My Outlook for a Balanced New Year

There is so much fuss over today & yet we still put pressure on ourselves over it? Here’s my top tips for making it realistic, balanced & healthy!

Happy New Year! If you must . . .

I’ve always struggled my whole life with just one day. One day to celebrate an individual on their birthday. One day of giving to all on Christmas. One day for new starts on New Year?? (Plus the tickets and drinks were always too expensive! 😂). Actually makes no sense right?

So here’s my outlook for this and every New Year.

  • This feeling of a New Start is available the whole year through. If you want to tie it into a day of the week, the start of the month or the next morning, feel free to. But personally I find the next moment works the best; using the energy that has triggered this need for a difference is most powerful when it rises!
  • DON’T blindly sweep away the old Year; you’re really going to write off 365 days, 31536000 seconds or moments because a small percentage of them weren’t happy? Sounds like throwing the baby out with the bathwater right?
  • Take to heart all the Positives. I’m not one for dividing up positive and negative as live really isn’t that linear, but it’s an easy tool. What went well, what did you achieve, those moments of joy, things that were easier than expected, when it all went tits up & you came through anyway. Write it downn in your journal, think it through in the bath or sit with a friend and both share. Make it conscious. ,
  • Take Learning & Acceptance from what didn’t go as you hoped. There will always, always be wisdom to take. Something to internally reflect on, for you to take, this isn’t a blame assigning mission. If not, accepting things didn’t go to plan; you may gain some enlightenment at some point, or you may not. It’s okay. Heal where you need to. Your path will illuminate itself where you accept what has been placed in your way.
  • don’t make a resolution; planned, staged, realistic tangible goals or emotional aims. If you have a goal; make one! Look at your diary and commitments, for practical things to think about when making it. Look at your emotional blocks around it. Make it realistic. Write it down. Work out strategies to help you through your emotional out falls. Find you putting too much pressure on yourself? Get someone else to pier check it. Find a friend who can help keep you accountable, maybe in a similar journey but just as motivated as you to succeed. Emotional aims choose one manageable thing a time to do to help achieve this, or heal through one area at a time. Don’t push yourself into a healing crisis; don’t believe someone who tells you healing is painful.
  • there is more than one calendar system! Many many more! Before the Gregorian was the Julian. There is the Chinese, Islamic & Hebrew to name but a few! Point is; everything is relative & this system only exists in our minds. The Sun always rises & rests, the Moon always wanes, the Seasons always change. In reality, in tangible ways, today can mean as little or as much as you choose it to.

Happy New Year and love as always

Rachael x

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