Daily healing exercises; top three!

My top tips for daily healing routines for the empath, energy sensitive, healer and clairsentience. Perfect for Spring; the right time to bring in new habits. Healing exercises from my experience and which I am have developed over many years as a healer and empath.

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Focus On Previous Lives; a wealth of information from within and from me!

How does reincarnation work? Why is it so important in this life? How do you know if you’ve lived a previous life? Or how connecting into a part of yourself you’ve never known maybe the most powerful thing you can do for yourself now.

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Sheela Na Gig Visits the Native nations of Canada; reveal the truth to heal the wounds.

Thoughts from the last few months about healing the Female wound, which is especially important at this time of year, when traditionally the female was praised as both the mother who birthed the Sun (son) and brought back the return of the light. Worshipped as the origin of the rebirth of the World. Here, triggered by the crimes of the church in Canada, reflecting on the responsibility anyone who cares for, Jesus, or has been a Christian of all types, has for them when the church refuses to do so.

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Time for the Daughters; Lillith series

How it is time for the Daughters to take charge! This is a third in the series of Lillith shift blogs: please see the other two! The Insult of the Femme Fatale here and a Connection & Modern Exploration Into the Sheela-Na-Gig Goddess here!

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Dispelling the Myths of Psychic Attack; healing & paranoia.

Psychic Attack: what is it, does it look like, why does it happen & how do we heal it?

It is when we send our bad energy out to other people. It can be done by ‘light’ workers & witches, through prayer, anger, intent, poor healing practices & craft work.

Have a look at my blog here which talks about how anyone can send out shitty energy & spell Work, whether they claim to be working with light energy or not. Whether they choose to see their darkness or actions as what it is or continue to live ab ungrounded life.

A psychic attack can be sent intentionally or unintentionally, it be conscious or unconscious. We all send out our bad energy. Subconsciously reaching out to a friends in need, moments of insecurity, pain & anger; ‘cursing’ people with our thoughts and words.

An actual, attack looks just like that; an actual attack. You may feel not yourself, feel depressed, energy lacking, be acting irrationally or angrily, feel physical pain & aches for no reason. Myself this past week I have been subject to one; I was reacting like a pathetic woman needing help as soon as my husband walked in the door. When I noticed that and did some healing, I then began to act on edge around him; my nerves were shot & I was having what can only be described as PTSD reactions. But only around him.

The energy effects people in different ways. We all need a hook in for a spell to affect us and there is always going to be inner work to do.

Someone feeling jealous over your work and sending out their rubbish in whichever way they choose to, may hook into personal issues you maybe having around being able to work, self confidence around your work or something similar.

There must be bait within you for you to be hooked.

So it is vital to do your inner work as well as readdressing the balance with the individual concerned.

I noticed my energy has been out over the last couple of weeks over several occasions. So I dug into myself.

An actual attack generally comes one of two ways; intentionally & consciously through craft work or unintentionally but still consciously through prayer, healing & light work done through anger, not understanding the path of another, or through pain.

Anything else is just the shitty vibes which we all give off from time to time; which ALL of us will give off at some point and we are sensitive in different ways to this stuff.

First of all identify through your behaviour & symptoms.

  • Do you feel unduly angry?
  • Do you feel overly depressed?
  • Do you feel out of sorts?
  • Have things being going wrong for you for no reason in quick succession?
  • Is there loads of drama going on around you?
  • Has an old pattern arisen around

Secondly you may get someone else to use a dowser (dowsers read energy & if your energy is f**ked & you are using it, it WILL NOT read correctly). Get a trusted

or pay a knowledgeable healer for a healing session. Qs to ask include is this an attack or an attachment, (I have a fab Attachment healing workshop if you want to work with it logically), is this conscious or unconscious, is this with intent or not intent & identify where it

come from. This is simply to ensure that you can build boundaries & borders where needed, NOT to back throw energy, including unnecessary bitching. And to find out what in us it linked to. Note that a friend going through a tough time maybe something we understand; but a friend

we are continually processing for maybe an area where we need to reconsider the relationship. For me it was a result of a chord cutting exercise I did. Powerful & designed to stop energetic leaches. One of the energetic leaches felt the cutting as an attack, as their energy had

been affected. I was no longer feeding them. So they sent me a nasty bundle of craft work! Not classy, & in all honesty not unusual for the many Spiritual people who have not done the personal work & are insecure about their talents & ability to personally manifest.

I am not getting into a slanging match. But I know the tie cutting I did worked; so yeay! Also identifying in me what allowed it to happen; my hormones! I have been working on my emotions as I am perimenopausal & I have PMT in the first time for a long time. A deeper delve

showed issues with needing to appear to be ‘beautiful’ & what that means for me. I am healing issues with my outward appearance & giving the best of myself to me, my family first & foremost (sorry guys! you are not my priority). The attack was against my ability to manifest; my

sacred womb space The key to receiving an attack like this is to heal ME!! I don’t care about them and their petty ways. Luckily I am already healing this which is beautifully synchronisitic! Thank you Universe! Since my healing Thurs eve, it has taken a day of personal care

to start to get better; it may have taken me longer in the past which is positive for me, but also a warning about mud-slinging energetic matches & being careful with being a ‘bitch’! Balance this with letting those who need to know for personal safety & any unusual or difficult

time someone maybe going through. Very important to look at strengthening & empowering yourself in these scenarios, without becoming paranoid. Humans are capable of causing great pain, but also we are the ones which heal it.

Remember we are the bringers of the Divine Pathway & Spirit can only work through us. Any questions please ask.