Who I am? My statement of purpose for healing.

A little about me, what I stand for and how I can help you. How I use hypnotherapy and Reiki Healing to cause of your blocks, which mean long term release.

My mum always says if you can answer one of these questions, you’ve not gone completely mad. Who am I? Where am I? What am I?

Although that’s tongue in cheek, it’s actually an interesting thought.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Although I will continually develop and understand myself, when it comes to myself and my work, I am kinda there.

When you look through my blogs you will see that my own personal healing journey continues, and I will share it with you for inspiration, insights and support.

But when it comes to me, what I stand for in my work, it’s about placing the process of healing firmly back in your hands.

I am not the type of healer that thinks I do all the work. I don’t think I’m a magician and I don’t want you to worship me for making you feel better.

I want you to recognise yourself.

I want you to really see yourself, your part in the whole process. And see yourself for all the beautiful facets that you are, all your light and shade, and to love what you see and to wholly accept yourself. I want you to stand in the love and power of all that you are and know that you are the one who can change your life for the better.

I will stand with you as you transition yourself back to you; so you are everything you are capable of. I will guide you and show the way.

And once I have done that, with love, I will let you go.

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How I got here

Over the years I became frustrated for my clients as they came back, slowly working their way through their life cycles and blocks. For some healers regular clients are a dream come true. But for me, I found it disheartening. My heart broke for clients everytime they walked back in the door finding themselves falling back into old habits or feeling like they were banging their head against a brick wall.

I became a healer to help change people’s lives. And although people walked away feeling like they were walking on cloud nine; I didn’t feel it was enough.

Even when I completed my hypnotherapy training I became frustrated with feeling like I was only ever treating the symptom of the problem. Helping with weight loss when the issue was self image and self love. Helping with anxiety when the issue was a child hood trigger.

I realised that traditionally we treat people the wrong way round. That actually we take our time working back to the original experience, ingrained belief or mindset, if we get there at all. This takes time. And when life is for living, time is actually the one thing we don’t have endless amounts of.

I am actually quite a patient person. But when it comes to something, once I have made my mind up I want it done. Done properly, but no more procrastinating. Let’s rip off that sticking plaster! πŸ˜‰

I found that many clients spent years talking to counsellors, talking to friends and loved ones so were fully aware of what was holding them back. Fully aware of where they learned not to ask for what they wanted from life, where they learned to look at the negative side of everything, where they learned to put others before themselves. But they were still stuck in that cycle. And many of them were fed up. They were fed up of talking and working through it slowly. They wanted change.

I knew that hypnotherapy was an amazing tool which literally re-framed how our minds behaved.

Healing released emotions and energy which were toxic to us.

So why weren’t we using these two things in combination in a really specific way. Why weren’t we getting to the root of the issue?

As I worked through this, partly channelled work (please look at my Inspired writing section to learn more about this https://rachaelsreikiandreadings.wordpress.com/2015/09/27/creative-channeling-you-are-already-doing-it/), what I actually found was that much of it was about self love and most of it based in childhood.

And as I practised it with clients, friends and of course myself, I found it was unbelievably effective.

And I believe it is THE way forward for healing. Please look at another blog for more on this https://rachaelsreikiandreadings.wordpress.com/2018/02/23/how-healing-is-changing-the-meeting-of-the-logical-and-the-emotional-how-to-change-how-you-heal-and-how-to-really-heal-your-recurring-life-blocks/

How do you know you’re ready for this? 

Partly you’ll know because you’ve got this far down this post. And it will resonate for you. And you will just think YES!! Yes! This sounds so right for me.

You will understand that you are in charge of your own destiny. That you cannot control what goes on around you. But you can control how you react to that.

And I would love to help you shape how you react to life.

I work with people one to one and through workshops (please have a look at my Facebook events page to see events I have coming up for group healing, including some online courses http://www.facebook.com/rachaelsreikihealingandbeyond/events)

I also teach my techniques; all the way through the Reiki journey to healing the Root Cause, through my own modality; Galilean Healing.

I would love to hear you thumbs up or thoughts about how I work and how this resonates for you. And please, subscribe if you like the sound of what I do.

I hope you find my regular blogging, authentic, practical and from a space of love.

Until next time my friends.

Love as always

Rachael x


Angry at your period?! Or your body? How to work with your emotions; not in spite of them.

Those of us that have worked with me know that I am all about loving the body. Your body is simply fabulous and is constantly telling you what is wrong with itself, if only we’d take the time to listen.

I work hard on trying to help people with a mindset of love and acceptance of their body where it is now!! After all, we have taken in some cases years and years to get our bodies into the mess we have, and bless it, we need to give it the space to be heard, heal and move forward.

But honestly? At the moment? My period is p****ing me off! There I said it!! It is really, really p****ing me off!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I know why my periods are heavy. Just before I got pregnant I allowed myself to get into such a stressed position that old issues of endometriosis reared their head again. I set about on a course of self care, which really got to the core of it (rather than the hysterectomy that the GP and the specialist said was the only option to stop it. At 38 . . .). So I got pregnant. But although my hormones were back in track, and the Universe had taken the most appropriate time to give me the last child I wanted, I was not fit. I was only just getting myself emotionally well.

So the pregnancy took a toll on my body big time!! And I was severely ill at the end (please look at some of my other blogs about this https://rachaelsreikiandreadings.wordpress.com/2018/08/15/restablishing-the-wonder-awe-of-childbirth-releasing-the-trauma-we-hold-from-it/)Β Β and I went through a trauma effectively. General c-section, very tiny, perfect, early baby, and a lot of healing to do! A lot!!

On the mental that all (onion) gravy baby! I know why it happened. I can see the course of events that took me there and spiritually can see the bigger picture. But emotionally! It hasn’t quite filtered through.

For those of you in the know, stress is THE biggest cause of issues with your hormones. And the basic reason is that our emotions are carried around on our hormones!! So, women with more hormones meandering, boogying or rushing around our bodies, it does make us the more emotional gender! So stress throws everything out energetically and physically (times of stress? oooh – no babies then. We’d better store that food. And stay alert for everything that could possible go wrong!! Why do you think your anxious?). Plus the normal marriage, getting back to work, kids of varying personalities and needs; my life is quite stressful! And energetically my hormones are still reacting to this. Still in a state of shock, still experiencing stress at an extreme level.

And my body is pretty scared of losing me again; petrified in fact (oh no, don’t go out to far on your spiritual tether, don’t want you passing over yet!) and it’s also petrified about getting pregnant again. So directly effecting my hormones so I don’t get pregnant is a clever little thing to do! And your body is clever at using your period to detox; and let’s just say I couldn’t resist the hormone inducing cheese board, a couple (okay more than a couple!) of times over Christmas. And why the hell should anyone feel guilty about enjoying the festive season ey?!

So I know why I’m like this. Mentally I have my head around this.

But emotionally – nope!!

I know all of this. And last month as I recognised again that my period was late, and the most ridiculously heavy period I have ever had, again (and I have had some heavy periods through out my life believe me), and tried to take joy in the fact that at least there was less clots; I still felt anger. And sadness. So I recognised it and tried to be logical about all of the stuff I knew mentally! I love you body! Well done you for going through all of this and still going forward, still working and helping me and blah, blah, boring, blah!!

So when my period did it’s post pregnancy thing of trying to come for a week, then coming and hitting me like a train; headaches, tiredness etc I tried to do the same thing. But couldn’t!

I didn’t, and couldn’t, care about the fact that my body was simply reacting to all of this trauma. I didn’t care about the fact that I knew I need to take my time and allow my body to heal. It will take time. I can see I love myself deeply and not only have, but my am also using all of the tools I have to make myself better.

I can see it at the moment, and I think I should be revelling in how far I’ve come. But I can’t. Because all of this is knowing. It is simply knowing.

And unless I and we all feel something, it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference.

And in recognising that I know but don’t feel any of this, I feel better. I am allowed to be angry at my body. I am allowed to be angry at the fact that here I am again! Again!!! After all the healing and work I’ve put in I am still going through the same sh*t every month. Every f***ing month. And I am allowed to swear about it. As, you know what? It feels good. Christ Almighty, it feels good!! (other deities are available!). Yes it feels good to be angry and to let the anger out! I may even go and find an old amazon delivery box and kick it later!! And I have already cried to my husband this morning; his little bit of insensitivity (we all get a little blaze about something which happens monthly. Doesn’t mean it’s any less stressful just because it’s a regular occurrence!) triggered me into balling my eyes out. And it feels better. And he recognised the fact he was insensitive and even apologised! Jesus! That made me feel even better and I cried a little bit more!

If we bottle our emotions up and don’t allow them out that’s when we start to drown in them and we find them over whelming.

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

But the Spiritual thing, the intelligent and emotionally developed thing, is not to think we shouldn’t feel emotions, but to find a safe way to let them out. And mostly my catharsis this month has been talking. Talking to friends. My husband. This blog. And of course swearing, moaning about the little trite things that I could normally brush off and having someone hold that space for me in varying ways. Communication!!!

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

And of course kicking a box if I can find one. I may even indulge myself and kick it twice! I may find a scrap yard and jump up and down on a car hood until I feel better! Man that sounds like fun right now!

Because my body has reacted. To stress. To my reproductive hormones. And I need to allow them to do what they’re supposed to do. But in a responsible way. So reminding my husband, from a space of love, how shit I feel physically and emotionally. How much shame I feel for bleeding on the sofa, and in the bed . And for having to get up and shower in the night and scrub the bathroom after.

And realising I am angry and talking about that anger. And understanding why I am angry takes it’s power away. I am frustrated. I am frustrated and it’s okay to feel like this.

In talking about it, we take away it’s power. It is released and no longer caught up in ourselves, without perspective and without support. Not needing advice about how to deal with that anger, but asking others to lend an ear for a moment or two.

Photo by Hristo Fidanov on Pexels.com

The sadness and anger at my frustration.

And in talking about it I realise the issue isn’t my period at all. But frustration. “Frustration; the feeling of being upset or annoyed as a result of being unable to change or achieve something. The prevention of the progress, success, or fulfilment of something.”

When we are on our periods we are in the Full Moon phase of our cycle. For me this is the Enchantress. When our power, and therefore our emotions are at their height. For me anything out of balance emotionally, or which is ready for healing, is even more evident than it maybe the rest of the month. Ready for when your flow ends, your Dark Moon time, the Wise Woman in us steps forward, when your womb is at rest. Ready to digest and understand everything your Enchantress stage brought to the fore.

Photo by Murilo Folgosi on Pexels.com

And there is the core of my issue! Out! Just through talking about it. This is what I am currently through. This is actually what I am currently healing. This is my root cause.

And this gives me the chance to go away and look at frustration at some point and heal it with my Galilean technique. If you want to know more about it, please have a look at my blog https://rachaelsreikiandreadings.wordpress.com/2018/02/02/hypnotherapy-and-truly-healing-the-root-cause/.

But that will be at some point. Today I am doing what I fancy. Kinda. With a six month old. So I’ll make a nice lunch. Stare out the window at the clouds for a bit. And maybe kick a box πŸ˜‰

Side note: This may have been a bit graphic, but I also am not apologising for the fact that this happens to me. Every month. And anything which brings shame and is a taboo topic, needs to be discussed and made normal, in order for it to be seen and be recognised. And don’t get me wrong, we are so much more there than back in the day. But we still have a ways to go. And just because something is icky and gross, doesn’t mean it’s not an area which, as women, we don’t talk about. I’m equally not holding that shame anymore. Another emotion I really don’t have time or energy to deal with.

I would like to know what areas in your life are you currently not recognising your emotions in, or what areas you maybe realised you weren’t being true to yourself emotionally and have moved through it.

What regular things are happening to you and you are frustrated and angry with?

How are you currently expressing these feelings and emotions? How are you processing them in a healthy way? Or how would you like to express them in a healthy way?

Has anything theme or thing clicked as a root cause of these emotions?

Love always

Rachael x

PS I will soon be announcing a workshop with Nici @ Dare To Be where we will do energetic work exclusively with women and their cycles. I am not currently working on a one to one basis for the Root Cause Gailiean work, but I am teaching and doing workshops in this vein. <a href="http:// #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; } /* Add your own Mailchimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. */ #mc-embedded-subscribe-form input[type=checkbox]{display: inline; width: auto;margin-right: 10px;} #mergeRow-gdpr {margin-top: 20px;} #mergeRow-gdpr fieldset label {font-weight: normal;} #mc-embedded-subscribe-form .mc_fieldset{border:none;min-height: 0px;padding-bottom:0px;}

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Restablishing the Wonder & Awe of Childbirth; Releasing the Trauma we Hold from it.

This blog will form part of a series of self healing blogs where I explore and share the journey of my recent experience with bringing my youngest daughter into the world.

My last one wasΒ Changing your DNA; Healing through your Ancestors. Changing your Blueprint.

I hope something I share will trigger or resonate with you on some level; for your own experience or that of a loved one. Please let me know if this does.

Having gone through two fairly traumatic births (the one in the middle was fairly easy!), it’s occurred to me I’ve not gone through anything unusual. What I’ve suffered, many, many women go through. That doesn’t belittle anything that I or any other woman goes through.

In fact it does just the opposite.

The fact that so many women go through it, means society, and even the medical profession in my experience, undervalue the impact that these births have.

woman looking at sea while sitting on beach
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Having had to be readmitted after this last one, as I lay there (feeling peed off and sorry for myself in all honesty) I noted the other women in the room who had experiences as me. The young girl next to me all stitched up after an episiotomy, thinking ‘you’re in for it when the epidural wears off, poor thing’ and the couple in the corner calmly chatting about her signing up for a post natal fitness class while waiting for her induction to start working thinking ‘girl don’t make any plans until you’re on the other side’. I wanted to go round and chat with each of them, sensitively, about what to genuinely expect and about giving themselves a break. Allowing things to flow and not beating themselves up when things don’t go as expected, as planned; as society expects it to go.

I had one conversation with a lady about how she had been told she could breast feed with no issues, despite only having one functioning breast, but she was unsure. I hope that by telling her that I was peed off with having to justify to two midwives a day for the last 10 days, despite having fed my oldest two myself, gave her some relief that she could do what suited her, despite what other people were telling her. I also hope it helped the girl next to me feel better, after hearing her cry when her newborn wasn’t latching on after a traumatic birth for both of them.

To have a conversation with one woman and the continued help and chit chat over the next 24 hours between us, made me feel better. That communion.

Us women generally so wrapped up in feeling the trauma and shame in our failure at the perfect birth or the perfect model breastfeeding mother, that we failed to reach out to eachother; sat separately in our hospital beds. Failing to take solisce in the communion of others.

And it’s this communion with others that fixes this too. And as I move further into that stage of my healing, I’ll share that with you too.

Where I am now is recognising that there is an endemic of traumatized post birth women. Likely traumatized post birth partners too (again not quite there yet myself, so the other half is going to have to wait bless him!).

baby birth born care
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

For me. With my first. Being told to remain still while I went through 9 hours of 3 minutes contractions with my son being back to back so the machine could take readings easier. Finding out later that the best way to get a baby to turn the right way is movement.Β Traumatic.

My son being back to back pushing over a lower bowel resection scars only 18 months old, which I was told was not an issue. Only on gas and air, which was allowed to run out for a couple of hours before being checked. Traumatic.

Not being allowed to go into all fours as my body was telling me so they could set better. Having my legs constrained in stirrups, putting me in more pain and making me panic so much I tried to kick out of them. Traumatic.

Having my contractions slow with the fear, bearing down for three hours to exhaustion as no doctor was free to assess me, leading to me being cut from my backside and up and having a pair of forceps forced inside me. Tramatic.

My baby being in such distress for suffering the same trauma as me, pood inside me, was born with the cord around his neck 4 times and barely breathing. Not given to me immediately. Being so exhausted that I bore the guilt of not realising he hadn’t been of to me immediately. Traumatic.

Being stitched up. Being given little help or advice about how to care for the stitches, about how it would effect everything from peeing, to sitting, to unbelievable pain. Leading to a severe infection. Traumatic.

My recent birth much the same. Going from feeling cruddy at the end of a pregnancy in a heat wave to being at deaths door, making a decision that for survival I and the baby needed a c section, getting it, then being told I needed it under GA due to deterioration. No baby for 24 hours due to being in ICU. Being poked and prodded and interfered with for days. Worrying about the impact on the baby, the older kids, my husband. Being sent home with no real idea of what to expect from a c section or what to expect from the severe preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome or how to best aid my recovery. Being poked and prodded in my own home. Baby and I both being readmitted again for different reasons at different times, despite staying in Hospital longer initially to ensure that didn’t happen, that my medication and home plan were correct; tearing me away from my family again. Trying to get myself fit and healthy and feeling the shame and guilt for not functioning with my family or home in anyway I expected to, as an experienced mum who knew to go with the flow. The guilt and shame I feel as I didn’t meet societies expectations.


I’m not saying that anything that any medical professional did was wrong or unnecessary. I’m blessed and unbelievably grateful that I was in the right place at the right time with the right people 5 weeks ago (today!).

I’m not trying to make out what I’ve suffered is so much write than any other woman.

I’m not trying to own the victim label. Far from it.

What I’m trying to do is to get us as women, our partners, the medical profession and society as a whole to acknowledge that this is a f**king trauma.

This is us not ‘just’ pregnancy or childbirth. Just because it happens every minute, doesn’t make it ordinary.

It’s extraordinary!!! It’s unbelievable! It’s miraculous! It’s manifestating life in its truest, most primal, most raw form!!

woman carrying baby at beach during sunset
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Really think about that. The energy, the physical, emotional and mental energy that process takes from inception to what is in reality, the end of our life. The spiritual energy. Whether you recognise it’s spiritual or the encompassing morality of parenthood.

And so the trauma is also amplified. Your trauma is equivalent to the energy you put into this child.

Because we have such amazing medical assistance around child birth we forget what our predecessors knew. We forget that for every mother and for every baby that comes through the other side; it’d a true blessing and something to be hugely grateful for.

Because of the wonders of modern medicine we have forgotten about the wonder of childbirth itself.

One which many of us will sit on for years.

How many women find their anxiety increased during pregnancy or when their child is newborn? The little s**t that you used to just allow to float away, now bashing you over your head or burdened on your back?

It makes sense that evolutionary a mother tuning into the instincts to keep her baby safe, held within our DNA, our successful ancestry, should kick in. But it is clear from my own experiences that this impacted on a trauma which is barely recognised and barely treated and vitally healed, at most as post natal depression, is something that needs to be looked at with clear vision and treated as such. Looked at with a level but caring mind, a knowledgeable but balanced outlook.

Now I’m at the stage of recognising, not just the trauma but the impact it’s had on my being, I’m in a much better place to heal it.

That healing is initially from the community, from others. Advice, a shoulder to lean or cry on, practical help, kind thoughts and words.

Then it’ll be from the community in terms of a healing, a recognition. An understanding and a coming together.

Think about the difference we could make just from the recognition, allowing it to be seen. The release felt just from the acknowledgement; just from the knowledge of what it is and the potential impact it may have had on you or others.

A guilty secret being shared always removes it’s power.

Let’s remove the power of this.

Let’s re-establish the recognition of the wonder of child birth.Β 3F5FD1A7-AA93-4385-986D-10C5A9506EDC

I’ll give you more as I go forward.

I would dearly love to hear your thoughts; does any of this resonate with you or how with what you know of society’s attitude? Have you or loved ones become more anxious following having children? Have you recognised the trauma you or others have suffered? Are you still sat with that trauma or are you ready to move on from it? Have you moved on? How did you do it? How do we help other women and their partners through this going forward?

Love as always

Rachael x


Accepting the whole; where I am with my journey of embracing and empowering the divine feminine and masculine within me. Free list of Feminine and Masculine Attributes and how to take your journey to the next stage.

As those of you who read my random thoughts on a regular basis may know, and those of you who haven’t subjected themselves to my inner monologue before, I have spent a long time trying to heal, embrace and empower the divine feminine within me.

Although I realised I was rejecting the divine feminine within me on some level, I really only got the core of this over the last two or three years.

Some of the issues were previous life feelings of injustice or guilt and shame which I had brought forward. Some of it was learned or inherited behaviour (thanks to that amazing DNA to pass on what it needs to in order to allow us to survive) where I saw typical females attributes as a weakness.

But I had many divine masculine strengths within me which I had relied on for a long time. And strengths which I relished and enjoyed. As an adult they became my default setting.

But it has taken me some time and reflection in order to truly understand where I was, where I am and where I want to be with this.

You have probably heard me (or not if you’ve only just stumbled upon me – ooh matron!) talk before about how using the typically Divine Masculine attributes of outer action and anger in order to bring the Divine Feminine forward have been essential. But increasingly this is becoming less needed and in fact somewhat blocking, as society and men within it, raise themselves up to meet the Divine Feminine. If we are able to heal the anger and trauma against the Divine Feminine within us, we will allow ourselves to energetically raise our vibration to where it should be (lets face it; holding onto that toxicity is damaging. If you’d seen the photos of the endometriosis I once had, you would see what I mean!), we can raise ourselves up to meet the Divine Masculine.

The typical stages of grief for me are the same for me as any healing process.

Denial, Anger, Bargaining (reaching outside of ourselves), Depression and Acceptance.

I realise I have been working through stages 3 into 4 for the last year, and over the last few months moving between 4 and 5.

So, bringing myself to a place of acceptance. And this is a place of total self acceptance, as, let’s face it, I am just working on myself.

So, if I have totally accepted my Divine Feminine now, what is the missing piece which means total acceptance of self that I am not quite reaching?

The Divine Masculine of course!

In working with the Feminine, no matter if you work through is Spiritually or Earthly, we do not do this at exception of the Masculine. We do this alongside the Masculine.

If we do not embrace the Masculine within us, we reject whole parts of our personality. These parts, untended, become wild, rampant and uncontrollable. If we sit too long in the pure Feminine energy, we are in denial of the Masculine aspects of our own personality.

No matter how much we like the idea of being just Feminine, we are not. We are both. We are built in the God’s image; which is a Source. An energy point. A whole.

So we must accept the whole within; a perfect expression of the Divine incarnate.

I have spent the last few years working so strongly on the feminine, that my masculine has sat at the back for good reason. Now it has shown itself, through healing areas presenting themselves, that they need attention. In the same way I healed, balanced and accepted my feminine I must finish the process with my masculine attributes.

Of course our own personalities will determine where our personality lies on that realm but don’t panic if you have more masculine aspects than feminine. Or you are not a perfect 50/50 split. You are who you are and to feel shame or be in denial about half of yourself, just to fit into a feminine ideal which doesn’t exist, is just plain silly.

I have compiled a list of personality traits and where I feel they sit on the Masculine and Feminine archetypes. Take some time to truly look at yourself, especially those aspects of your personality which you haven’t embraced for some time, parts of yourself that you have forgotten and you may actually love. Parts of yourself that you last saw in yourself as a child or a youngster.

mars-and-venus divine attributes
Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Attributes – Accepting the Whole of Self

I would give credit for the image, but I can’t find where it is from! A representation of Venus and Mars.

A conversation with someone who said women were bitchy at work because they were ‘forced into masculine roles’ made me consciously readdress where I sat with that. I actually disagreed with this lady on a day where we were exploring the divine feminine, among other things. But thank her for drawing me further on this development.

For her it sat outside where she felt her role lay. For me; I loved it! And was the opposite of forced into a role which lay outside myself.

But for me, corporate work had been an expression of me for a long time. Sometimes I worked for organisations I didn’t like but I held my integrity while doing so. And while excelling in my role. Did it expose me to a huge amount of sexism? you better believe it. But it also gave me the opportunity to heal the wounds that sexism exposed. And I relished the stints in London where the other half and I would go for drinks after work and meals out; falling asleep on the train on the way home. Or when I worked with a bunch of lads and I could go for lunch with them knowing there was nothing in it bar a chat and a laugh, and give as good as I got on the banter.

The women I came across who, either were beneath me or above me in terms of corporate pecking order, who were ‘bitchy’ may or may not have felt forced outside their roles. But it was there own insecurities seated with their Divine Feminine attributes, which led to them acting out towards me as another female, rather than against other males within the office. And I wish them luck on their own healing journeys.

For me, the providing was an aspect I excelled in and I struggled to let go of that in terms of understanding that providing meant more than money. It is an area I still excel in and am able to span both the masculine and the feminine as to what I provide for the household.

And so my current journey continues in this vein. As I take my time understanding and accepting both my masculine and feminine attributes wholly, I heal, embrace and empower the whole of myself.

I am currently working with an aspect of my divine masculine as he presents himself to me, alongside the aspect of the divine feminine as she presents herself to me (those of you who work with the Tarot may understand that I see these similarly to the King of Wands and the High Priestess).

You may do the same or find a pairing, or the masculine counterpart to a Goddess or Angelic Being, to help assist you in this. Print off their photos, draw them, write their name on a piece of paper or reinforce your connection to them via prayer or intention daily. Know and understand each thing that happens in your life is an experience they have helped facilitate in order to allow you to become the wholly accepted being you want to be. It is your job to identify, heal and accept these experiences, no matter how easy or how difficult they are.

When we ask for help it is vital and imperative that we accept these experiences for what they are; areas for healing and self expansion. It is so easy as a human to ignore or reject difficult experiences and feel we are victims. This can lead to what gets classed as ‘Ascension Symptoms’ or ‘Energy shifts’, and is in fact us bracing ourselves and blocking our progress. Even those working nationally and internationally within Spiritual circles fail to pass on the vital information that the sooner we identify and accept these experiences as areas where we need to question ourselves or our motives, the sooner these symptoms leave with no return.

The Universe will keep presenting these lessons for us to learn, which leave us feeling trapped or travelling backwards on our journeys.

It is hard to start with, but the more you work on healing and embracing the areas which present themselves, the easier it gets to identify and work through the next and the next. I promise!

Archangel Michael (and his feminine counterpart Faith) has presented himself as facilitating me on this part of my journey and for that I am eternally grateful (What a great old friend he truly is; I wasn’t going to ask for outside help. He knows me too well!)

I would love to know where you are on your own journey of aligning your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and accepting the whole of yourself. Or where you feel your balance is on the Feminine and Masculine attributes.

I hope you find this helpful. It was a joy to write.

Love as always

Rachael x

Child like inspiration. Choose to Be Happy. Inc a hypnotherapy exercise.

I asked my son for some inspiration to spread for the weekend. He closed his eyes, looked in his heart and he simply said ‘Be Happy’. I asked for some more and he said ‘choose a colour. I choose blue’.

So simple! Choose to be happy. Just choose it.

Sometimes we spend so long worrying over the nitty gritty of what we need to do to be happy, that we forget about the simplicity of it all. And that at it’s core is choice. Every second, every moment, we have a choice. And in that moment we can choose what we want to be.

My husband said I was a bit narky earlier. Yes I was. I was trying to work but I had the 4 year old home today due to snow. And so the progress on work that I had intended to make had not happened. And it was getting on my nerves. So I asked him to leave me alone (not the hug he offered – this empath needs a bit of space when she’s feeling delicate!) and I would sort myself out. And I did. I chose to get my head out of my butt and let go of what had been annoying me.

And I did that by existing in the moment. Rather than worrying about the tasks which I had to do; create facebook events for workshops, get back to clients etc. I looked around me. I was trying to feed the baby her lunch. So I just focused on that. She’s unbelievably cute. And lots of fun. And watching her eat broccoli pasta bake was actually hilarious. Good job I had vanilla banana yogurt for afters.

And being in that moment was enough. That’s all it took. Later, relishing in the snow falling outside; the rooftops looking picturesque with their white frosting. And later again having to decide to look at my four year olds electric guitar playing from her perspective. It was fun to be dancing around the lounge to music. Rather than my previous perspective which was that she as noisy. Which she still was. But my view point changed everything.

What my son also reminded me of just now, was a little exercise and one of the first ones I used when I became a hypnotherapist, which is amazing at changing your perspective instantly. One I use with him a lot. I’ll share it with you now. Once you get this in your tool box, you’ll be a changed person. And you can use it anywhere; just need to take a couple of minutes out. That’s it!! Simples ey?!

All you need to do is work instinctively. The first thing that pops into your head is the right one. Don’t double guess it. Your subconscious is cleverer than you think.

Sit comfortably. Centre yourself. Slow your breathing but keep it comfortable. As you breathe recognise that you are releasing tension and pent up energy as you do.

When you feel ready, focus yourself on the feeling that you currently are holding. Give it a colour. Give it a shape. Maybe give it a texture or sensation. You may notice where it is on the body. You may notice an emotion attached to it, or a memory or person. But these last couple of points are worth noting if you just so happen to feel them. The essential bit is the colour, shape and sensation.

Then visualise either picking it up from your body or it forming in your hands. Place it to one side and allow it to go to ground; sucked down by the Earth to be transmuted and used for other purposes. Notice the clarity of emotion in that moment.

Allow another colour and another shape to form in your hands. Place this where you need to within yourself. It maybe where you took the old energy from. It maybe somewhere else. If you are unsure then pop it in your heart. Leave your hands in that place until you feel it has taken. You will notice a change in your mood and perspective.

Smile and you are ready to face the world!

I did this exercise as I typed. Light wispy but string blue energy at throat with a bit of yellow. Replaced with gold strands. Still strong just not forceful as it was before.

I am not going to analyse this now. And neither should you in the moment. Let’s face it, you have enough going on!

If I need to know about it then it’ll come to me easily. I use the chakra system to interpret colours, and I will likely do a blog on this at some point so look out for it. I find it helps me with knowing where I am on my healing journey. So please subscribe if you would like to learn more in the future.

You may want to copy and paste the visualisation somewhere for future use, or save this blog.

So simply take a moment to choose.

Till next time.

Love as always.

Rachael x

The Story of The Feather. A story given to me by Spirit.

Once a feather fell to Earth. A soft white feather. It gently floated to the ground, swaying back and forth in the air until it softly touched the ground.

It didn’t make much of an impact. No one bearly noticed it. It barely noticed touching down itself, so soft was the landing. In just floated around on the Earth, moving in the wind. Being blown from one place to the next. And it was happy enough with that. Occasionally bumping into other things; a pretty discarded sweet wrapper, a crunchy autumn leaf. The feather saw each thing with beauty in its heart. But soon enough it was blown on.

It wasn’t really part of the world. But just blew apart observing it. Cities and trees. Families and animals. Grass and concrete. It took pleasure from its journey through the world. And it was happy enough.

It didn’t like it when it rained and poured. It was left sodden and mishapen for days. Or when a dog caught it in its mouth and shook it about. The feather understood it meant no harm, and the experience was normally quick, but it was happy when it was dropped.

It took days sat in the sun to dry itself off and fluff itself up again on the wind. But it always managed to do it.

Occasionally a smiling child would find it when the feather looked like that. All mishapen and muddy. And although the feather was ashamed of its appearance, it loved the time it spent in the child’s hands being lovingly cleaned and preaned back to who it knew it was. It reminded the feather of a time from before it fell, before it was alone floating about on the earth. But the feather couldn’t quite remember what that was, so long the fall had been.

It was saddened when the child finally let the feather float off on the wind. But it continued its journey non the less. Happy enough.

One day it blew onto the beach, and lay on the damp sand. The feather didn’t mind this so much, but preferred the quiet dirt. It was soon caught in the tide and got stuck in the damp sand. It was battered for days, maybe weeks, by the cruel waves. Sometimes feeling like it was in another world altogether when he was buried in the sand or peaking up from the sand looking through the cold ocean. When it managed to get itself dry, it was a harsh sun which beat down on it. Not fluffing it’s fronds as the wind has done, but baking it into a mishappen twig. Water, sun, water, sun. Day, after day, after day.

Occasionally it was trodden on by big boots, deeper into the sand. Or dug up and flung about by a dog. Sometimes it was picked up by little hands and used as a flag on a sand castle. The feather felt happy in these brief moment’s and did it’s best to look the part, even though inside it felt broken. But these moments were soon over and the inevitable tide soon rose and pulled the castle out from under it.

It had no choice but to exist. And to carry on. But it had no control over what happened to it. It felt alone and broken. And would often look up to the sky that it fell from, trying to remember what it felt like before. What it felt like when it was part of something else. When it was a part of a whole which soared above the Earth.

One day, a girl picked up the feather and looked at it like the children had done before. She picked at the dirt. She took it to the tap and washed her clean. She dried the feather on the breeze and fluffed it with her fingers and it felt good. The feather wanted to remember every second of this, as it knew it would soon end.

The girl put her in her pocket for safe keeping. The feather lay warm in the dark and comfort of the pocket and felt joy.

When the feather was next taken out it was in a house. In a warm lit room. The girl braided her hair and tied the feather carefully into the braid and bonded it with yarn. The feather felt such intense pleasure in this and relished every second of it.

The hair was soft that it lay in and golden. The girl carefully washed the feather as she washed her own hair, and it felt good.

One day the feather felt the braiding begin to loosen and braced itself for another fall. But the girl tightened the yarn that held the braid. And the feather was safe again.

Another time the girl undid the loosening, warn yarn altogether and the feather was sure it would be set free on the wind again. But the girl found new blue yarn, and retied the braid with the feather. Another time it was splashed with paint, and the feather feared it would be discarded, but the girl loved it even more for its new beauty of pink and purple splashes.

The feather loved the girl and soon began to lose its fear of being thrown back into the wind. It rarely thought of the sky from where it fell or tried to remember what it had been then.

Here the feather still had no control. But that was ok. It was happy and took joy in every experience it felt and saw. It was no longer part of the whole it had been before, no longer blown about, unnoticed on the wind. Here, here it wasn’t just loved and cared for. Here it was special. Here it was on display for all to see. Here it was an individual among a head of golden strands.

The feather began to get fragile. But neither it nor the girl cared. It carried on being retied and washed. It carried on being loved. It was fragile but blissfully happy.

Then one day, as the girl ran along in the sunshine, with the blue sky above and the green grass below, the sound of laughter ringing in the air, the feather simply fell apart. It simply fell apart as she ran, different parts of it blown about on the wind. She felt the loss and the girl put her hand to where the feather once was. She desperately searched her hair and around herself for the feather. But the feather was no longer a feather. It was not even being blown about on the wind. It was part of the wind itself.

And as the feathery wind blew about the girl, she fell to her knees and sobbed for the loss of the feather. The feather tried it’s best to comfort her, but all it could do was to let her feel it’s gentle breeze on her skin. And that gentle feathery breeze, unnoticeable to most, gave the girl comfort, even though she didn’t know why.

The feather was sad to be parted from the girl. But it had been loved so much, that it was filled with love. So full of love and care was that feather, that it could no longer be contained within the feather. It had to share itself across the wind. And there was bliss in that for the feather.

But it was no longer a feather; nor was it really the wind either. It wasn’t even what it was before it fell. It was something new. Still special. Still white. And pink and purple. But now it took joy in being barely noticeable. As now, the feathery breeze, could take the love that the girl filled it with and it would be that love where ever it blew.

And from time to time, the feathery breeze, would spot a special person, who was laying on the Earth broken. And it would take the love the little girl had given it, and do the only thing it could do. It would take joy in comforting those who could feel it, those special people who could feel the feathery breeze and not know why they took comfort from that breeze, but they did.

Fed up of winter bugs? They want to talk to you about self love. How to cure regular illness.

How to understand what an everyday illness really means for you and your self love journey.

I would really love to hear your opinion and experience of this!

This came up yesterday during Reiki One workshop. Lovely group coming together for the first time. Everyone there for a reason and everyone having something valuable and wonderful to add into the mix.

One of the group, clever lady, brought up about how she had the end of a cold. But, she said, aren’t colds a reminder to take time out and relax? That your body purposefully allows bugs in to give you a time to sit down and relax and look after yourself. I had to absolutely agree!!

Self Love Begins by Reading the Signs your Body is Giving You

We need to listen to our bodies, but instead we put pills in our bodies to numb our bodies reactions to illness, and carry on regardless.

And we’ve all been guilty of it.

But thankfully we are coming out of that ‘hard work’ ethic.

That isn’t the same as taking joy in a good days work (which I think is a more accurate translation of Usui’s ‘just for today work hard’ but, as usual, I digress).

Think about what hard work really means.

Generations where manual hard work was a reality are, for the majority in the West, a thing of the past. So, instead of accepting that we’ve done a good day sat at our desks, or flitting about teaching Reiki (yeah this is also about me lol) , we don’t achieve this mindset. So instead we do 10 hours overtime, work through our lunch hours and smile through the Thursday night works drinks. I’ve done it. No need in me for promotion. I’m sure others looking at me would have thought I was a career girl. I wasn’t. I just worked ‘hard’. I also played hard, but that’s an Irish attitude I’m quite happy with πŸ˜‰

And what better way to work hard then to go to work ill!! Ooooh! Yeah you’re thinking. Jesus I’ve done that. And actually, when you look at it, it’s totally messed up!

Although your physical body health is vital, so is your mindset

So I’ve been on a journey of self love for a few years now. Since I’ve had my son, every Winter, for years now, we’re ill. Both my son and I particularly. Hubby and Alice suffering to a certain extent. I started to write off two months for illness around Christmas.

I’ve known my whole life that diet is vital to our health (having a father who’s a power lifter, then a body builder, then a triathlete tends to teach you that wether you’re interested or not. You may see where my hard work ethic came from. . . Lol). And the couple of years I’ve made an active effort on my gut health in order to improve my, and my son’s, immune systems. Eating well, not eating right or healthy. Different mindsets to each of those. I couldn’t understand why last year despite the effort we were still ill. I felt better for what I’d done, and I highly recommend anyone with immune system issues to look at their gut health.

But I hadn’t quite got to the end of my hard work mindset until last summer, until I nearly managed to kill myself at the end of my pregnancy, through my hard work ethic. If you’re interested, I’ve done a few blogs about this journey here.

So this winter, when my son was ill, rather than agreeing with the GP that my son was ok to go back into school, dosing him up to trick his body into thinking it was ok and sending him in. I gave him 10 days off school for a sore throat. No infection. Just a virus. But I wasn’t letting him go back to school, which he loves so it is a struggle to get him to agree, until he was well.

It occurred to me last year that although I’d chosen to be self employed to make my life easier and that of my family, I wasn’t taking advantage of that. I was still getting childcare over half term and summer holidays. Why? Yes ok, monetarily it was still worth me doing it. But in terms of family and work balance it really wasn’t. And that was a really easy mindset to change.

One of the advantages of being self employed is that if push comes to shove, clients are very understanding if kids as ill and I need to rearrange. And if they’re not understanding, that’s cool. We’re obviously not both in the same space to work together. They’ll find someone to work with who suits them better and I’m really happy that they’ll get the help they need elsewhere.

I know. You’re worrying about money. You know what? That’s a trust in the Universe thing. Something, I’m blessed to say, I’ve always had. I can always cancel the Sky. I can stop getting a Friday night take away. We can take out a picnic rather than buying lunch. I can cook well enough to live off lentils for a couple of months. And in all honesty, that’s how we tend to live anyway. (do the Β£1 or $1 challenge in the charity or thrift shop or pound/dollar store, see what glee the kids take in seeing who can buy the most tat!). There’s great freedom in knowing that all you really need is very little. So maybe a little of my faith in the Universe providing, is actually trust in myself having the tools to provide! πŸ˜‰

You may have a boss (and I’ve had them believe me) who looks at you when leave on time, or is upset in you taking time off. Then maybe it’s time to be thinking about putting into practice that job change you’ve been thinking about, looking at the logistics of how you can retrain or getting a business plan together? Just saying . . .

You may not be in that place. And that’s cool. But this maybe something you’d like to think about or you’ll think about in a few years.

Changing it for yourself and future generations

I find fellow parents of the same generation as me saying they simply ‘want their kids to be happy’. I don’t care what they do. Just that they’re happy. How can they truly believe that’s a reality unless we show them how to? We learn by watching, by copying behaviour. It’s our most basic learning tool; the one babies use before they can understand our words. Being the Change you Want to See is our current watch phrase in this house.

So what was the difference I’ve seen in my son when I allowed him to be well before he returned to school? He hasn’t been ill since. For this skinny little asthmatic, with a cavernous chest; that’s a major achievement. And that isn’t too undermine or label him. I’m just putting into reality what his current situation is. It enables me to see what a change in mindset can do to his reality. Behaviour change which makes a real difference.

In reality he was able to process the illness properly. And those of us that do energetic work know that with every illness is an energetic release of some kind. For me I’ve known for many years hormones = emotions. I’ve come to consciously understand over the last couple of years that the immune system is intrinsically linked to our mental pathways. Those of us that are hypnotherapists or have been treated for illness with it, know in practice, even if you haven’t consciously connected the dots, that our mindset makes such a difference to our bodies.

So by cutting short our, or our children’s, time to recuperate, what we do is to not allow the energetic fulfillment to follow through. It gets saved up for another time. Allowing us to regurgitate illnesses, and cyclical life patterns, over and over again until we get it.

This winter, my son and I, have not been ill. Not once. I’m really, really pleased with that. Really pleased!! In getting rid of my mindset I allowed him to understand that it’s ok to be ill and not carry on regardless. You’re ill. It’s ok to be ill. And allow yourself time to get over it. And once your over it, you hall your ass off the sofa and enjoy life to the full again.

And this is a basic lesson many of us don’t ever learn.

Allowing your body time to heal also allows your mind time to heal

If you’ve read one of my other blogs I wrote sat in A&E in the local hospital on Christmas Day with my six month old, this is something I’ve seriously considered recently.

As a parent who is Spiritual in any shape or form, you look for the ‘reason’ why your child is ill. When I looked at Aoife in her cot one night as I was healing her, I realised she was learning a basic lesson. That is was ok to be ill. It was ok to be ill and to ask for help. To be held by others during that period.

And as I healed her another time, I felt a release in me. Part of this virus was processing her birth trauma. An experience she shared with me. All I needed to know that we both needed a Christmas morning sat in A&E.

For me, colds, flus and bugs have long been a period to detox on a very real level things we need to. Bringing in mental and emotional changes, even Spiritual changes into the physical. Into the real 3D world we’ve chosen to inhabit. The proof we need that something has really changed. And so in taking the time we are resting, to embrace the Sage, the Wise Crone within us, we use that time wisely to process and understand. And also get over the illness so much quicker. Or stop the illness recurring altogether.

So everytime you choose to carry on regardless, to fight the illness or to work hard, what you’re doing is refusing to accept the inevitable. That your body needs to rest and process. In fighting the processing of mindsets, in fighting change, you’re doing the same thing.

Why do you think so many of us are developing illnesses based in the weakness of the immune system or the nervous system where we need to take time out for months or years to get better? All we’re doing is storing it up. Even worse we may be storing it up for future generations; children who naturally take on their shoulders the responsibility which others should take on.

Blocking the pain receptors in our nervous system which tell us we’re in pain with painkillers (don’t get me wrong, a couple of paracetamol, a hot lemon drink, the sofa and the duvet is always a good remedy). Or fighting through your tiredness, to save it up for when our bodies finally say ‘f*ik it. Can’t do this no more’.

We can change our personal world for the better

We’re living in Utopian times, where serious illness, real poverty and lack of education no longer need to effect us.

The ONLY reason it doesn’t exist is our mindsets. The only reason.

Personal Reflection Time!

For me understanding the reason why you’re mindset is like this, is the key to unravelling restrictive belief systems from your life, quickly and easily.

What illness have you recently had and how did you react to it? What were you mentally processing?

Where did you learn your current mindsets towards work and illness? What example are you currently setting for future generations?

What cyclical life blocks are you trying to get to the root of? What mindset or restrictive belief in your

What are you going to do to change this mindset? What do you need to work around in your life to make it a reality?

I’d love to hear your comments or likes and please subscribe if you like what you’ve seen πŸ˜€

Love as always

Rachael x

Happy New Whatever!!

Okay, this title makes me sound more like a moody teenager than it is meant to. Really . . . πŸ˜‰ There is an inspiring message – I promise!!

I remember as a teenager being painfully aware of what a waste of time New Year was. The tickets to the same dodgy clubs were overpriced, it was always over hyped and there was always an argument in my group of friends. Always the boys by the way!

And when the clock struck twelve, there was no revelations, no sense of enlightenment; no experience which justified this big fuss. Just another hour, another minute, another second on the clock. And when I woke the next day, it was just another day.

So what makes this day so special? Do you want to know the truth? The big secret? . . . 

Here it comes . . . .

Wait for it (insert appropriate X factor music here . . .)


Yep. Absolutely nothing. Nada. Nought. Nowt. 

It is just another day.

So why do we think it’s going to bring about the change in our lives that we all think it does?

Intention that it does. Intent.

Being the magical, inter dimensional, pretty bloomin amazing beings we are, whenever we think about anything, we are directing energy to that thing. And we all know that the more we think positively about things, are grateful, work with love in our hearts, take joy in our lives and generally have fun, the more we will manifest. Direct your energy, your thoughts to the negative, and that’s what you’re going to get. Simple!

Especially for those of us that do energetic work, healers, mediums and the like. Our grasp of the energetic is so much more powerful than before. And something we should, automatically, be more mindful of.

So a large percentage of the planet, working on the Gregorian calendar we currently have (alternative calendar systems are available!), putting emphasis and intent on one day, one second, changing their lives, ending one phase of their life and starting a new one, is a really powerful event if you invest your energy into it.

But it’s also a really damaging thing.

It allows us to write off a whole year with a sweep of a hand. A whole year!!! We can say that was a terrible year, I want all of that to end and I want a fresh start. 

But what do we miss when we do that? 

For a start, we miss all of the good from that year. And I will bet you all the tea in China, when we are sat up inside the pearly gates going through the list of all the wonderful, awe inspiring situations that have happened in your life, let alone the last year, that the bloody amazing, beautiful, authentic experiences will outweigh anything which caused you heartache. And even the ones that caused you heartache, were pretty mindblowing too.

Just looking at myself in this last year; people would look at the fact that I nearly died in the final stages of my pregnancy, I had a premature baby, two older children and a husband that had a two hour commute each way to work, moved house, my five year autistic son had to move schools, and my very expressive, powerhouse of a three year old daughter made it very clear that changing pre-schools, house and mummy disappearing didn’t make her feel settled or safe. In the way only she can. So I could write this year off as pretty God dam awful. I could say good riddance to bad rubbish. But where would that get me? You know what? Back to square one!!

I wouldn’t have found that friends, family and community does want to help and rally round, hold space for me, when I reach out for it. I would not have seen that my son is far more capable and bloody adaptable than I give the funny little so-n-so credit for. I wouldn’t have allowed my husband to build the confidence and self belief to get a normally thankless contracting job which, still despite the commute, means he could work from home two days a week. I wouldn’t have really found friends that I can have a laugh with and who get me, I wouldn’t have started to rebuild my relationship with my husband on a whole new level I didn’t think we were capable of. And I wouldn’t have the brightest, most adorable, stoic little baby daughter that anyone could wish for. My three, now four year old, may still be the most expressive, unpredictable diva I have ever met, but I now love her even more for that; if that’s even possible. That’s a lot to miss!!!

And I wouldn’t really have had the self love, nurture and care that I need to give myself cemented into my being.

If I decided to focus on the negative, I would have cut off my fruiting friendships and any others sprouting from that. I would have nothing but a birth traumatised mother and baby. I would be cutting off the progress of my children’s personal developments and even that of my husband (having a shared destiny for the foreseeable future and all that). And being the energetic mumma that I am, I would have made a really good job of that.

Most of all I would have stopped a major development in my life. One which was much needed.

So . . . . what would be the outcome! What would I and you actually get by writing off that whole year? We would all need to start again!! Argh!! Who in their right mind feels like doing that again?

Maybe we’d get our head around our experiences a little quicker next time. But we are setting the intent that there is infact a next time. A do over. 

You know what? Sod that for a game of soldiers! All that heartache, tears, confusion and pain for nothing? I’m not buying into that.

How many of us do this? Year on year. Write off a whole year and then wonder why our lives are going around in circles. My current experience really didn’t start last year. It started at the beginning of 2017. When I laid down on the floor and allowed myself to sob my heart out over the death of a beloved pet. Our life cycles and experiences are not determined by our concept of time. They never have been and they never will be.

So why don’t you do something simple for yourself. Why don’t you not write off the whole year. Or a whole month, or whole week or even a day.

Those of you, like I, who have been to the ubiquitous ‘fat clubs’ know how damaging that attitude can be. I’ve eaten one bit of cake. Today is a failure. I may as well eat some more cake. And a fry up. And a packet of Rolos. In fact, I’ll write off the week until I go and get weighed again, and then I can feel like a complete failure as I will have put weight on. I’ll be too embarrassed to stay and talk to anyone, so I’ll leave. Stop coming. And start this cycle again in six months. We have all been there and done it. So why are we continuing to do this to ourselves?

The knowledge that every single second, every single nanosecond in fact, you are given an opportunity to ctrl, alt, delete and get rid of mindsets, behaviours, habits, emotions, situations even people, who no longer serve our highest purpose, which are restrictive to our personal growth and are toxic, is a immensely powerful piece of knowledge to have in your toolkit.

And one that I give to you now. Take that knowledge and hold onto it fiercely.

Don’t get me wrong, take this opportunity to look back, digest and understand at a higher level, as these dark nights were always meant to inspire us to do, but don’t throw the baby out with the dirty water whatever you do!!

And I haven’t even started on the fact that good and bad does not exist and we live in a dimension jam packed full of experiences which are for our own interpretation. That’s for another blog I’m sure πŸ˜‰ 

Love as always

Rachael x

Jesus’ Christmas message.

I’d meant to bring you this message earlier but for a whole host of reasons, mainly linked to the last blog, it hasn’t happened.

And that’s perfect. Because I feel drawn to give it now so it must be the right time.

I’ve seen a lot of talk about where is Jesus in Christmas recently. And that saddens me, but not for the obvious reasons.

This season has always been celebrated and was only associated with Christ from about the 4th Century. It was the main pagan festival of the year ( you may have heard of a little place called Stone Henge πŸ˜‰ ) and even the Christian church originally associated this with the Feminine; St Anastasia originally being celebrated on December 25th. So where was Jesus for the 8000 years preceding his birth I suppose is an equally good question.

But the main reasons this is so saddening to my heart is because he never has and never wanted to be celebrated with riches and feasting, nor does he want to be remembered once a year. And certainly not for something as simple as his birth; beautiful even though the story of Christmas maybe.

Jesus of Nazareth was a humble man. Of humble origins. He asks those that follow him to let go of materialism. And believe me, the excess that is associated with Christmas has long been associated with it. It was a great feast, huge revelry was had, partly to get you through the massive hump that is Winter (you know. That Wednesday feeling!).

He did not live richly. He moved from town to town preaching and healing most likely on foot. Likely sleeping in the wilderness on a regular basis. As his cousin John lived in fact. Believing that alone, in nature with no distractions of average life they would be closer to God. And this of course would have had the desired effect.

This is in fact the last feast day Jesus would want to be associated with.

So instead Jesus asks you this;

‘why don’t you see me? You see a baby born in a manger in the middle East, but you don’t see a Syrian child birthed into a war zone or on the run from it.

You see a gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. But yet you don’t see the wealth over flowing in your own life and still want for more.

You see the very angels themselves honouring this child, but you don’t honour your own children. They fly under the radar, unnurtured in your busy world.

The humblest of men were called to honour me at birth and throughout my life; I chose them to spread my word. Yet the humblest of you, who work in care homes, clean fast food trays and deliver your parcels are treated with distain, contempt and are unnoticed. Yet you make this modern world go round.

So don’t ask this Christmas where I am. I was never intended to be worshipped in a cradle.

Instead, look for me all the year through. And yes, particularly on these cold nights.

Look for me in the foreign worker packing your parcels or brewing your coffee. Where there is joy in real work.

Look for me in the children at your knee and the children neglected in your own cities and across the globe. Where awe and wonder still live and hope for a better life still exists.

Look for me in the staff at the soup kitchens and in the carers; young, old, employed and those who volunteer. Look for me in those that do my work and don’t just preach it.

Look for me as I lay with my brothers and sisters in doorways with my hand outstretched or with my sleeping bag pulled over my head. Look for me and see me. Really see me and the message I bring all year around.

And don’t forget to see me in the eyes of the drunk singing Christmas carols for his pennies. For there you’ll find me smiling at the irony of it all πŸ˜‰

Till you think of me next Christmas . . . ‘

Jesus x

‘the hobo’ from the movie Polar Express. Where do you see Jesus?

Not your usual Christmas message

So I didn’t think I’d be writing my Christmas Day message like this. (I was hoping for a broadcast like the Queen!! πŸ˜‰ ).

We’re currently sat in the paediatric ward with my 5 month old. Don’t panic Mr Mannering! She’s fine. But her cold has got the better of her and she’s getting the treatment from where she needs it.

We’ve left the older two at home with dad. Both not phased and Aoife’s arrival has brought the medical industry into our lives in a new way.

I have never been one for going to the doctor. Never! My dad is one of the stoic baby boomer generation. Who’s own parents had lived through a very real war. And he had been born straight into the aftermath.

Mend and make do. Stiff upper lip. Keep calm and carry on.

I’ve inherited many of those traits.

And I’ve been that type of a parent. I don’t want to make a fuss. There is someone worse off than us.

But my journey as a parent has taught me that although that is still true, you need to balance that with not just reaching a hand out for help. But standing up and making a fuss when we need to. Shouting and screaming when you have to.

I remember consciously thinking at some point with my eldest that unless I listened to my gut, stood in the power of my intelligence and ability to communicate I was being a poor mother. If my kids needed help, they needed help. And in this NHS which doesn’t listen always, which has to deal with budgets and short staff and being all but broken, bar the electrical tape which was the only thing we had left in the cupboard to keep it in any sort of working order, you do in fact have to make sure you’re heard above the procedures and the one size fits all.

And I’m really glad my kids taught me to do this. This summer I gave birth to a beautiful but early little girl who is sat in front of me now. I had done my keep calm and carry on thing and ended up, in all honesty, of nearly dying of preeclampsia and taking the baby that lay in my stomach with me.

When I woke after my c section I felt changed. My sister commented how even if in ICU how well I made sure I got what I needed. Pointing out my morphine drip was not hooked up and questioning if I could have the blood thinning medication due to my blood platelets levels.

That was not conscious and I’m sure a spiritual change, when I flitted off to wherever as they struggled to stabilise me post birth.

However it took a while to filter through to my consciousness. For a while I was sat in a space of guilt.

Self love! Why didn’t I still get it? How could I have put the baby and myself in this position? I above all other people should have been able to spot what was wrong with myself.

My conscious mind caught up with my spirit when a friend reminded me that the cause of the issue was not me but the baby’s placenta. The baby’s. Her still sat in the spiritual had manifested this on a really high level. This was all ordained from a higher place. It was all meant to be. And when I then looked at everything across my life which had led to this moment, I knew it was all predetermined.

That beautiful dichotomy where we have ultimate free will and everything is meant to happen just as it does. But I’ll save that wonderful conversation about giving up control for another day.

And the Universe has done what it always does and sent me opportunities to prove to myself, never them, that my mindset has changed.

This is the third time she has been readmitted to hospital. The other two were not serious. But I still had to argue with well meaning loved ones telling me not to make a fuss. Today she is quite poorly.

Funnily enough the one time I was readmitted I knew I had left Hospitals after having her without my medication correct but I wasn’t heard. That sorted and desperate to come home I developed white coat syndrome (my energy begging just to be left alone to nest in this new bundle into the family). So next time I listened to my gut, refusing to go in and the BP readings done while alone were testimony to that.

So as I sit here with her, knowing she’s safe and a plan for her being made, I know this is another gift. From her to me. The other two test runs meaning today of all days I could cope calmly with the situation as the ambulance was called. Allowing her siblings to not bat an eyelid as the ambulance crew bundled in. Been there, got the t shirt.

As she knew today she would need help. So giving us two trial runs has meant that despite not being sat in the most fun of places on this day of festivities, she managed not to ruin the day for her lovely brother or sister. That she managed to get the help she knew she would need and we would still have a day of coming together. Early enough so we’ll be home for Christmas lunch by the look of it. And the people who the Universe have placed us with have been gifts in themselves. Three paramedics, one who shoved a handful of chocolates at me as I’d not thought of myself heading out the door. The lovely staff here. The wonderful doctor who brought Aoife a Christmas gift over.

On this day, the church originally celebrated the feast day of St Anastasia (my confirmation name don’t you know?!) And I thought I’d be talking to you about a message from the Divine feminine.

I suppose in some ways I am. Mother and child and their bond, being the ultimate expression of the Divine Feminine . Others reaching out to help in difficult circumstances. A special child who brings with HER the inherent knowledge which they all bring with them. That ability to be one with the Universe in such an unending way that she does not begin and it does not end. Manifesting what she needs but by thinking but by simply Being.

The Ultimate expression of self which we all aspire to. Simply Being πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–.

Knowing we’ll be home soon I’ll leave you with love, joy and not your usual Christmas message.

Love as always.

Rachael x

The long dark night; channelled message from the Divine Feminine of Hildegard.

Ok. We’re not quite there in terms of the Winter Solstice itself, but the period of the 12 nights traditionally associated with Yule has begun, by the old ways.

Today we would have welcomed in the Feminine for this period at this time. Connecting in with our own female ancestors as well as the Goddess energy.

Some friends and I were drawn to go to a local spot to do this. Kids in tow (of course!) The mild day welcomed us to the lakes.

Indeed a sacred spot long forgotten. But we felt into the layers of energy that were there. With a little help from St Lucy, (Hecate, Bastet and dragon energy also giving a much needed hand) the energy was lifted to restore the sacred nature to the area. And nature is the right term as it reconnected nature to the spot. As we felt the energy lift upon the Saints arrival, the sound of the woods returned. Before silent. Now the life of the spot was able to flow and move again. As it had always intended to be on this spot.

St Lucy; Cosimo Rosselli 1470. Yes. Those are her eyes in a bowl!

We spoke about how the Masculine was recognised throughout this period. The Green Man, the Holly King having merged with our visions of Father Christmas. The Oak Prince, the new light coming in during this period, being recognised through Christ in the New religions. The feminine was given a nod. But it was no balance at a time in the year when manifestation was truly needed.

Today, the start of the 12 nights, was given over to the feminine in the old religion and the Christian church assigned the day to St Lucy.

It was her who drew is to the spot so she could realign what lay there. The King of the Forest, The Green Man, the Holly King, already clearly present. Even though he was a little under it, his presence was clear. He needed a feminine counterpart to balance the spot, and the area, again. And the original Feminine energy from that spot was able to make herself known, a White Lady, emerging from the lake able to meet the land once more.

And the spot was perfect. Holly, ivy, mistletoe; all the seasonal trimmings!

The Holly and the Ivy (and the mistletoe!)

Finding an information board on the area confirmation of much of what we had picked up from the layers. Just perfect.

As I lay in my bath tonight reflecting on St Lucy and the events of the day, I saw the herbs in my bath form a wheatsheaf. And I had an image from an oracle card pop into my head. Although when I picked up the card the wheatsheaf was not present as it had been in my mind, St Hildegard was certainly associated with grains and healthy living. She is depicted on the card as a shining light; again linking into our roots for bringing the Sun back.

From Doreen Virtue Saints & Angels Deck

Hildegard was a great herbalist, nutritionist and writer. She had a vast understanding and firm grip on the power of our emotions and psychy as well her connection to Spirit.

She was truly deserving of the title mystic.

If you’d like to find out more about her I found this sticky article fascinating. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.healthyhildegard.com/hildegard-von-bingen/amp/

She speaks to me now through my soul. A connection calming and clear. Playful and intelligent.

“Frivolities of femalehood. They have always and will always be there. Bonds will be formed through them. But how strong will those bonds be? Frivolously strong maybe? πŸ˜‰

So why are you then surprised when it all turns to mush?

Bonds formed through the mind are the strongest.

Bonds formed through a mutual intelligence and knowing. Through mental combat and play. Through a shared understanding and viewpoint of a situation.

These are the bonds that make good friendships.

These are the bonds that take you through the long, dark night.

When you are staring listlessly through a window in the dead of night, to know you have someone to turn to makes the dark less empty.

For this is what you battle with in this period. The emptiness.

If your mind and your friendships are based in the frivolous, in emptiness, then the night is longer and harder.

If your mind is filled with wonder, joy and awe AND you can share it with someone, if you can inspire that in someone, then your life is truly full. Truly full.

Never forget you get out of life, what you put into it.

Pour poison, darkness and despair into your cup that’s all you’ll consume.

Joy, wisdom and truth on the other hand . . .

Bid ye well on this fair night’.

How are you connecting into the feminine as well as the masculine this Season?

Which female saints and goddesses are you drawn to and why?

This hopefully won’t be my last message this Yule.

But till next time my friends!

Love as always

Rachael x