, this energy, this complete expression of the wise woman, the Divine Mother. The woman who unapologetically shows us the vulva is the access way to the universe and the magic, mystery, and power that lies within it.

This Goddess moves through the native peoples of many nations. As we collectively reveal and heal these crimes we reclaim the Goddess herself. Still sexually potent and full of power and not hidden away as an old hag.

The healing process is not pretty; this much we know.

Many will turn away from it. Many will criticise it in order to find a reason to turn away from it.

But none of those that do so are truth finders, and none are healers.

Those of us that recognise the pain, but recognise within ourselves the times when we have not healed, when the ugliness, has made us turn away without healing, we can turn that back and look to understand within ourselves what has made us turn away.

When we reflect on what has made us want to turn away, when we try to understand that within ourselves, when we look to heal that in whatever way we can, we truly heal our reality.

In doing so we allowing others outside of us to do the same. The Church lies outside of us.

Those of us who were raised within the church, those of us who in any way, worship Jesus and recognise that what was done in his name was heinous; we must accept the responsibility for it, especially if the hierarchy, the powers that be the rule makers and the church itself choose not to take responsibility, the people themselves must instead make that change. The people, the genuine mass, having a far greater power than the church itself.

They represent us. Never forget, government and other bodies represent you.

If they aren’t doing as you want. Make the changes yourself.

The church represents your belief system, the embodiment of everything that you hold to be dear and true, and especially sacred.

If they are not choosing to represent your truth, or the general truth that everyone feels in their heart, then they are not representing their church and their community and their people and things must change.

Christianity is a Middle Eastern religion, formed originally in the Middle East and then taken on by Southern Europeans and moulded and changed into something which was acceptable to Southern (demi-gods) and Northern (Sabbats) European Pagans to control the masses, incorporating Ancient symbolism of the Northern African, the Ankh into the Cross, over the shell and fish traditionally used and Jewish prophesies (someone of the line of David) to give gravity and power.

There is magic and mystery which lays within the Catholic church. This magic and mystery is ancient, and old, and comes from the Qabbalistic Jewish magical traditions, layered up by the church, with some of the European magical traditions. Do not underestimate the power of a Baptism rite which you didn’t agree to as a baby. Do not underestimate how the blessings made on the foundations of a church, which often were laid on top of old, highly energetic Pagan sacred sites, look to channel the energy of those sites and the ley lines which intercept them. Or the chants and prayers which you partake in even irregularly. They are designed to channel energy in a certain way; to give power to the church.

But that power can be taken back; but we must work together.

Just because you’re part of a religion which is not Catholic, does not mean that you’re not part of that religion. All modern day Christianity comes from Catholicism, not from the Jesus movement. That is a fact.

And the remnants of the Jesus movement were moulded and removed in the third century to the fourth century the Catholic Church, by Constantine; anyone disagreeing being excommunicated and banished. Removing the Self Reflection, Removing the Discussion, Removing the Sexual Equality, Removing the Acceptance of Homosexuality, Removing Seeing the Godhead within, Removing the Personal Magic, Removing the Direct Access to Source, Removing the Healer in All. Anything else which stems from the Catholic churches bastardisation of the Movement of Joshua (the correct translation of the name Yeshua into modern English). Anything which does not stem from Jesus himself is an extension of the Catholic Church. If you are any sort of modern day Christian, the crimes of any part of the church, are crimes made in your name, just as much as it is any Catholic person’s.

If you want to reclaim your sovereignty and reclaim Jesus, then it must be done by actively outing and seeing the crimes of the church for what they are owning them making changes in your own life and in your own community, which means that we heal and apologise.

Without healing, without apologising we cannot go forward and healing is a messy, messy process.

Healing is anger and honesty and tears and and gritting your teeth and mud flung in the face. It is all of those things is sinking down low, and seeing yourself for what you are. And when you recognise that there is sadness in your heart. You can begin to heal yourself. You cannot place a plaster over a septic wound and expect it to heal. In the same way that you cannot simply say, a one word apology and expect everything to be healed, there needs to be talk there needs to be discussions. The wound needs to be reopened and cleaned, and the putrid mess removed only then can we move forward.

Held by the Accepting, Direct, Honest and Loving Mother Energy, around which this time of the year literally revolves.

This starts by healing yourself.

When you heal yourself you can take action without anger. Direct and passionate action.

Love as always

Rachael xx

Frigg – the Asgardian Norse Goddess of Marriage – originally worshipped on Dec 13th, changed to St Lucy by the Catholic church. Birthing the Son Of Light before the Solstice. Although you do worship her every Fri(gg)day y’all!

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