Time for the Daughters; Lillith series

How it is time for the Daughters to take charge! This is a third in the series of Lillith shift blogs: please see the other two! The Insult of the Femme Fatale here and a Connection & Modern Exploration Into the Sheela-Na-Gig Goddess here!

Time for the daughters to be seen!

Isn’t it interesting how everything comes together?

I was shown the Universe a long time ago (when you ask for something mind-blowing and actually you get it!) in its early stages; one being split into two and although in part they represent to our human eyes the masculine and The Feminine, what in fact, I was shown was a father and a daughter. The father; all knowing , all seeing. Been there, done that. Somewhat jaded somewhat rigid. Some, what logical.

And controlling in his thinking and actions, maybe the guidance is too strict. Maybe the love is not soft enough.

And in his place he gave the world a daughter. That daughter figure I have seen repeated across many cultures.

I have a previous life connection, going back, maybe even on my ancestral DNA line back many, many years to a woman who lived in the wilderness in Africa with only a cheetah or a leopard as her friend. That connection to me, strong and raw. That connection to the children that she birthed just the same, and the transient men that moved through her life.

Also relevant to my life in many ways, but this leopard energy has come up again.

Again through the daughter energy, a feline energy, energy called Seshat. Thoth is a wonderful magical God if you ever fancy the connection; but I was ready something recently which triggered me into anger for no reason. A simple article about Thoth and his achievements. A shift in me, clearly being a shift being felt across the mass consciousness; a theme of being looked over. Of not being seen for my work despite it being authentic and honest, despite working diligently. Who else could feel like they were overlooked due to this article? Ah! A daughter! A daughter, who does very similar work to her father, but far less recognised. What else is interesting about the feline energy, is the association with Leo the Lion. The lion energy, how many of us see that as a masculine?

When in fact, when we look at the deities of the Feline, this cat energy is from the Sirius system. This cat energy of the star children.

My favourite of whom has always been the beautiful Sekhmet, a Goddess who was the first to come through to me and some 15 or so years ago now she has been on my journey with me.

Sekhment bringing through a Mother Energy, Not soft and fluffy, but balanced and intellligent.

We are so easy to recognise the mother energy; but what about the daughter energy? What about Seshat?

Where does she fit in? What does the daughter energy bring us now?

What did it bring to the Creation of the Universe as we know it?

Looking at the world with fresh new eyes. Intrigue, excitement, interest. A hunger to learn and understand. To experiment & create. With little understanding or care for the results or the consequences. That in itself possessing both the joy of doing for the sake of, and a warning in itself.

When I of course talk about the daughter energy, we see this in our sons as well as our daughters. I’m currently binging Glow Up; watching the boys as well as the girls use makeup to transform themselves and others. To enhance. Learning when they have used it as a shield; using the medium of the face which we present to the world itself as a medium of exploration and self discovery. As a medium for real knowledge. How bloody joyous is that?!

Over the last few weeks I have seen these images repeated again.

Not just from this original reflection that the universe showed me but additionally from Odin. The All Seeing Father Himself.

His own war weary attitude finally, giving away to his old age as he seeks peace and allows his children to step forward to rule the universe in his place.

The children that step forward are not his sons, but are in fact his daughters here to see the world with fresh eyes. Here to see the world in You. Here to understand everyone’s view.

And to seek knowledge and seek knowledge through Joy.

Joy being and the pursuit of Joy being the reason why we incarnate and that knowledge comes to us in many ways.

Knowledge is not a logical or book led pursuit. Knowledge, true knowledge is experience; knowledge is life. Knowledge is emotion; digging deep into those parts of ourselves which are hidden and seeing them a fresh. Viewing them with light rather than dark & jaded eyes.

For Odin, the daughter energy or more of a niece energy, is seen through Freya, Goddess of Spring, the Underworld and Rebirth as well as his many daughters; the Valkyrie.


The toxic masculine sees stubbornness as bad; anger as worse. Seeing the negative in our personalities; viewing us with defined edges and in black and white.

Instead the Daughters seeing that ability to be stubborn which holds us steadfast against the storm to bring not just ourselves but others forward. Seeing that anger which shows us our passion; showing us the way forward showing us the injustices in the world.

Interestingly, it is the female figures across time and space, across the gods and the goddesses which bring balance back to the world. Karli, Sekhmet among many many others. Not just destroying, but healing. Only reaching out in Divine & Just Anger & Retribution when we have lost control; when we are at extremes.

‘Ah’ we say! We have seen the extreme anger, the extreme measures needed to bring the world back into balance. Not to punish it. Looking to heal not destroy.

Once the ground has been burnt, the soil is ripe for the new creation.

Only when something is so debased, so against it’s very nature as the world is now, does this total rebirth need to happen.

And when it does happen it happens in the quiet. In the warmth & quiet of the womb itself. Without anyone else even noticing unless they care to look hard enough.

And when it is birthed it is wild and bloody. Both parties screaming their way into this new way of being. The New Masculine, birthed from the Daughter reclaiming her Sovereign Self from her Father. Starting her own legacy, her own line.

And as the new Son births itself into the world, quiet at his mother’s hips at first, gaining his confidence. Confidence gained through true knowledge. Through the knowledge handed to him by his Daughter Mother.

Love as always


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