Daily healing exercises; top three!

My top tips for daily healing routines for the empath, energy sensitive, healer and clairsentience. Perfect for Spring; the right time to bring in new habits. Healing exercises from my experience and which I am have developed over many years as a healer and empath.

Energy recall

We all naturally form bonds with people every single day, where on some level we choose to give those people our energy. This is a beautiful act, but in order for us to function our energy should be whole. When we return our energy to us, what we do is to allow, especially before bedtime, for us to process learning from that relationship we have formed bonds with. At the same time, bringing that energy back into us allows the other person to process what they need to as well. We can’t maintain 24 hour a day support for others; it’s not feasible for health. What happens is that they can’t take learning from the situation.

We know based on sleep studies that how our subconscious is completely in control. Through sleep, just as we know children’s major development of the brain happens at night, we continue to process learn and understand in our sleep, to make sense of the day. If we do not allow ourselves to become whole by recalling energy from that relationship, we do not allow others to do the same, as they sleep. We cannot possibly move forward. We will find that the next time you connect with them, you will have an opportunity to reach out your energy and support them once again, in whatever way is needed at that time; it allows the energetic connection to realign itself, as it needs to. Some days you will have a huge amount of energy and a friend or loved one, you will be there to support them; you will be able to act to intuitively, unconsciously or consciously to connect with them. Other days you may not be able to support for these people, depending on what is on your plate.

The other person has had time to process what they need to from holding the energy for themselves and they have been in a position to react as they need to, which maybe out to other people. The whole time we maintain that connection constantly we do not give them the opportunity to reach out to other people as and when they need to, or to look inward or upward for support, from sources that are suitable for them at that time. This can lead to toxic relationships for both them and us.


While you are doing your evening meditation, mental relaxation or healing with a crystal Reiki or otherwise; check your energy field. You may feel a connection or be drawn to certain people. You may visualise your energy with streams or blobs going off in different directions. You may simply know that you’re connected into other people.

Easily and gently recall your energy back to yourself. allowing these threads and your own tentacles to return back into your energy field.

Imagine around the outside of your energy field an electric bright blue forcefield buzzing and humming with energy, just like a fly zapper. As your energy is returned it removes from the outside of the energy anything which is not yours, allowing it simply fall away. Allowing your energy to be returned to you how it needs to be and should be; in a whole state. Allowing you to take what you need to from those were they relationships; your own learning enabled.

Heal your aura as part of your visualisation and healing. Allowing the aura to become buoyant, strong, empowered in your own personal strengths and feeling and looking positive and beautiful. Setting the intention that as you sleep, you will easily and positively process what you need to from the day as well all other people with whom your connection has been severed.

Photo by Jonas Ferlin on Pexels.com

Giving away

When we try to process for other people, what we find is that physically it gets stuck in our day digestive system as part of our emotional processing; so those of us with tummy upsets, or digestion issues, it is likely that we are trying to process (so a lot of us yeah?). Rather than allowing them to process for themselves. We all help others, practically, emotionally and in terms of mental understanding of a situation. Many will find forward momentum in their lives from our help; for those people your advice, help and love has worked and is warranted in the way it has been given by you. You will not need to process it for them, as they will take it back and process it automatically. For those for whom our outlook, love, help, advice and understanding does not resonate. we hold it for them. We will do one of two things:

We will not allow them to process what they need to in the way that they need to. We have each come with the soul mission in place. Soul Mission is not a firm contract written out in some ethereal office, with some ethereal pen and paper (although as a human visualising these things often helps us make sense of energetic processes our brain struggles with). Instead we have ways of being and experiences which we choose to explore throughout life. Free will dictates that everyone can choose to live how they wish; and the themes allow us to attract in experience with other which meet what we need, coupled with the ebb and flow of a life of free will. We cannot possibly know what any other person’s life’s mission is and therefore what they are trying to explore and understand from any given situation. If we did understand, they would be moving forward themselves we easily with the help and advice we had already given them. As such you’re way of looking at things is not right for the other person the whole time you try to get them to understand it your way, you hold that for them. They never deal with it .They never come to terms with it. They never understand it. And in some ways they never complete cosmically what they came to do. We prevent others completing their soul missions by constantly holding space for them.

So it is vital every evening to include this as part of your healing routine.


While you’re healing, check either visually, with emotional feelings or with where you are drawn to, on your body, with the intention of what . For many of us this will be in our heart and stomach, but be aware it maybe other places. The energy may feel bad, it may not feel not like it aligns to you, it maybe does not see to match your energy. Focus on or place your hands on the area which you are drawn to and ask if this is not yours or for you to give back to the person who’s it is. Wait a few moments; your body is an amazing dowser and will let you know. If it is yours ask for it to stay, if it is someone else’s, allow that to go back to that person. You will find the your energy will become easier, brighter, more beautiful; you will feel it better, if it is theirs. If it is not anyone elses, it will stay on you. Imagine or feel a hand, angelic, God(dess) like or own, collecting the energy or scraping your aura. Know that the energy is gently returning to the other person. You do not need to use love or hate in order to process this, as it is not an exchange based in anything but, pure logic. Pure logic is a holy, Divine perspective. It is illogical for you to hold for other people, so processed without emotion and from the perspective of the universe.

My Self Developed Healthy Boundary exercise below

Boundary exercise

With my one to one clients this boundary exercise, to create healthy boundaries, is very deep and can be very specific, depending on their own energy and who else is around them.

I use inner circle, outer circle and arctic circle as part of my healing routine and on a regular basis.

Healthy boundaries allow our needs to ebb and flow, as well as the needs of others. Non restrictive and allowing people close. Where we don’t have enough close people, creating the space to invite those in with whom we can have trusting, honest and supportive relationships, which flow both ways is important.

Imagine your inner circle. Imagine who is in your inner circle; those you trust, who are supportive, who are honest and who can rely on you back. There may be some people within your inner circle who you don’t want to be there, who need to exert less influence within your life and need to be pushed away. Spend some time energetically putting those people back into your outer circle to leave space for another soul to fill that space, or fill it with energy, where you wait for somebody else, or maybe somebody specifically who you’d like to take part in that inner circle. If you struggle with asking anyone to step back, ask your guides to help.

In your outer circle. Imagine a second circle of people within your community. Those who you may see on an irregular basis maybe on the school run, at hobbies or even at work and allow them to step back to where they need to. In some cases, this outer circle will include family, just because somebody is family it doesn’t mean that they get to take up space in your inner circle. You may find the outer circle dotted all over the place and to be further spaced out. This is natural and right energetically because we come across people different areas of our lives and they do not stand together around us.

Arctic Circle. Now I’m not a flat earther but imagine that your world is flat and at the edges are some very firm areas which are cold and Arctic. Imagine those who you need to distance yourself from and those who in order to love them and to feel good about them, they absolutely need to be nowhere near you! Allow the Arctic Circle to freeze energy, any energy coming from them towards you and allow them to walk over the edge of your flat earth, into a different reality; into a different world into another reality which they need to exist as part of and imagine them walking further into that world. Off into another community and maybe even the inner circle of somebody else.

Come back to your own reality and reinforce who is in your community and who is in your inner circle.

Do these exercises on a daily basis initially, and you may find it something you might need to do weekly or monthly, depending on how strong your boundaries are long term. Allow this to flow as it needs to throughout your life, depending on where you are energetically and situationally,

Feel free to print, save or bookmark this blog to use regularly. You can even email the link to yourself!

Let me know how you get on!

Love as always

Rachael x

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