All Hallows Eve, Samhain, and the Bonfire Night traditions; why they are One. PLUS Fire Release Exercise.

I am not a big fan of ‘Halloween’. I’m a big scaredy cat at heart (no wonder I have Sekhmet, Egyptian Cat Goddess. as a Higher Guide!), and I really don’t like things that go bump in the dark.

I have never liked gore, and will happily watch a thriller, holding someone’s hand. Or as a teenager scrunched up next to mum on the sofa and both of us needing to leave a light on when we went to bed.

But I adore this time of year. The Harvest Festival, from which our modern Halloween takes many traditions, is a many splendid thing.

Rural Natural Decoration Autumn Wood Wreath Fall

All those oranges and reds, crunching newly fallen leaves, eating the rewards of months of hard work (or scrumping apples and picking blackberries as is the tradition in this house). Pumpkin pie and apple n blackberry crumble is all we eat here at the moment. Bulking up for a cold winter? Maybe if we’d been sat here a couple of hundred years ago.

And that time difference is the point. In this world of plenty, we forget how we used to work with the seasons and the Earth, how important it was to work hard so that there was food to get you through the Winter.

We didn’t have freezers, and tin cans, and food shipped in from warmer climates until well into the 20th century. So for 99.999999999999999% of human existence we have lived and loved this season and respected the planet in doing so.

Now, I’m not suggesting we go back to old ways of ploughing by hand. But it seems right for us to truly embrace the Harvest Festival. And the act of giving to the food bank is a good one (we tend to do it monthly, letting the kids choose a meal and dessert for another family). Although you could just as easily donate time to a local soup kitchen, or helping those in other countries who still have to live with an environment who’s weather they struggle to control. In having so much at hand, no matter the season, we have forgotten what it is like to have nothing, that winter is cold and hard, and that sometimes the crops failed. That if the planet wasn’t happy, we weren’t happy. So respecting the planet was important, as was respecting your fellow man. If there was drought, the farmer up the road closer to the well, may well need to be called on. The next village may need to be asked for a supply of wheat, when disease had rotted your plants.

And so you wouldn’t let your pride and ego get out of hand over minor stuff. Puts arguing over the parking spot outside or the fence boundaries into perspective doesn’t it?

So this was a time of praise, celebration and thanks. And let’s not forget that in giving thanks to the planet, who physically bears us, you would at the same time be giving thanks to the heavens, who spiritually supported and created us.

Originally All-Hallows was the Celtic festival of Samhain. An important festival in the year, where bonfires would be lit to cleanse out the old, and welcome in the coming Winter. A tradition which moves over onto the (very anti-Catholic 😉 ) celebration of Bonfire Night; Guy Fawkes Night in this country. Although a celebration of the Protestant Government outwitting a Catholic plot against parliament, it has taken on board many of the traditions we would have associated with Samhain, or All Hallows.

I know many feel that to celebrate All Hallows, or Halloween, is to take on board New World, or US traditions, But they aren’t. These are our traditions too; it’s just that the traditions in England have moved onto a new celebration; a new festival.

And so this is how we’ve worked for thousands of years. Adding the new into the old and vice versa. So in accepting that Bonfire night is only a few hundred years old (412 to be exact), we can accept that this new version of All Hallows, or Samhain is coming back into our culture with gusto, bringing even more of the lost traditions with it.

The belief was that at this time of year ‘the air was thin’. The gateway between this world and the next was easy to reach through. A belief echoed across Europe, seen in the Romans ‘Festival of the Dead’. Just before the Earth itself dies for another year. We give thanks to our ancestors and those gone before, by sitting at the fire and celebrating their health, sharing stories to pass on the history and using it as an opportunity to come together as a community. Something we fail to do as much as we should do nowadays.

The tradition of dressing up coming from the belief that any mischievous spirits using the opportunity to come across, would move onto the next home to cause pranks if they saw your home was already occupied. Candles being lit and Jack O Lanterns (originally made from turnips in these Isles) also serving to move those little imps on their way. And so if those little so-n-so’s came knocking at your door, paying them off with sweet treats was probably a good idea. You can see where this one goes . . .

Autumn Halloween Horror October Pumpkin Orange

When the Roman Christian church moved across, the Roman’s did what they do best, a firm hand and assimilate local tradition into new ones. It’ll keep the locals happy if they can still have a good time when they always used to. Clever Romans ey? No wonder they had a firm hold over most of Europe (God bless the wildest reaches of Britain and Northern Europe from preventing complete assimilation).

And so it made sense to bring an official church celebration over this period to maintain order. And so you have a 3 day festival of All Saints and All Souls, the start of any good festival, just like Christmas, starting the Eve Before. All, Hallowed, Eve. The Eve of the Festival of All the Holy Souls.

Candles The Dead Candle Cemetery Light

So no matter which tradition you adhere to, All Holy Souls, Samhain, Halloween, or Bonfire Night use this time of year to benefit you for the best.

Take a moment to look back at the year and be grateful for everything that you can be. Use the fire to burn away the old that is no longer needed, knowing you will have a Winter to recoup and heal from it all. Know that your loved ones in Spirit are close, including your ancestral line whether you have any Earthly links to it or not. They are in your DNA, in your very essence, and will always protect their own (the amount of times I have ancestors of no known origin, come to talk about the history of a family of a sitter, and/or current issues about the family, is proof to me and the sitter, that they will always look after you, even if they were last here 300 years ago).

Use this time for what it was always intended for Spiritually.

Fire Release Exercise:

The fire is an old way of releasing old energy. We know fire kills disease, and how many times have you burnt (or felt like burning) something?

Whether you have a fire pit, an open fire, a BBQ or a flame retardant container, light a fire. You can change the colour of the flame if you so wish with salt, by adding spices, seeds, which will pop and give a beautiful sent will add to the cleansing process (just like incense in a church).


Write down either a single word, a string of words, or a whole letter, which signifies a period in your life or words which cannot be said to another. Bless through prayer, rites or calling in an Angel or Deity of your choice to sanctify the process (any of you who know me, will be aware of my belief that what the Christian, Jewish and Islamic churches recognise as Angels, are in fact recognised as ‘Gods’ or ‘Deities’ by other religions, all of whom tend to have an overarching One God like energy. Don’t be surprised that all three religions have the same origin and therefore the same Archangels generally).

Throw the piece of paper onto the fire and repeat three times ‘I release this for my Highest and Greatest Good. So be it’. Even better, do it with a group of friends.

Within a month you will have had an experience which will confirm that you have released it. You may find that you cross paths with someone and it holds no emotional attachment. You may find yourself faced with a situation where you would ordinarily react in fear or anger and you will react from a place of love and rationality. You may find that a situation changes around you; that you or another person feel differently about something that has been blocking both of you from opposite ends. You may find that the seeds which a person or life experience taught you, are no longer true for you, that belief or lesson no longer lives in you; an incident which is unrelated to that person or that event will show you the change in yourself. Either way, you will know it when it happens.

And when it does, smile and say ‘thanks’.

fire quote

Love as always

Rachael x



Re-affirming my Reiki Philosophy in light of my new healing modality

We all are all different and when it comes to Spiritual work, this is at it’s most evident.
The way I teach, as this is the topic I am really talking about here, is right for me and those that are drawn to work with me.
Why do I feel the need to re-affirm this? I suppose because in some ways I am changing what I offer and this is an opportunity for me to see if my values are still fitting what I do, but additionally to allow others to see what I do.
I believe firmly in teaching the basics well, and giving on going support. It is my aim, as I am sure it is with all teachers, to give you the framework about which to build your own work, so that you can move forward into your own Mastery.
I teach traditional Usui Reiki and my lineage goes back to Usui. For me this is important. Like a torch passed from one Master to the next, I now hold a flame which is the one he held. One that I can pass forward to others. Additionally I have personally had face to face training and tutelage. This is important I feel to learn properly, but I feel any energy work done by distance remains just that; we need to remember that we are human first and foremost and so our healing must be physical. I feel this can only be achieved by my physical attunement of another’s energies.
Reiki Masters & Reiki Principles. Clockwise from right Usui, Hayashi & Takata.
However I also teach out the techniques that I have been shown for the last few years which are self-developed and developed with Spirit’s help. This is essential learning for the current era we work in and the awakening that is happening. My work, I would think like other Master’s out there, is unlike anyone else’s. Would Usui be happy for his work to be changed? The fact is that there are many facets of the current traditional system of Reiki which are not original. Including the hand positions over the chakras. This was added very early by Hayashi. And so the healing develops. 
I teach Reiki 1 over 1 day, not the traditional two days for several reasons. It will cost less as I have to charge for one day of my time, people find it easier to spare one day rather than a full weekend. It does mean a lot of work on one day, but I feel this way that it will enable more people to learn to heal. A step closer to my dream of everyone on the planet being able to heal. For some they will point out that you need to two days to make sure everyone has got the message. For me this is not essential, as I offer Healing Shares and Circles and am always there for those who learn through me.
Healing Hands
Additionally I do not teach Reiki 1 and 2 together. This is the traditional way to do it, and I feel it is important to continue this for several reasons. Because the attunements increase your vibrational energy quickly, two sets too close together could cause you issues in. Either the increase will be too much too quickly and your body will reject the second one, which will result in you needing to be attuned again for Reiki 2. Or your body will accept the attunement. If you have emotional or physical imbalances you may suffer from a healing crisis which will pack your healing into a couple of months, rather than a few months and you will feel ill and exhausted. Also Reiki is life changing. Pushing the life changes needed for both Reiki 1 and 2 into a shorter time, rather than allowing the changes in your life to take several months or even years. This can leave people with dramatic changes in friends, relationships, work and family. And that can leave practitioners at a loss with Spirit as to why they have been put though what they have. ‘Well’ says the Universe ‘you wanted to be fast tracked . . . ‘
How many of us progressed from student to being let loose on our own after a weekend? It is no different with Spiritual work and healing. A period of apprenticeship is a wonderful thing, and something I personally relished. And as a couple of clients have said ‘I don’t want to pay someone to heal me, who last week knew nothing’. It’s an important period of learning, confidence building and deepening your own Spiritual journey.
I work with moving students through the attunements at their pace. Providing you put the work in there is no reason why you can’t move forward to Reiki 2 quite quickly. I never hold back on students, and to be honest have never found that I have had to disagree with students as to their pathway. I have put my trust in the Universe that the right people will always come to me, and indeed they do! For which I am grateful.
And now I come to having my very own version of Reiki given to me! yeay! In the vein of those before me, I have been working Beyond my Reiki teachings for years. What’s the point of tapping into a lukewarm pipe for the bath, when you can have it steaming hot and with bubbles?
Jesus the Healer
Is it right? For others, there will always be no other way apart from what they were taught. I understand that respect and that way of thinking. It is vital that we do no loose the principles on which Reiki was founded.
For me, having Jesus come to me, as a healer, who himself studied with the Vedics, Yogis and the Buddhists in his time, (just as Usui studied the Indian Sutras in his own time), with information to heal me, and then to use with others. Information Spirit gives us is not to be hidden, even if it is done with the best intentions of respect for tradition.
In the same way you would have been told by your Nan that it was a sin not to use your God given talents, as felt it was wrong not to pass this new information out.
So those of you who have come to work with me over the last few years will have had bits and pieces which were different (and that will always continue; I will never be able to teach out ‘standard’ healing). But this was something more than the odd hint, tip or direction here and there.
It felt more substantial. And when I realised it was a healing modality all of it’s own, Usui himself sat with my while we were looking at the symbols (ethereally of course!).
What really sealed it for me from both of these Masters, in terms of respect and approval of what I was doing, was a meditation exercise I was facilitating for others and therefore totally unexpected, was the kindly telling off Jesus gave me. ‘You have to take credit for this. You created this. It came from you. We helped, but then why wouldn’t we Sister? You are a Master just as the same as us. Accept your Mastery’. And beside him Usui bowed. I was humbled but at the same time gave me total faith in what I was doing, and in myself. The latter has always been a big thing for me. If they believed in me, maybe I should start doing the same ey?
I will continue to develop and learn as long as I am able. It is in my blood; part of my very being. I cannot stagnate. I have never followed the crowd; I’ve always followed my curiosity which allows me to wander into the field over the hill. So Heaven only knows where my healing and teaching will go in future.
I would love to think that some of those I work with will do exactly the same thing. See where the healing needs to change or adapt; or seeing holes that they know how to feel. Or maybe even a full on download of alien technology or techniques (wouldn’t that be fab?!).
Those of you looking for a teacher, looking to learn for yourself I always suggest balance. Don’t buy into flashy sales lines and glossy posters. Take a minute to centre yourself and see who you feel drawn to (have you crossed paths with someone for a reason? Do you like the look or feel of someone? Do you feel like you already know them?). Then do some research. Ask others who you know heal as to someone’s reputation. Ask the teacher how they learned and how they teach. Look online for what others may say about them. Using your logic and your instincts will always give the best results 🙂

My Journey Through Chalice Wells Garden; my journey of releasing the old to allow new seeds to be sown.

Sooooo . . .

I went with bunch of truly wonderful women to Glastonbury on Saturday; partly to do some release work. Partly to do have some fun!

Chalice Wells Garden
Chalice Wells Garden; Glastonbury
I want to just share what I got from the day.

The night before, I went to sleep at 22.22 (no lie) and fell asleep to a truly Universally connecting experience. I woke at 2.22, and never went back to sleep. One of the other ladies only went to sleep after I had woke up, we found out later! You couldn’t make this stuff up!

The reason became clearer when I read this piece:

It is a very feminine number, linking me into the feminine energy, and all that embodies, even before I have got there. An energetic builder and worker of energies; a manifesting number. Divine order and allowing life to flow upon the vibrations of introspection, acceptance and harmony. Time for Balance. New beginnings. Perfect! Thank you Universe.

When we got to the Chalice Well gardens we were left to walk and wander and do what we needed to do. I was told to find a stone to drop into the well at the deepest part; to let go of all of my fear based emotion that had been holding me back.


As I dug around the manicured beds, struggling to find a stone (and disturbing everyone in the process!), I was also drawn to pick up a seed. Ok, makes sense. Letting go of the negative to fill the void with a new seed of new starts.

So I took my stone (which I wasn’t happy with as it was that natural, but hey ho!) and sat with it in my hands, allowing me to absorb all my fear based emotion until I was ready. I then dropped it in the well and thanked the wonderful, fertile Goddess energy that resides there, with a little nod.


I then moved down with my seed in hand. I felt the need to pick up some petals that were on the pathway to place in the water at a later point, in order to thanks the Goddess further. I sat in a little alcove of flowers and ivy and looked up. People had placed ribbons and trinkets in the roof. I added my petal. And connected into a Nun, who used to reside here. ‘Just Be’ she told me. ‘Relax. Don’t think. Don’t analyse.’ And so I sat for while. When I stood and the nun told me to go around and up a mound and sit with the tree there. It was waiting to talk to me. And sure enough, a tree on a mound. I sat at it’s base and sat with it. Just being. I felt it. I felt the joy it took in the Sun warming the tops of the leaves. The sheer bliss of it. Reaching up happily and enjoying the wind tickling it’s branches, making it sway. Giggling at the wind. The connection it had to everything around it. The grass, the plants, me. Just being aware of them and that simple awareness was enough to let them live together. No need to interfere with how they live, with how they function, with what they do. And the feeling of all the grass being a collection of naughty little children playing all around her. And the joy she took in them playing at her feet. Too many to count, but who’s counting? She was just feeling the pleasure in her connection to them. Not chastising. Not guiding. Just being with them.

I asked how do I let go of my fear based emotions totally, how do I just be? My passion runs deep and sometimes trips to temper and anger. How do I leave that? She directed me to the other tress, further up the hill. They are in a different position. They see things from a different perspective but also are subject to different outside influences to her. Look how wildly their branches move in the wind, being further up the hill and more exposed. Not in the wrong place, just in a different place. The place they are meant to be in. Look how they all react differently. They are all different species, all different trees, all reacting differently. Just as they are meant to. Allow myself to be me and don’t apologise for it. Not in an aggressive way, but just in a loving way. Accept myself loving and show others how to lovingly accept me, through my own demonstration of self love. Sometimes she maybe effected by the storm, but in those times she accepts it and just goes with it. She gets herself through the best way she can. And when the wind calms she can spend time repairing, still feeling the sun and loving the wind and rejoicing in the rain. As she needs all of those things to function, and repair. And then she will feel whole later. Maybe a scar, or a torn branch. But she is all the more beautiful for it. She has a new place for the insects to gather, or the birds to drink from the water that pools there, or a space for a new, protected nest. How she embraces those who shelter in her; how she provides a space for them to look after themselves. She is not looking after the young chicks, their parents are. But she will support them all as they grow and flourish.

So much wisdom. So much joy. Just by feeling her and letting her guide me. I looked in my hand and chose a petal to place at her feet in thanks as I left her.


I walked to the next part of the well, as directed by the nun, and drank some water from the lion mouth spout. For me a symbol of strength, protection and family. I blessed myself with the water. My head and my heart and my soul. I let the petals I had left go; three! the Goddess number! so perfect and so unconscious. I let my seed go and it floated down the stream. I was told by the nun it doesn’t matter where you let it go, what matters is where it settles. That is where I will grow.


I walked down to the next level and met with a friend there at the same time. We removed sandals and walked into the pool, hitching my skirt up. I stood there, feeling the water wash me clean. Splashing it over myself. Feeling it soothe my emotions. When I was ready I walked out. I went to the waterfall and dipped my feet in the water that gathered there. My friend pointed out the significance of having my feet washed.


Like Mary Magdalene, washed Jesus’ feet, one of the Goddesses in the Gospels, Mother Earth, THE Goddess was washing mine. She was acknowledging me. She was cleansing me. Stripping back what I no longer need, emotionally, in a very gentle way. Or like when Jesus washed the feet of his own circle. He was serving his followers. Showing his humility and love. And so Mother Nature and my emotions will serve me, will show me love. Connected in a spiral, in a circle, which never ends (name the movie and the song for 10 bonus points! 😉 )

But also, Christ and Mary were with me. Stood with me. Holding my space. Not in my face. Just supporting me.

I followed the Nun down to the next level of waterfall, with no shoes, feeling the joy of the grass and the dirt under my feet, as I often do. But with a new perspective.


I sat next to the water and placed another seed in; an acorn. In bopped about, not going very far. Unexpectedly caught by an undercurrent I didn’t see. And settling not too far from me. Hmmmm. Interesting. I am nearly there. At my beginning. And we all know from tiny acorns grow mighty Oaks.

I followed the water down (down it’s natural one, not the manicured one!) and settled at another well which I really wanted to look into, but couldn’t. So the Nun reminded me to just be. And I felt into the depths of the water there. I found a piece of me. A girl, with frizzy hair, shy and goofy. Blushed everytime she had opened her mouth. But with a sweet temperament, and joy in her heart. Her heart which was broken by cruelty and so she gave herself to the dark depths of the water. The dark depths of her emotions. Previous Life? This life? Both.

I retrieved her and told her how beautiful she was, that the rocks were slippy on her way back up but she would make it with the strength I now had, even with the odd grazed knee in the dark. Just to focus on the light ahead and we would get there. And we did.

And we embraced eachother, me taking a part of her and her taking a part of me. Just being. Being with eachother. And then she rose. She was in a tear drop, sadness reflecting all the beauty and colours in the world, taking her higher and higher. Her sadness made her see for herself, and reflect out to all who beheld her, the beauty in everything that the emotions give us.

I then sat with the others. And one of the group, who always gives. gave us all a gift. A compass for me. Some very practical uses, yes. But I will always be able to find my way. I am always on the right path. It will focus me on the truth. On my truth, on where I want to go. To trust my inner guidance, my inner compass. And to lovingly share my truth and help others see their own truths. It doesn’t means it’s always easy to show myself or others the path, but I can lovingly point others down it, and I can lovingly walk mine. Each at our pace. On our own tracks. Sometimes with others and sometimes alone.


We spent the rest of the day in eachother’s company. And as we sat having a fish supper and laughing, I was asked was I enjoying myself? And yes I was. But this Being was so alien to me now. Everything I had done since having my daughter was for purpose. Work, or the children, or my husband, or to develop myself, or to heal myself. Why could I not just allow myself to be? I am currently remembering how to do that and how to just Be. The small little girl who used to watch the ants, and love them. Who’d lay in the dappled shade of a tree and just take joy in it. Who would breathe the air and it would be sweet. But I’m getting there. I really am.

Love as always.


Don’t Look Back with Anger; an exercise about truly letting go of a relationship of any kind with love

I am going through a period of healing. And although this is a phsycial healing in many respects, this is also a period of emotional healing which goes along it as many of us know.

My physical manifestations of illness at the moment are routed in stress, realigning my feminine and healing old angers. Some of this is this life, some I had truly addressed as the physical illness manifested, and the rest I am going over with a fine tooth comb now!

3 of swords
3 of Swords – Heartbreak

One of those old angers was heartbreak. I cheekily pulled a few cards for myself today. Not for a full reading, but just to fill the gaps. (I’m not a great believer in doing too many readings for yourself – it’s hard to get perspective on your own situations, and you shouldn’t be able to know EVERYTHING about your future, so it does bite you in the bum if you push it). I pulled the 3 of Swords. There was the heartbreak I needed to heal. The old thing of relationships. And although I had moved on, I could say that there was one old major relationship that still niggles me. I have struggled to look back at that relationship with love, although I had taken much from it.

Ok, so I thought, how am I going to truly heal from this. There was much not said at the time; a very bizarre end to a relationship of over 8 years, and I feel this was much of why I had struggled to draw a final conclusion on it. Also I was young and found out much afterward. And so I wasn’t able to say what I would have done now, with extra information and standing in my own power of adulthood. I am also stubborn and hold onto things that really hurt me; it takes a lot to offend me, and it’s generally something of a deep moral nature that gets to me. And this was one of those situations. Where the sword in my heart was so deep, how long would it truly take me to remove it?

The answer it would seem is 13 years later!!! (wow that puts it in some perspective!)

And so the obvious way, and something that I recommend to everyone, is to write a letter. I tuned in and asked for help, writing intuitively and with the intention that this would be a healing experience. To leave me whole.

And what I found as I wrote was that I initially found me introducing myself as another person. The anger that was still desperately clinging on by a finger nail, didn’t have the grip and I was very easily able to step back from it and work my way through the logic of that anger; some 13 years later.

And I had very much done that typical thing previously, that all those meme’s and quotes encourage, which is to say ‘in spite of you’ I am still x, y or z. Or ‘because of the pain you inflicted on me’ I learned a, b & c. But this was now different.

mary-our-queen of heaven
Mother Mary ‘Queen of Heaven’

I very much felt Mother Mary with her loving strength and Sekhmet behind me, ‘I got your back’ but also cutting ties.

A personal channelled image of Sekhmet.

I was coming at this from a space of love. And so taking the lessons in pain and in anger is only half the job. It leaves that relationship in a space of pain and anger. I now needed to leave it in a space of love.

And so, intuitively I found myself writing about the overarching theme of a negative lesson, but very much turned it into a space of remembering the good times. The good things I had from that relationship.

And as I wrote I found myself retrieving parts of myself that I had left behind in that relationship; parts that I desperately need now. Please read below as I will give you that letter. A vulnerable act that part of me fears; and so I know I must do it.

I realised as I wrote that in blocking the whole relationship I was blocking parts of myself rooted in that relationship. I was rejecting the whole. I had to leave that relationship in a place of love, for me to accept the whole of the relationship, as it truly was, without the distortions that pain and anger give it. In doing that I will be allowing myself to be whole once more.

I will be burning the letter when the night sky is dark; just before the New Moon Crescent. For me this a time of ends and new beginnings. And asking for the Moons empowerment when I do it and in doing so asking her to send that love to his higher self.

And I would encourage you all to write a letter of the same for every relationship and friendship which you do not look back on with total love. Not a feeling of ‘I’m over it’ but a feeling of love for the good times; after all there was a reason why you became friends or lovers right?

And then burn it, tear it into a million pieces and throw to the sea, or the wind, tie it to a helium balloon and let it go. Ask the Moon, God, Jesus, the Angels or who ever you wish to empower and hold your space while you do it.

For me this is a very powerful tool in truly ‘moving on’ and totally healing past relationships.

I write this with hindsight. I write this with retrospect. I write this as a woman you have never known and never will.

Part of me wants to say ‘F**k You’. A small part. But why? Why? It wasn’t you that hung around while you disrespected me by not wanting me physically, by not committing to me, knowing that the relationship was rancid.

It was me.

So am I going to tell me to ‘F**k me?’. No.

As I love myself for the person I have become. How that relationship with you allowed me to experience feeling rejected and feeling low, so that I learned that’s not how I wanted to feel. It enabled me to step into my full power.

And make conscious decisions about relationships which go beyond love.

You were the first lesson of many. Where I started to become aware of what I wanted and made changes in my life to enable those simple things. For me. For myself and my Soul.

And God knows I am far from perfect; Temper, stubbornness, grudges.

But we tended to accept eachother for our flaws didn’t we? I need to remember I can do that.

And you made me laugh. You made me laugh till I cried and laughed like Muttley. That’s a part of me I miss and that I retrieve now.

And you got me to see the benefits and drawbacks of acting on impulse, acting from Ego and from a space of pure joy. Acting without thinking. Just Being.

I retrieve that part of myself. I need to Be now.

I also thank you for the practice at musing, and talking and pondering.

I still have that with me and I thank you for the times I evolved with you by doing that. That was and is needed by me. It runs through me.

I thank you and love and embrace our relationship for what it truly was. Now stood here in the light.

I let you go now with love and without Ego.

Farewell Friend


Abundance through the Goddess. 5 steps and related exercises. The Mother in all her forms. Triple Goddesses, Mother Mary, Bat and Lakshmi; seeing the Goddess for her whole across the cultures.

I will get into the details of how to work with the Goddess energy for abundance, but I feel my current journey is relevant here. So I will blurb for a bit. Please forgive me if you want to get to the good stuff about accepting abundance in your life. But I feel you may find something else in my blurb. And so in lies your first lesson in seeking true abundance; it is everywhere, especially where we don’t expect to find it!

I have been working with ‘Goddess’ energy for sometime. She came through to me again last night as I fell asleep.

We did some wonderful work yesterday healing like a thousand healers with a group of wonderful people and kids running round like loons thrown into the mix. Sat actively healing the Earth. It was beautiful for so many reasons.

And so I feel the Goddess felt it was worth coming back to me last night as I started to fall asleep in order to give me something back. Isn’t it wonderful how she works that way.

I started to fall asleep and she came to me as a cow. A beautiful Freesian and then into a Jersey cow. Both milking cows. I have given up dairy as part of a campaign to realign my hormones, so I know she wasn’t saying eat more yogurt! lol. She was talking about nurturing and providing. Soft warm fur, clean hay and soft hands as I drifted off . . . glorious!

I had actually settled down to send healing to my daughter, asleep in the next room with a temperature, and I think she came in as a recognition of the fact that at this time I should have taken the time to heal myself due to illness, but I did what any parent would do and concentrated on my little one. And so she came to give back. There was a very distinctive Egyptian feeling about her, that I did a little research on this morning.

The Cow Goddess in Egypt, later became known as Hathor, but originally was Bat. (I know the lives as I lived were early dynasty and so I always turn to that). And although there is some conjecture as to what happened. I believe that as the kingdom split, so did the Goddess.

Bat predates the Egyptian people. She is an old Goddess. Older than time itself it would seem. Her followers worshipped her based on her association with the Ankh, the breath, the symbol of life itself (Chi, Prana, Rei, Spirit; which ever name you wish to give it). For me it is Love itself. Her name based on the word Ba, being one of the fundamental elements of the soul.

And so she is Mother Earth, Mother Nature. Gaia. She breathed life into us and so we came into existence. She nurtured us at her breast, feeding us continually, even when we make mistakes and hurt her. She does not turn her back. That doesn’t mean to say she is a pushover. She is not unused to the odd clip around the earhole or a look which means ‘I told you so’. Non judgemental, tough love.

And so I was of course drawn to beautiful Lakshmi who I have been working with recently. Her soft laughter and love ringing through our ears. She laughs at our mistakes. But like Bat, she is associated with the nurturing cow. Much maligned as the epitome of powerless femininity, rather than the provider and hard worker that she is. She is tired. But she will still sit by your bed side all night when you are ill, and drag you out of it when you have been moping too long. And stick you in the garden to play and remember yourself.

When I read further about Bat she is associated with an aspect of herself which shows her having faces looking into the future and into the past. And so I was drawn to the Ancient Celt and British Goddess, the Triple Goddess. The triple aspect which was applied to the masculine in the Roman Christian church, and not brought forward to feminine. Your mum and especially your grandmother (or those that play those roles in your life) always can see it coming. She can see it coming as she knows the past. She’s been there, done that. Her guidance is golden. She encourages you to accept all parts of yourself now, in the past as well and love yourself as a whole. This is the only way you can embrace the future. And manifest everything you were meant to be. The all knowing, all seeing, all encompassing. That you remember your youth and vitality, you remember your creativity and parenthood, you remember your wisdom at all ages. And don’t the crazy-fun, loving, skinny dipping grandmothers always make the best ones? With food thrown together and laughter on cold nights by the fire or under the duvet.

And remembering she was not actively brought forward into the Christian church, but she still came actually. Mother Mary. Strong, intelligent, loving. Noone raises and lives through the death of one of the planets most beloved healers and teachers and lives like the wilted flower they would have you believe she is. There she is, waiting in the scriptures for us to truly find her, to truly connect into her. Again with laughter in her heart for our perceived faults and wrong doings, strong passionate love and a desire to teach us.

And they are all one in the same. All these different faces of the Goddess. So it makes no difference who you choose to lead you, to guide you, as they’ll all get you there. Back to Mother Nature.

Ok, occasionally she may need to break herself off a bit, as Sekhmet or Kali, like any of our own parents, and really read us the riot act. When she really has to. Something, which as a parent myself, I hate doing. But occasionally must be done. And I would love to have another aspect of myself to carry that task out.

But she is nurture and love. She is abundance itself.

And so what do these aspects of the Mother, the faces of The Goddess, teach us about Abundance.

  1. Gratuity – Happiness is where you are – Quoting Moana (and why wouldn’t I?). If you don’t not only accept, but be grateful for what is on your plate, right in front of your very eyes, why should she give you more? Her energy and resources are low. Energetically by always looking for something else, and not accepting what you have, is actually blocking the flow of energy to yourself. And you keep asking for something. How can they get it to you, if you don’t accept and importantly love where you are now, if you don’t nurture and grow your current situation, you’ll never see what it becomes. And that maybe just what you’re asking for. For some of us this may take a change in mind-set. But if you really want to invite abundance into your life, then you must take the time to do that. Exercise – take a picture of a Goddess who resonates for you and print it out, or stick it as your screen saver on your phone or your computer. Smile at it every morning, and before you go to bed, name everything positive that happened that day. On a bad day that may take some out of the box thinking, but there is always a helpful stranger, a smile or love from a far for you to hold on to. Don’t moan. Don’t ask. Only thank. Do this for at least 21 days (I try to do it daily)
  2. Definitions – what does abundance mean to you? If your first thought is money, possessions or wealth, you are blocking every other stream of abundance into your life. What does money actually get you? If you want status, a big house, servants, power. This isn’t going to work for you and you’re either reading the wrong blog or you need to change your outlook. If you want a nice home, good health, food, opportunities in life, love, laughter, education, fun; then you need to ask for that. And be open to receiving it by whatever channel the Universe can get it to you. Money is a man created energy exchange. It is not the currency of the Universe. If you are looking for £10 to pay for an ice-cream Sunday, you’ll miss the free one you’re being offer (see my story below). If money wise you are doing well, but you need the energy to flow in other areas of your life, then this is an important one for you to address. What you define, defines you. Exercise; take out maybe 10 or 20 minutes to find out what you really want from life. Not just the superficial definitions or money or a home, but what you really want. Then look at how you already have that. Or how you can tweak something and make it what you need. For example: ‘Security for your family’ would fit the bill for both money and a home, but if in your head you want to own your own 5 bed country cottage, you are missing the cheap council rental in town which gives long term tenancy and an opportunity to make it your own home. ‘A good education for my children’ doesn’t have to mean private and therefore money. Could your child be bright enough for a scholarship? Could you afford a tutor alongside state run school to get what your child needs. Or can you and a workbook fill in the education gaps you need? For me a home with a space to work. Or rather than that expensive holiday in the Maldives you were looking at; think about what it was that you wanted from the holiday. Diving. Relaxation. Paradise. And then Google or ask a good travel agent for an equivalent alternative. What do I personally want at this moment? A cheap space to work and a home. Do they need to be entwined? In my definition being those two things together, I am blocking loving the home I currently have and finding a cheap place to work elsewhere. Change your definitions and open all the new pathways of abundance to your family. Choose seven fundamental things you really want from the Universe and write them on the prettiest piece of paper you can find. Remember the more definition you put on it, the more you restrict it. So I need to earn £200 per week, could actually mean I want to be able to have enough money to pay x, y, z bills and take the kids on a fun day out once a week. Leave this piece of paper with a Goddess that you wish to work with. Fold it up and leave it next to a statue or a picture, or folded up inside your phone case. When you get one thing, or you realise you’ve been too defined on one, tear it up and replace it. Always keep the seven. You’ll find that after 4 or 5 you’ll struggle to think of things. Perfect. As you can choose something totally for yourself (a coffee with a friend once a week/hot bath to myself nightly) or something just for the hell of it (to laugh till I cry or pee my pants at least once a day!). Always thank the Goddess for working with you, and especially when you have achieved one of the things you have asked for.
  3. Paying for it, means working for it; Resourcefulness; I’ve always been resourceful. I have been brought up with it, but I can manifest. I can make money from nothing (unlike Dire Straits I don’t get my chicks for free! 😉 lol). Why is the only route to get what you need via money? Is there another route you are missing. This very much leads to you blocking all the avenues and the Goddess can get you what you need. A new table costs £800. So I’ll need to do four or five workshops to be able to afford that. And all my money will go on that. But take your time looking on Facebay or Gumtree or a local auction, and you’ll find not just a perfectly functioning one, but a lovely one for £10. I did. Beautiful light wood and slate inserts. Solid, great quality. And four or five workshops would have been five whole days working plus maybe the same on top in prep. It took me one morning to find and one afternoon to pick up with the kids in tow; combined it with a day out at an ‘old barn’ where I was picking it up from. Plus my daughter got to watch how a screwdriver works. So I swapped my definitions, became a little more resourceful and got to spend more time with the kids I love, and work less hard! Really! If you work all the hours that God sends and are too tired to cook, your shopping bill goes up as you need more expensive convenience foods. Then you need a cleaner as you’re too tired to clean. So how can you give up working, or work less (there is no way I could not work – I am not defined by my motherhood in anyway) when I have all these other bills on top?! And then you have the added guilt that you are feeding the family rubbish, you’re not teaching your family good life skills etc etc. And you don’t get to spend any quality time with the family. And then you make yourself ill through hard work and stress and guilt, so you have to pay for medical care, or that spa weekend to feel better. ARGGHHH!! It really is all too much isn’t it? Why aren’t you making life easier on yourself? If you worked less you could spend the half hour shoving a half decent meal together in the evenings (remember up until the 50’s and post war in the West, we would have only eaten a rich, red meat meal once a week – changing your definitions?). If you regularly washed/cleaned your carpets you may not need a new one. The kids may well be up for swapping chores for cash? If the old fella down the road is giving away tomato plants, grab a couple with thanks and see which of the kids would like to grow them. Or keep them in your desk at work for you to nurture. Free dinner one night! If the eldest kid, or the hubby, or the neighbour has a mechanical mind, they may well be able to google what is wrong with the car, buy the second hand part from eBay and fix it? Either for a your appreciation, a fraction of the cost, or something your good at? A meal, baby sitting, gardening, paperwork etc etc. Getting caught up in the premise that money will get you what you want, is not going to get you want you want. Why wouldn’t you want to get what you need with less effort? It makes more sense to me! Exercise; Sit down and look at three things in your life that you can be more resourceful in. Ask a Goddess of your choice to help and facilitate this. Get yourself into a quiet meditative state if you wish. Write down and make a promise to yourself to do these three things. They don’t need to be done at once. Maybe introduce one every couple of weeks if it’s a regular thing. When you achieve them all, thank the Goddess and look at another three areas you can be resourceful in. Not paying for your morning coffee, but investing in a nice little coffee machine and a funky ceramic or metal take away cup. Walking a little further for a lunch which is cheaper and healthier and getting some more exercise to boot! Themed girls nights in, rather than big nights out every other time. Swapping the Saturday night take away for a quick micro meal from the supermarket. Inviting friends over for dinner and swapping back going to theirs, the one not cooking providing dessert and a bottle, rather than a meal out every week. Who do you know who could fix the car, do the garden or decorate the house for a swap rather than paying? What can you buy second hand, rather than forking out full whack for? Picnic in the park, or takeaway chips from the FishNChippy, and a game rather than a trip to the zoo? Amazing theme kids party at home or the local park, rather than paying for the princess or prince theme at the local play centre? Creative days where everyone helps decorate or personalise a cheap piece of furniture, or bedlinen/curtains, for each member of the family in turn? Spending time together researching ideas and projects. You’ll get so much more from these ideas than just saving money. You’ll draw together as a family.
  4. Providing does not mean providing money; accepting your whole self. One of the biggest things that Laskshmi taught me was to understand that although I am not a bread winner anymore in terms of dough (geddit?!), I am a provider. Although my husband now provides most of the money to our household, I provide love, laughter, learning and nurture. These are vital, imperative for any home, more so some may say than the cash. In not seeing myself for these aspects, of not being aware of this I was not able to give it the attention and energy it deserved. And so in accepting how wonderful I am, and part of this is of course self love, I have been able to use my talents and attributes to their best. Exercise: Write out a list of every aspect of your personality, even what you may feel is a fault, and write down how it benefits your life. Some maybe obvious, some a little less so. Those areas which you struggle with the most, or found it hardest to find a positive reason for, are the areas you need the help to recognise, accept and therefore fully empower. Don’t think that by asking to recognise, accept and empower your temper for example, it will make it grow. What this exercise will do in fact is to allow you to channel it in the best way. If it is being channelled correctly, into the right areas in your life that it was intended for, it will be used for it’s ‘God(dess)-given’ purpose. As such it will unblock the areas in your life where you have either been bottling it up, or using it in a way it was not intended for, which would have energetically been working against you. So in allowing it to flow in the area it was intended for, and not against you, will allow the energy to flow better full stop, enabling yourself to achieve and attain what you need to. For example, your temper is in fact passion. You love fiercely. And this means that you can love with balance; allowing and telling people to walk their own path when they need it, and enabling others with a deep strength when the time is right. Focus in one or two attributes at a time (depending how how much work they need), leaving the list with a Goddess and checking daily as to how you feel you are moving forward. Trust in her that the experiences you will have from now on will enable this, even in ways you cannot perceive at the time. You may feel that is is going nowhere, but persevere as suddenly it will click into place. You may also find that one major attribute finally flowing in the right direction, will free up and enable others without any work. Thank the Goddess as you move forward.
  5. Healing and Accepting the Past in order to unblock the present and propel to the future. This is really quite a deep part of the process and I would only recommend that you address this area if you are drawn to do so or if you have been working through the other areas and still feel substanially blocked. The Triple Goddess of Past, Present and Future; Maid, Mother, Crone. She asks us to look at all aspects of ourselves now and in the past. To accept and heal all of those. And we all know that moving on from something, doesn’t always mean healed. What are those things in life where you look back and you still don’t feel at ease? It’s one thing feeling melancholy or a bit of ‘another time, another place’ type feeling, but when you look back and feel uneasy, then you need to take the time to heal that situation. You can take this further and look deeper at previous life work. You can heal in anyway you choose. But understand that this is emotional healing and so energy worked aimed at this would be a good idea. It maybe an time in your life where you are unhappy with how you were as a person. Or you felt you reacted in the wrong way; either too weakly or to strongly. It may be that you were subject to outside influences in your life and you either were powerless, or felt powerless. Everytime you feel a negative emotion about a situation or person, you are giving that thing energy. It is draining you. And you need to heal that, to bring yourself to a point and look back at it with perspective. Not always a higher understanding of why you went through it, but able to look back with ease and not fear or anger. In freeing yourself of that energy drain, you can allow energy to flow more freely into other areas of your existence. It will empower the current you and therefore your future. Exercise: If you wish, you can do this following exercise. If you have a trained healing modality call this in and activate it before you start. If you don’t. ask the Goddess of your choice to help facilitate you. Thinking about the situation at the time, feel on your body where you are holding the emotion connected with this situation. You will work one of a few ways. Clairvoyant – you will see either with your minds eye or your eyes. Look at your body and see where you are holding the energy, or the Goddess will point it out to you. Clairaudient – you will be given a word, or have a conversation with the Goddess to tell you where you are holding it. Clairsentient – you will feel a blockage, sensation or emotion on your body. Clairknowing – you will either just know or be drawn to an area on yourself. Using the same method choose a colour for that energy. Drawing energy in through the crown on your head, create a ball of energy between your hands over the spot where you are holding the energy, in the colour you are drawn to use. When you feel a shift and your body feels freer, you will know that the energy has been removed. Give the ball with thanks to the Goddess. Ask again, and see if there is more and follow the same process. The idea isn’t to revisit the injury, but to release it. You may feel the emotion as you release it, you may have tears or feel anger. Breathe the emotion out as noisily as you need to. Allow the tears to flow. Continue until you have released everything from this time or situation in your life. Thank the Goddess. If it feels too messy to deal with yourself, or you know it really needs deal with but don’t want to, I do recommend that you get someone to hold your space or to facilitate the healing. You can do this as many times as you need to.

A story of abundance in action: We were in Disneyland FLO recently, and I said to the kids if they were good they could get an icecream. My youngest did her typical it’s all too much self sabotaging and wasn’t that well behaved. As I was umming and ahhing about whether or not to get her an icecream, a Disney employee stood at the side of a shop and called out ‘Who wants some Disney magic?’ with a huge icecream waffle in her hands. We were not close and so I walked closer, expecting someone else to take the bounty in her hands. Noone did. Everyone was so clued into their money driven definition of abundance, they took the woman at the side of the shop for granted, and walked on by. Dozens of people. Surely we’d never get this? As we got closer I said ‘I would!’ and she gave me the icecream waffle. I said ‘How much do you want?’ and she said ‘nothing. I like to spread the Disney magic’. I blessed her and thanked her. We ate the icecream waffle with our fingers, melting in the Florida sun. Licked the plate and our fingers. It was glorious. All present in that moment of the planets aligning for all of us; all being aware of the blessings we had been bestowed. And the Universe told me in no uncertain terms that both children deserved an ice-cream. And not just any ice-cream. The best tasting one ever! Nothing tastes as good as a free ice-cream.

Which areas of your life do you need to feel the flow in? Which of the Goddesses do you feel drawn to work with? Which areas of your life do you need to look at from another angle?

Love as always

Rachael x

Healing the Goddess within and without. Truly healing the feminine injury and letting go, in order to embrace the Love fully.

How did I get here? to this point in my story? How did I get anywhere? I started at the beginning and so shall I here.

The Goddess.

I remember my Mum talking about the Goddesses lost. Being a good Irish woman, and therefore truly a terrible Catholic, she questioned much. And she read and passed on a book many years ago about the women, the Goddesses, who were not included in the scriptures as we read them today, and not recorded in the modern history of the Ancients, as they should have been.

Mary Magdelen
The true Mary Magdalene and her real story. Her love, forgiveness and empowerment. Her feminine Goddess energy

This is not a place to go on about male dominance and imbalance, but you get the picture. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

The information had not been passed to her, by her mother (although I expect the questioning and not accepting things lying down, that ability to remember hurts in order to work with them later in whatever capacity, probably passed down through her lineage; certainly via her Banshee of a Grandmother, maybe not her soft mother). But it had been passed onto her by another woman, a friend (I’m sure from church) who had told her about the book. And the book of course written by a woman. And this is the way that it has always been; the truths and the hidden things being passed down on the female line.

I have been healing that feminine hurt my whole life now; I realise that.

Stubborn ways; I’m not changing my name just because I’m married! I’ll work in a male industry, and despite my looks, I’ll kick all your backsides at your work and drink you under the table. I’ll love and care for children and the needy, but I expect others to meet me halfway. And I’ll provide and parent a child, not full of fluff and indulgence, but through love, laughter and loving honesty. And God-forbid I should sit with mum’s and coo over the kids as they steal dirty toys from eachother at playgroup.

Mother Mary
The true Mother Mary. Mother, Healer, Preacher, Leader. A Goddess in her own right.

So my femininity has been a struggle for me. I get on with generally all people I meet (the odd person I don’t is down to them, I realise now, seeing me through the eyes of their own Ego).

Illness as a result of that (endometriosis) and it has left me at odds with society. Which is a struggle because my viewpoint seems so logical to me. But I am well aware that each of our experiences (in this and previous lives) makes us who we are today. And so I am on a different stage of my journey to them. And that’s all good and exactly as it should be.

But the key to this has been finding other like minded women. All of us embracing the aspects of femininity; motherhood, nurturing and magic! But all in very different ways to the majority of women.

All embracing the feminine Goddess fire within their bellies, whether they realise that or not.

A personal channelled image of Sekhmet; deliverer of Me’et and Karma.

And in doing so igniting a very deep healing with me. Which has left me in a place of true balance. Please look at another blog for more information on part of this journey; a place where I recognised my anger and the source of that anger being my guilt. And how I healed that by truly embracing myself. You may also find this blog helpful as it’s about my healing journey.

And in finding these other women, these other gems, over my life, I have been able to find myself. Talk about your soul group coming together? It certainly feels that way for me over the last few years.

Hecate - the triple goddess
The triple Goddess of Maid, Mother, Crone or Modernity, Creatvity, Wisdom. Allowing us to embrace all aspects of our self and versions of ourselves.

All these woman have held that femininity in balance. Not to the exclusion of men, not rejecting men as many women’s groups do. And that is no criticism of these groups. But maybe kind of the point of what I am writing.

If we don’t educate men, really educate men, then how can we move forward? How can we re-balance the world?

Quan Yin
Quan Yin – Chinese Deity – of love, purity and transcendence. I love her so much.

The male approach is action; outward reaction to a situation or threat. Sometimes leading to violence and often aggression. We all agree that this is not the way to take the world. That this is the old way which has not been working and destroying the planet and it’s inhabitants in varying degrees.

The feminine approach is inward; it’s reflection and understanding. It is understanding our experiences, before acting which gives us the direction we need.

So in order to balance those two we must have both; reflection and understanding leading to balanced action. But all essentially all from a place of Love.

I have been reading recently about Aristotle’s theories on the emotional impact on illness. for him, the opposite of anger was mildness. Mildness. So approaching a situation with love, compassion and understanding would negate anger. And I quite agree with him.

Lillith. The original female. Embracing our powerful beauty with power and knowledge.

I realised recently when chatting to someone online (as we do nowadays) who was going through a similar process to me that in order to move forward with this balance, we must take away the male action from the feminine. We must take away the anger, and approach it from a different space.

That space is not a wishy washy acceptance and flowery covering up. It is a place of compassion and sympathy, but a place of action.

Wadjet – the Egyptian Snake Goddess. For me; protection and sisterhood.

Notice I say compassion and not Empathy. It is ok to feel Empathy, to enable us to feel another’s emotions in order to gain perspective, to gain understanding and experience. But we cannot feel them. We cannot hold on to them. If we do that we act from a place of total emotion. Acting from a place of total emotion is a totally feminine attribute. And again we do not have the balance that we seek to achieve. This has taken me 38 years to learn.

The Goddess energy, the Feminine within all of us, is currently being blocked, being disabled by the lifetimes and generations of injury and insult against the feminine. Insults and injury which has left the feminine certainly jaded, and sometimes angry.

Brigid; the Celtic Goddess. Saint of Wells and deep emotion. Tamer of men and monsters

This is the essential bit; the whole point.

If we heal the anger within us, we can unblock ourselves. We each hold the Feminine God Head within us. In letting go of the anger, from many lifetimes, we can infact allow the feminine energy to be healed of her anger, and in doing so allow her energy to flow. Allow her to totally step into her power.

Kali. Goddess of Karma. Of speaking your mind through love, not anger.

Allow her to step into her reflection and compassion.

Allow her to embrace her masculine counterpart fully.

Personally I found my relationship with my husband much better since actively going through this process. I have embraced him and trusted him more. Surely a man is here to hurt and injure and rape and pillage etc etc? My soul has healed itself from that.

I am now able to embrace my feminie power fully. To step into my own power. My own magic.

Lakshmi – Feminine abundance, love and joy. Motherhood.

If each and everyone of us was able to heal the feminine within us, to let go of the anger that is currently blocking us, to accept the male counterpart within and outside of us (I am not talking about genders here, I feel that it is an important point to make), to fully step into our power; we will heal the Goddess.

Serqet (Serket) – Scorpion Goddess. Sisterhood, Motherhood and Leadership.

In healing the Goddess we will heal the world.

Reflection and compassion, followed by action made from a space of love.

Durga. The Axis. My new Beginning.

That is what we need. So I ask you? What are you going to do to heal yourself? To heal the Goddess within and outside?

Love as always

Rachael x

Embracing the Goddess within me.


I wanted to keep this as a side note separate to the main blog.

But I wanted to give you an idea of the Goddess energies I have been working with. Please note, that I feel the Christian outlook of Angels is what many other, multi-God religions, would class as their Gods and Goddesses, just from a different cultural aspect. And of course for any Higher Being looking to help people would change their appearance in order for them to be accepted by the local population (or it maybe they are viewed differently by the local population, the semantics are of no real consequence but I know many like to understand the energetic pathways behind how we work).

Mother Mary and Mary Magdelene – Ok, maybe many don’t think of these women as deities or Goddesses. But both revered and idolised in their own ways. And I very much have to thank my Catholic upbringing for bringing me to these women. Both misunderstood in their own ways. If you think a woman who brought her son up to be one of the greatest healers and philosophers the world has ever seen, who ran from the Egyptians and the Romans based on her faith in her own visions, who taught a son the scriptures so he could sit musing them with aged, learned men on the steps of the temple as a young teenager, who watched her son be brutally executed and still continued that work, if you think she was a pushover, you have another thing coming. And Mary Magdelene. Much maligned. She was the one who first allowed me to question the story of Jesus as I have been taught it. And in doing so brought me much further on my own personal healing path and closer to him than ever. One allowing me to master my motherhood with love and strength, the other enabling me to heal my feminine injuries.

My first ‘Goddess’ was Sekhmet who I know now, I worked with in at least one lifetime as High Priest in the Early Egyptian dynasties. She seeks out Egyptian Karma, called Ma’at, among other actions. I have always loved feline energies and my main power animal or animal guide is a cat (of varying forms). She has worked with me for over 10 years and in many ways facilitated my journey, whether I knew it or not. For me she is also known as the Archangel Ariel (please look at some of Dorian Virtues work) and the Goddess Kali – they have the same birth story.

Hecate – the Ancient Celt and Britain Triple Goddess. Maid, Mother, Crone. Modernity, Creativity, Wisdom. The un-embraced feminine aspect of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. She allowed me to embrace all aspects of me; the parts I really didn’t like and the parts I thought I’d left behind me. She showed me manifestation of the self does not mean loss of the self. And additionally how to heal previous versions of the current me to empower the future me. She also introduced me to the Enchantress; that powerful side of me which needed empowering in all it’s beauty, glory and magic!

Quan Yin – A Chinese deity, who comes in on the same levels as Christ. She is beautiful and powerful. She gave me attunements to the Goddess levels. Very much a gateway for me, but also a teacher, in a very gentle and non intrusive way. She is always there. Like Christ for me. Never asking for anything. Just here to love and help.

Lillith – By many traditions classed as a demon, but again I feel a much maligned female who embraced her power, in terms of the Enchantress. She helped me understand that we were created to be alluring. We were created to be beautiful. God made us this way. Why should we be ashamed that men take our beauty and twist into a fault? That we are to blame for them feeling weakened by and therefore subjective to us? Why should we let someone else’s feelings and opinions make us feel ashamed of something we were created to be? Why should we be dis-empowered by men, and sometimes other women, because we stir something in other people by just being?

Wadjet – you may notice an Egpytian theme here! She came in for protection and gave me the Eye of Horus, via odd story in Disneyland of all places. And in doing so brought me to Anubis and his fatherly love and protection. Aligning her sisterly love with me, she reminded me I was part of a larger family than I could ever imagine, one which transcends bloodlines and is based on the soul and sisterhood. She has helped me draw others to me by reaching out, in order to balance my independence and strength. She helped show me that it is ok to vulnerable, and led me to do that with those I could truly trust first.

Brigid – Again, someone who had been trying to get through to me for some time. Accepted by the Ancient Celts and Britains, and then the Christian Church later. For me she has helped me embrace the emotion (water) and the creation (fire=destruction and rebirth). And again another wishy washied Goddess and not allowed to reflect in her own strength. Able to tame dragons and legions of armies. Truly standing in her feminine power and showing that there is no fear.

Kali – Goddess of Karma, among other things, I worked with Kali in terms of getting to practical grips of letting go of my anger and speaking my mind from a space of balance after some deep healing. Although I feel I have been working with another aspect of her in Sekhmet for sometime, I needed this aspect of her specifically.

Lakshmi – she had been trying to get through to me for some time (again), I now know and has helped me embrace my softness while allowing me to understand it doesn’t dis-empower me. She is a loving Goddess with laughter in her heart and acceptance of our whole selves, not just the bits we like. She asks us to prod the bits we don’t like with a gentle stick to see how they empower us. She showed me that providing for my children does not mean abundance in money or objects; that I provide by Being. Through love, knowledge and laughter I am abundant and I provide.

Serqet – She has helped me understand my daughter. In all her power. And in all her many forms. And how a 2 and half year old struggles to contain all the lifetimes of experience (she stood with her knees just hitting the top of the house). She asked me to name every feminine position my daughter held in order to see her fully; Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Ruler, Leader, Priestess, Teacher, Healer, Goddess (etc etc). In embracing my daughter, I am embracing my feminine lineage and healing it also; totally empowering all the women that have gone before us and will come after us.

Durga – ok, I wrote this as I had an inclination to do so for a couple of weeks and then another online chat with another sister, going through this same process. As I sat down to write, a friend (well my hubbies friend, but you know how these things work!) emailed me about a spider book he had bought. (If you know my husband, you’d get the joke.) But he, being the spiritually in-tune and balanced (masc & fem) individual he is, managed to lead me down a rabbit hole of Spider Goddesses. Leading to this wonderful Lady. She rides astride a Big Cat (sound familiar?) Who I think controls everything and feels like the core. I don’t know. I’m going to have to get to know her. Which will be fun.

And so I finish, as I started. At the beginning again 🙂

Male Gods/Angels I have worked with are both the lovely Michael and beautiful Thor. I know that these feel like the equivalent for my feminine energy, and I feel maybe different aspects of the same energy (I’ve yet to ask, although Thor is a little more egotistical than Michael, so we’ll have to see on that one!).

Dragons; my experience and do you have one? Plus 12 signs you maybe working with them already!

I am privileged enough to know a wonderful lady, Caroline Mitchell, who has been working with Dragons for a long time; well over ten years now. I’ve been personally working with dragons for about a fifth of that time.

However, Caroline was lovely enough to ask me for my experience with them. So below is what I gave her. I have also included a list for you to see if you may have a dragon!



I first encountered Dragons, like most people do, in storybooks and fairy tales. But the big baddy, killing and maiming for no reason never rang true. The thought of a being just being evil for evil sake doesn’t make sense, even to a child. A hungry, misunderstood creature, maybe more fitting to the bill.

And so I put them to one side; preferring to rummage around with the fairies and fly about with the angels.

I’d come across dragons in the ten or so years I’d been working with Spirit, but, due to the previous reasons, it had never resonated with me. I’ve moved through various fields in my spiritual work; initially connecting into spirit and angels through mediumship and psychic work, through to fairies and nature energies, and later moving into general Higher Beings, ETs, however you want to call those beings. I was currently working strongly with Merlin and looking at Leylines and Sacred sites, as well as connecting strongly into my Higher Self and the original energy that was me.

Until one was sat in the field behind my house.

Getting myself ready for day I was drawn to the field behind my house. Taking a second look, I was sure I saw a dragon. Thinking I was going mad, even for me, I carried on getting ready. But with my back to the window, I was sure it was glaring into my back. Ok, I thought as I turned, come on then!

What I was connecting with was an energy big enough to fill the paddock sized field which adjoins my back garden. A bronze coloured, fire breathing dragon. Large stegosaurus type, (but not as obvious) plating down the side of his face and down his long back. Diamond pointed long tail and large wings. Dark earth brown scales speckling along the plating line. Fierce, yes, Strong. Certainly. A male but with the edge of the Emperor; just and fair, but you really wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of him.

Who are you and why are you here?

‘That’s a nice way to speak to an old friend’

Old friend?

‘Ah, ok, you don’t remember. I’m Armetheus. Long time, no see ey?’ In a slightly Scottish accent.

I’m loosing the plot; this is something I’ve channelled from a movie.

‘You need my help. I’m here to help’

Help? How?

‘Tell me what to do and I’ll do it. I’m here to burn and remove, to help and hinder, to protect and serve’

Definitely got that last bit from somewhere . . .

What I eventually got from this conversation is that there were areas which needed the energy cleared at. Areas I could not physically get to which were heavy and dragging the area down, precious points on the energetic neural network of the planet, the leylines, which needed the worst clearing before I could get in to do the technical energetic work of realignment. Clearance and protection, particularly in areas where the vibration was just too low to support the angels.

At the time I tried to find out who Armetheus was, or is. No known name but an interpretation on the meaning of the name; not one I had come across before.  ‘’ A person who has the potential to attain spiritual enlightenment! Achieving balance by discovering a purpose.”


And so this Armetheus did, and still does, help me with the ground work. He often works alone, but also brings in an vibrant green earthy dragon; very sweet, very open almost child-like energy. Never comes to close to the house, not close enough to have a decent conversation with. This second dragon comes in not for me, but for Armetheus when he needs it.


And this speaks volumes for me about the way that dragons work. They do not belong to you; they choose to work with you. Because they like you. Because they think they can help. Because you interested in the same things. And that is the same for no matter which field they want to work with you in.

As a healer, I am open to asking for whatever energies ‘those upstairs’ deem to be the best for this situation.

I healed a friend, who certainly had an affinity with dragons for a long time, in a way I had not. When I asked I had two energies come in; one a two-headed hydra type dragon, the second a little black dragon alongside it. I had healed my friend many times before, and I just gave myself over the energy and allowed myself to channel the energy as I always did.

It literally blew my friend’s socks off. He was a healer and was used to me working on him; but this was something different.

I spent a lot of time at his chest, just burning off energy. Just being the dragon. As an empath he carries a lot of other people’s rubbish with him. It took him five minutes of being laid out, in a busy fair, just to get himself around enough to talk, let alone sit and interact. To this day I am unsure if the first one was associated with my friend, or if he was dropping off his smaller buddy, but I do know that since then this little dragon has been packing a punch with aiding my healing, and that healing with dragons is very powerful indeed.

For a long time I thought his name was ‘little pocket fire’ or something similar; and he certainly matches that. Outwardly small and very sweet and loving. But he loves with such a strong passion that the energy is immense and intense that it burns away all emotional heavy energy from the heart centre. And I can work with him on either the front of the back of the heart. He was very small to start with; black with amber cat eyes. He comes in totally on the emotional vibration and he can’t speak English to save his life. Which I can now make more sense of the name he tried to give me.

I knew that he had something to do with volcanoes. And so I was drawn to search online to see if I could find out more about this lovely helper. I felt there was a Spanish or Portuguese feeling to him, and so putting two and two together and making five, I was looking through the volcanoes in South America with no success. Nothing resonated.

And then it clicked. It was the language that he was directing me to, not the geography.

So I found out that the Spanish for little was Poco. His name was not pocket, or little, but he was trying to tell me his name. And so I came across his name sake Volcano, Poco Leok in Indonesia. My feeling is that he has come from that area, or I knew him from a life there.

He has no use for language still, and he has grown as our relationship grows. I don’t believe that people are given baby dragons or dragon eggs, because there are baby dragons. We all know that time only exists on this, earthly dimension, and that Dragons are multi-dimensional beings with no need for time. Poco has also developed a grey white belly, and white speckles down the two, double rows of spikey spines which start at his temples and finish at his simple, lizard like stocky tail.

I feel it is instead representational of that aspect of my relationship with him. He is not quick, quite sturdy and stocky, but totally reliable and dependable. He loves to get involved when I ask him to.

Our relationship moved forward substantially when I was shown a Brigid version of myself (Saint and Goddess both before and after Christianity came to these isles). She would use the fire dragon energy in her hands to heal. Go down to the waters to baptise and cleanse the emotions. And she freed enslaved and trapped dragons. Trapped and enslaved for various reasons; to guard, and to use as a power source. And then it occurred to me why many were angry and turned against man, or rebelled for their freedom.

Many people find they work with Fire and Ice with dragon energy; I find I work with Fire and Water. I can channel the Fire through Poco, but I channel the Water through me; Water being the emotion that I work with so much, and feel so much.

Additionally, I work with another dragon. I do not know her name; all I know is she is the Kundalini energy. Working with the back energy, the back fire, or the Kundalini as I do. The system of our spine which contains all of our energy centres and our chakras. For most people this is out of whack, simply because we spend so much time on our backsides (my guides words not mine!) and the energy gathers there, waiting to work. So I have made if my duty as part of my healing to really check the alignment, to cleanse and charge it and to spark it up!

It then makes sense for a dragon energy to come in. The first time she came in, when I was at the feet of the a client and checking the spine at the end of a treatment, she came in and wrapped herself up the spine. A very oriental feeling about her. She is white, almost opalescent, with feathers scales down her length. She is long and has whiskers and is very, very beautiful. She wrapped herself along the spine, to provide long terms support, but also wrapped herself around the client for comfort. She never spoke to me, just acted. And went away with the client. At the time I thought she was the client’s dragon. But she has come in to me so many times since that I know this is not true.

She never speaks, as she is just energy and does her work. She generally comes in, as most of us have a problem with our Kundalini, and provides support to all through the spine, and comfort to some.

I don’t need to have a conversation with her to work with her, or to understand her. And from time to time, she comes to me too to provide support and comfort. While I’m just sat there, or meditating. I just love every ounce of her and I love her particularly for the fact that she knows there is no need to speak. Words have so little meaning without action to back that up, so why use words? Just act, just do, just be.

And that speaks volumes for the way that dragons work for me. There is not a load of fluffy stuff, and deep channelled words and journeys. They give you experiences. They get the job done. For me that is why they have come in now. They are vitally needed, in this age of it needs to be done yesterday, in this age of facades and material pretence, so get to the core of an issue and just resolve it. And I just love working with that no nonsense, no pretence, grounded attitude. And I can’t wait to see how they will work with me next.


Signs you have a dragon waiting to connect with you;

  1. You have an affinity with birds of prey.
  2. You were obsessed with dinosaurs or fossils as a child.
  3. A strong link to nature, especially the thought of fairies and elves as the guardians of the planet.
  4. You enjoy reading Fantasy books and watch Fantasy films eg Lord of the Rings.
  5. A sense of justice, not just what is right and wrong, and helping those in need.
  6. You believe in the power of action, not just words.
  7. You have been working with Angels in any form for some time now, and are waiting for the ‘next step’ or something else to click Spiritually.
  8. You are an energy or light workers who heals, among your talents.
  9. You feel a strong need for change at the moment; personally, locally, nationally and globally.
  10. You are a lover of the planet and go out of your way to protect the environment and/or animals.
  11. You believe in magic!
  12. You were drawn to read this blog!

If you can tick the majority of these I would recommend that you sit down in quiet time with the intent to connect in with your dragon.

Please have a look at Caroline’s Wonderful Facebook pages; her general business one and her new Dragon one to see how she maybe able to help you connect into them further. You’ll likely see me at one of her workshops!

Love as always

Rachael x