The Path of the Empath. What is an Empath? How to tell if you are energy sensitive; checklist questionnaire. 5 min read

This blog forms part of a series of blogs where Rachael explores the path of the Empath, to give you a deeper understanding of your life mission and how to fully empower your beautiful gift of sensitivity.

Please also have a look at my other blog which is a beautiful visualisation to help empower you, rather than allow your Empathy to injure you. Please use this regularly to help change your energetic system so that your talent works for you!

I suppose that really I should start this with my definition of what is an Empath.

An Empath is someone who can feel other people’s emotions. It’s that simple.

You’ll notice most children have this ability. It is life that often teaches children it is safer to shut it down. What, through this series of blogs, I would like to do is to teach you and hopefully future generations, that this is a power. It is an amazing tool and a way of being which humans are returning to after generations of fear based living, which has encouraged us to turn it off.

Emotional energy

How do you know if you are an Empath then?

  1. Do you have a feeling, good or bad, when you walk into an old building?
  2. Do you know if someone has been talking about you when you walk into a room?
  3. Do you know if someone has had an argument when you walk into a room?
  4. Do you get just as hurt by words as physical assault?
  5. Can an argument leaving you reeling for days, often with headaches, heart ache or tummy ache?
  6. And so are you very careful with the words you use with others, even if it is to your own detriment that you aren’t honest about how you feel?
  7. Are you motivated to hide your truths and to help others as you feel sorry for them? Or feel guilty? Or want to help them feel better?
  8. Do you know when a friend or loved one is upset and contact them about a feeling you have?
  9. Or can you tell their mood through a seemingly arbitrary text or comment?
  10. Can you tell the mood of strangers even?
  11. Do you find crowds overwhelming and would rather steer clear of busy spaces? (for women particularly during your PMT time).
  12. Do you feel prefer the company of children, animals, the wild or a select group of people?
  13. Do you find yourself giving help and guidance to strangers at bus stops, at work or in the loos in a club (always my favourite ladies!)?
  14. Do you find yourself crying or feeling emotional, anger or sadness, at situations over which you have no control?
  15. Do you cry at others stories, even when they can’t seem to find the tears? Or are angry for them even when they can’t find the anger?
  16. Do you find yourself fighting for the vulnerable, for lost causes and the weak? And do you find yourself drawn to sometimes go to extremes to help?
  17. Do you ever walk out of a building or away from someone feeling very angry for no reason?
  18. Do you find people draining, especially certain people who can drain you over the phone or through a text conversation?
  19. Do you even find some people even manage to drain you through a conversation with a friend? (you may have moved away from someone toxic, to find someone else telling you all about how they are now draining them for example).
  20. Do you suffer from illnesses such as ME, Fibromyalgia, Migraines and headaches, bi-polar, PMT, chronic fatigue type illness, mental health issues or auto-immune illnesses?
  21. Has it got to the point where you are thinking about, or do, remove yourself from society as you find it all too much?
  22. Have your emotional reactions to others and how they make you feel, encouraged you to feel embittered on some levels and even angry.

If you find yourself agreeing with the majority of these, and find that the majority of situations rule your life, then you are certainly an Empath.

Like I say, we are all Empaths of varying degrees, so some of this may apply to you more than other; there are no hard and fast rules.

The last two questions are particularly pertinent.

As an Empath you will find loads of articles to tell you to protect yourself; to help you hide away and cloak yourself. That encourage an image of a victim living in a cruel world.

And I used to teach out old fashioned ways of protection, until I decided that if it wasn’t working, then I needed to rethink the fundamentals of what I was doing.

As a fellow Empath, I am here to tell you that you are the next generation of human on the planet. We’re evolving, or devolving, back to a state where we work on a hive mind. A hive mind which is infact centred on the Heart.

Freedom from Acceptance

You are currently there. And what we have to do is to remove the shackles that sensitive people have been pulled down by for many years and stand in the power of what we are.

And that you are living in a beautiful world and the fear and the hate can be phased out. But in order to do that, you need to look at yourself first and change your mindset, which in turn will change your energy and raise you above the lower vibrations.

I am also here to tell you it is okay to feel anger. As an Empath you feel many emotions of the world, and sadness is not the only one. And anger is a beautiful emotion based in passion and love.

I too have been in your shoes. And believe me, you will always have to work on yourself and your energy.

But I am here to show you how to empower what you once were told were weaknesses and see the great tool kit that you have. You are truly awesome and have a great gift to share with the planet.

Once you accept you and what you are.

And once you have accepted that, you will understand that you are here to show others the way; to bring the planet forward.

But we cannot do that until we truly heal and help ourselves and stop trying to heal and help everyone else first. Once you are strong, you will go back to doing what your soul is inherently drawn to do with a renewed vigour and passion.

What YOU are called to do is to undo the generations of previous sacred lives where you were told to sacrifice yourself. Or hide away. So that others may step forward. So that the generations that follow us have less work to do; so that they can get to the nitty gritty quicker! And that work centres on YOU first and foremost. I’ll talk more about this in a later blog.

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Till next time my friends.

Love as always

Rachael x

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