Focus On Previous Lives; a wealth of information from within and from me!

How does reincarnation work? Why is it so important in this life? How do you know if you’ve lived a previous life? Or how connecting into a part of yourself you’ve never known maybe the most powerful thing you can do for yourself now.

Have you ever felt a connection to a place which you can’t explain?
Have you had friends and lovers where your connection was so close and quick, that you felt that Soul Connection?
Have you ever wondered why you behave a certain way and wondered how you move beyond that?

Yeah? Me too! It is one of the reasons why I first became a Hypnotherapist; I wanted the right tools to deep dive into Past Life Regression. And that I did.

It is one of my most asked after topics and the online workshop I have coming up this month, is my most popular workshop, with loads of returning clients.This month’s focus is on the magic and mystery about Past Lives, and I have some amazing free resources I would love you to dip into.
A Video: In this Q&A Live, I talk about previous lives, how the reincarnation process works, how to spot your own previous lives and how I uniquely work with Previous Lives in order to empower you and connect you into a part of yourself you need, now. Click here to watch now!
An Invite: Reclaiming Pieces of Your Soul! Sounds fab right? This workshop is one where you guys come back time and time again! As you shift into a new part of your life, you will find that a connection into a part of your soul you can’t remember is often needed! Enabling you in ways you never thought possible.The afternoon is unbelievable value for money at only £35! For the unique way that I work, I charge for one to one work with clients £120. You have until the Thurs before to sign up! So you haven’t got long! I adore the opportunity the group workshop experience gives me to offer this empowering to more people.
Full info & Sign Up!
An Article: Not just an article, but articles! Where I let you know about previous lives, how a regression will help you heal and how they effect your current life, including a fascinating checklist for you to look at for yourself! For me, the key to previous lives, isn’t just how interesting they are, isn’t just that the previous life requires healing, but there are parts of your soul which you just need to reach out and touch! Just by touching these lives, you remember parts of yourself which can help you, in this moment. Empowering and healing!
Past Life Trauma Article
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If you need me for anything else, please go to my site, or feel free to contact me! I always love hearing from you!

Love As Always

Rachael x
Rachael’s Reiki Healing and Beyond

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