The meek shall inherit the earth and all that jazz; my story as a teacher

Pathways, Inspirations, Learning the Hard Way, How I can Help Other the Easy Way, and What I think of people who aren’t charging for their work

Inspiration; how the ripples keep moving

Who inspired this blog?

Madam C.J. Walker. An African American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and political & social activist. Recorded as the first female self-made millionaire in America in the Guinness Book of World Records.

If you haven’t watched the series, do. She’s played by the fantastic Octavia Spencer. A real honest account of this woman.

How some thought she was focused on money.

And others? Others felt she was genuinely there for the embetterment of all.

I can only speak as someone inspired by what I know of her story, of the reading I have done as well as the series & what I know of history from that time. I’m sure there are many other people who can talk from generational experience as a black women in America. Many others who aren’t just experts but this is part of their personal history. Seek them out.

What resonated for me was her outlook that in making money, was ‘truly the Lord’s work’ & that in raising herself up, she was also raising up other women like her. Black women who’s skin was darker, whose hair was too curly.

She not only saw that in helping African American women make their hair strong, in making them confident not just of styled hair, but in being proud of it, that raised her community up.

In employing black women as sales people, she raised them up. In post slavery, segregated America, she chose those women first, not last.

What I felt reflected in me, as second generation immigrant, as a woman whose family comes from a poor working class background, was my outlook for my community.

How my healing, readings & mindset change healing programmes help good people, to step into their whole self more truly.

About how I help like minded souls create businesses which help mankind; which do good work.

How I speak out where I can and help where I can for injustice and the over looked.

How I help people create businesses which step out of the norm, which create realities around people which are truly (w)holy.

Where I have always & will always, to choose to raise others up. In doing so they raise me.

Has it taken me longer as a result? Yes.

But then, this truly is the Lord’s work.

Thank you Madam CJ Walker.

My personal reflections

Honestly, when I started in this work it was for me. Helping people to heal, spending my days in lovely energy, not feeling drained or stressed or numb at the end of the day.

I realise now, that what is likely to be ADHD, meant that when I was in my previous life of finance, that the extreme lows of my working day, meant that I had to energetically balance that with extreme highs of going out and enjoying myself; how else did my life feel good? I was living at extremes and yoyoing with my energy all the time. Sleeping whole weekends in order to balance myself. That works when all you have is the cat, and not a child, laying in bed too right?

So moving blissfully into another area of my life, and now labelling it work brought a whole set of other issues. I had to sell myself , in a way I had never before; my self belief and deep inner confidence going to the next level. Self celebration & achievement recognition; I was never good at blowing my own trumpet and now it was right that I spoke about how awesome I was at my work. Where is the line between arrogance and confidence right? Applying hard work mentality to work which doesn’t feel hard; you could imagine the hole that I fell down.

I have worked through all of these blocks, and still continue to do so; any teacher that makes you feel like they have it all sown up just isn’t been whole about the reality of life. But it all of this work also lead me to another side of my destiny.

Little did I know that as my hobby became my full time work, that I wasn’t just helping people in their lives, I was also helping other like me in another way; other small business owners. Other people out there, wanting to help, but struggling with their own blocks. It’s much easier to be fierce about people’s success than your own, right?

And that is the greatest prize I own; I will fiercely fight for you, and your business and your work in a way others wouldn’t. I have won this the hard way; I’d adore being able to help you the easy way.

Whether you choose to learn a trade through me.

Whether you choose to heal your blocks through me.

Whether you choose to team up with me for your business, or collaboration.

I will fight for you.

As I fighting for you, I fight for myself.

I fight for every poor fucker who has fallen before us and around us.

I benefit my pocket and my energy now, and in the future. And I benefit your pocket too! Bliss right?!

And I benefit myself and the planet in ways I cannot even possibly fathom (although what I feel when I write that is the greatest elation I have ever felt; even if I can’t see it.)

When we talk about being soldiers of God, this is truly what our forebearers meant. Not fighting in a literal sense, but fighting for ourselves and our right place at the centre of humanity. Marching forward towards our true selves.

This is my promise to you.

So who is going to walk beside me?

Money and Me; my opinion about you who still reject it.

My relationship has changed profoundly with money over the last few years. And this is my current mindset.

When we embrace money, we hold onto it. We keep it out of the hands of the tyrants and the monsters that run this world.

If we really, really want to help, we don’t apologetically charge. We get the balance of giving and receiving right; we give ourselves the comfortable lives, that frankly, we deserve, and we enable the world in a way which we possibly can’t fathom. Because we are taking away the money, the power, from those that would abuse that power, simply by choosing to hold it in our hands.

This is what is meant by “the meek shall inherit the earth”. Good, not perfect, people, with a product, a service, an outlook, which will help those that pick it up.

So everytime you reject money, you reject being paid, you fall into the trap of disempowerment that the church and it’s descendants have been teaching you for millennia. You literally perpetuate the myth that you are valued less, quite literally, in society, because you are good person. Because you chose vocational work rather than being a dicky salesman. Fuck that shit. Stop enabling the suppressors by fearing stepping into your power in full.

We are only going to inherit the Earth if we step up. We were intentionally born into lives which disabled our personal blend of power, so that we would always remember balance. In having to fight for ourselves, we will be powerful in a way that those at the top could only hope to know. Like Obe telling Darth ‘in killing me you will only make me stronger’ our predecessors are screaming the same thing at us. Let them work through you and fulfil the destiny of your lineage, of your clan, of your tribe and of those that came before you in all it’s forms. Ancestors of Trade are a thing.

So step up; walk beside me.

Like the cut of my jib?

If you would like to enable yourself and work with me, you have a number of juicy choices.

  • One to One Healing Work; bespoke, personal, enabling.
  • Group Personal Healing Workshops and Community; find your incarnate soul mates.
  • Self Healing Journeys; Empowering Yourself in Ways You Can’t Imagine . . .yet!
  • Professional Qualifications; start making your own dough, flavoured exactly as you need!
  • Experience Day Workshops; to add the zingy cream cheese frosting to your existing skills.
  • Savvy side businesses; earn some serious money, in a way which enables you.

Contact me about what your needs are.

Love as always

Rachael x

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