The meek shall inherit the earth and all that jazz; my story as a teacher

Pathways, Inspirations, Learning the Hard Way, How I can Help Other the Easy Way, and What I think of people who aren’t charging for their work

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The Magic of True Intention Setting; how you need to invoke the Higher and Lower Self in Order to Manifest your Life!

Here, Rachael discusses how you can manifest your life, very simply, with a few easy techniques which can change the way you look at your pathway. Plus Top 4 Manifestation tools and Top 5 Magical Herbs & Plants!

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Kids N Crystals! Top 10 reasons why you should get your little one involved!

Rachael loves working with crystals and kids, and has loads of experience of using them with her own children and their varying emotional health needs. An autistic 7 year old and an emotionally expressive 5 year old. Here she looks at you should be getting your kids into crystals now!

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Crystal healing; my top 6 reasons why you NEEEEEED crystals in your life!

Do you agree with these? The evidence, the how’s and why you should all be working with crystals. Healing from a logical and energetic perspective.

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Tesla; a higher being. Crystals; beautiful beings. 2 min read

Rachael’s connection to crystals is a beautiful one. Here she shares inspiration on her personal connection to crystals, through Tesla; one of the planets greatest ever minds.

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Crystal Healing – taking my exploration to the next level. My take on crystal healing.

In this blog I aim to talk about the next level of crystal healing for me.

I have been drawn to work with crystals for some time now. Some of you will now that my aim is not just to become adept at many therapeutic disciplines, but to literally combine them.

This blog is a bit of a diary or record of where I am, and my thought processes. I

Many people will do Reiki healing and sound therapy etc but literally I am looking for a way to combine and use them at the same time. This is easy enough to do with crystals and reiki, and many of my friends currently do this highly successfully.

For some time I have remembered and been given information about using crystals; I have been drawn to use specific stones. I know that part of this is remembering Atlantian crystal technology, and of course where that technology came from originally.

I am of the opinion that we are concentrating too much on what we did in Atlantian period itself and not why we came to that point in the first place. Why did we come here? Why are we on this planet in the first place?

Yes, in many ways, that period was a pinnacle of the human race. However, it became debased and twisted. There is a lot that I remember from that period and it is not something I think we should be looking to recreate on this planet.

In fact in many ways, the darker energies are recreating the negative parts of it.

Anyway, I digress (how unusual for me! lol).

I was studying a sound code