About Me

In short I am Teacher, Healer, Modern Mystic.

I have a passion for empowering others, especially Empaths, Healers and Sensitive Souls, to wholly and fully embrace themselves and their own personal power; however that power looks for them.

I am an advanced healer of many modalities including Reiki, hypnotherapy, Regression, Sound, Crystals and more!! I am a professional medium, clairvoyant and psychic. And I teach the majority of what I do.

I am a blogger, public speaker and author. In fact it’s one of the ways in which I teach; I love giving information!

I am a balance of the logical and the emotional, of Science and of Spirit, of Masculine and Feminine. And I draw on that throughout my work.

Understanding the intuition and the technical understanding are just as important for my work.

So if that sounds intriguing or right up your street, I would love for you to subscribe to my blog! Writing is one of my favourite ways to connect!

Everything from introductions to areas of my work, to deeper more advanced work.

So whether you are new to your healing journey, old hat or somewhere in between, I’m sure you’ll find something to read here.

I have created my own healing modality ‘Galilean Healing’ which is an advanced form of Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Crystal Healing. Which I also teach and offer out as a three month programme; designed to bring about long term, genuine change. Gently replacing the seed of any number of life blocks, physical and emotional illness, with a new vibration, which with gentle nurturing spreads throughout your life. Allowing the new way of being to gently grow throughout your life, ensuring that you do not get the usual worries of healing crisis when we address our bigger issues. Book your free consult call here: https://www.rachaelsreikihealingandbeyond.com/service-page/healing-free-consult

My book, The Banshee; Heart Healer is a beautiful combination of exploring the myths and truths around this beautiful spirit, exploring why she is here to help us. Looking at how to connect to her and how she heals our loss, grief and deep sorrow, our pain and anger. And instead allows us to find our own words, focusing us on joy, community and love. Available on Amazon; here.

my journey

I was raised as a Catholic; but it didn’t quite fit. Logically. I had a deep faith in Jesus and he was, and is, a great friend, but some, or most, or what I was taught either wasn’t logical, seemed cruel from the benevolent God I felt and knew or history had another tale.

My mum was proper Irish; questioning, rebellious and from a generation that had enough of the church to step away from it in terms of faith; but not enough at that stage in her life to leave her without a faith base. Mary Magdalene and the true life of Christ was a regular discussion point, as well as the other missing women of the gospels.

I also realised my belief system didn’t match what was taught. I found logic in the story of the Devil falling from Heaven to the Earth to understand that Hell did not exist. Earth was where we came to undo bad deeds, (the fact that right and wrong are precepts that exist within each of our own moral codes and personal perspective was way beyond me at that point). So previous lives made sense. Plus my sister telling me clearly at 3 or 4 about when she used to be a mummy, as if I was the stupid one for not understanding! lol

And so I still classed myself as Catholic for a long time, as I felt I needed a tag. Plus it freaked out the converters at the door and in the street without too much of an argument lol. But I knew I didn’t believe in organised religion and had no idea what to class myself as.

I began to look into the paranormal and the psychic. Actively learning and developing and learning by myself from my 25.

I took a job in my late twenties where what I got out of it was anything but a step forward in my career. I met a lady in my office who opened me onto my next stage of development; she taught me meditation, how to develop myself psychically properly and taught me Reiki and how to heal. I also learned then that the term ‘Spiritualist’ although associated with a formal religion, written into British Law, it was one which suited me. No real rules bar personal responsibility, understanding we can bridge the divide between this plane and the next and the growth of our eternal soul.

I will go on to talk about where I am now, and what I do.

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