Urgh! Not Another End of Year Sale!

Yes! But it is the coolest one you will ever come across! I like to say fill your life with that which is either functional or beautiful; and I hope you will find my offerings tick both boxes!

I hope your Christmas was beautiful, no matter how it looked this year. Mine personally was a time for reflection and cosiness with my direct family.

I have a good old fashioned End of Year Sale on! Until the mid Jan expect to get a bargain, that you will be truly joyous to spend your Christmas money on!
So many of us have been struggling with emotional health over the last few months or feeling lost in the current climate. 

Clockwise from top left;10% off!
Joy, Energy and Vitality Grid – Perfect for this time if year!
Physical Healing Grid Set – Much needed for many at the moment.
Protection & Empowerment – Creating Boundaries which are healthy for you Empaths & Healers
Heavenly Communication – Beautiful for Healer & Psychics looking to notch up their skills!Plus More!!
More info & purchase here!
Paperback reduced for UK buyers direct, or Kindle Lovers in the UK & USA, half price from 31 Dec for one week!
Does your New Year Focus mean more me time? Time to heal, relax and refocus? Then I would love you to grab a copy of my book!

Retelling the Truth over the Myths of the Banshee, how to Connect into her and how to Heal through her.

I have a limited number of old style covers available for purchase in the UK at £9.99, plus p&p. If you’d like yours, signed and personalised, let me know at check out!

For my overseas beauties and my kindle lovers, I have a half price promotion. Only available from the 31 Dec, and only available for one week, to UK and USA clients (due to Amazon Restrictions) I have the e-Book Half Price!
Pop it in your diary now and grab your copy here, to invigorate your New Year!
Yes! Reading tarot really does feel this freaking cool!
And Tarot is also a beautiful tool to tune into for guidance. And what better way to spend the Christmas money which has been burning a hole in your pocket!

David and I frankly have got fed up mediocre teaching which anyone could get out of a book. We will teach you about YOUR personal connection, about how to read in the real world, for yourself or sitters, and we take real joy from our work.

We still have some early bird specials left; a set of Diving Crystals for the first few sign-ups! 
Full info and book to get involved here!
I am taking bookings for your New Year readings and healing from 14th Jan and am getting booked up already; I would love to see your face, albeit on a good old Zoom call! For All my Services, Click here! 

Love As Always

Rachael x

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